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294 Candidates for the God of the Sea

"Teacher! Why didn't you call on all alchemy warlocks to oppose this proposal!" Johnathan asked. 

He was wearing his alchemy warlock attire. He raised the question to Marina Bossa as they walked out of the conference hall. Although Marina had expressed her strong opposition to the Sea Alliance Agreement and had protested declaring war on the Mermaid Kingdom, the proposal had been passed by a large vote in the meeting. 

Johnathan knew, however, that if his teacher did not agree, she could use her power and authority to reject the proposal.

Marina sighed. "It was a common wish of all, including most of the alchemy warlocks. It was in line with the interests of humans, the alliance and everyone. I have no reason to force everyone to change just because of my personal opinion."

Marina looked thoughtfully at her pupil. "Johnathan, I would like you to pay a visit to the Mermaid Kingdom as my student. Meet with Queen Gina yourself and pass a letter to her. Tell her I am sorry."

Jonathan nodded and took the job. Marina Bossa gave him her principal badge as well. With this badge, Johnathan could command all the power of the alchemy warlocks on the sea. It was a formidable tool. He could use this badge to utilize the power of the alchemy warlocks in case of danger and difficulty at sea.

Johnathan Brown said goodbye to Marina, got on a ship owned by the Brown family and sailed off.

Johnathan stood on the deck. He was bathed in sunlight but his eyes were brooding as he watched the shore disappear. 

"Here I come, sea!"


"There are four candidates qualified for a god's name. However, only two of them will have the honor of competing to earn it. The other two have the quality and power, but not the cohesion of beliefs. They are aberrations!"

The inland lake of the Swirl Continent was saltwater and connected to the sea. It was the most beautiful view in all the world. Islands were scattered across the vast lake like stars. Built on top of them were many cities of the mermaid race

Some of the closer cities were connected by channels that civilians used to transfer merchandise and resources, similar to human railways. 

Lu Zhiyu and Verthandi walked on the sea as easily as they walked on land. The water rippled gently under their footsteps.

Verthandi was in a great mood. She spread her arms and danced on the water, spinning around Lu Zhiyu before she finally stopped in front of him. 

"Who would you like to be the ruler of the sea?" she asked.

Lu Zhiyu waved his hand, and a small version of the Swirl Continent and its nearby seas was formed by the water.

Lu Zhiyu touched Adara city. Water splashed and a crystal clear version of the Mermaid Queen, Gina, appeared on the diagram. Then he touched Plunburg, a coastal city and Bobby, the Koutao sahagin alchemy warlock appeared as well. He was middle-aged and had a grim face, but his eyes were full of wisdom and determination.

Lu Zhiyu conjured water images of the other two candidates as well. He touched the sea and Olicia the storm siren and Child of the Sea God appeared. She had a beautiful face and a bewitching body but the evil, forbidden tail of a snake. Lu Zhiyu touched the sea again and this time a giant ship appeared with a black bone claw on its flag. A one-eyed old man stood on the bow, but behind the ship was Hiram, the alchemy sea monster. 

Hiram was a giant octopus with a steel skull. He was an unexpected result of an experiment conducted by a few crazy alchemy warlocks. He had Sakun's mythical blood and was a special Child of the Sea God. Hiram had become a level four monster, freely roaming the waves.

The alchemy warlocks who'd created Hiram were also the founding members of the Pirate Alliance. With the power of Hiram, they controlled the Barast Isles which were the door to the Sea of Storms. The isles had the area of a small kingdom.

Pirates and criminals had gathered here and built a special sea city. The Pirate Alliance turned into the so-called Adventurers' Business Alliance. The piracy turned into taxing royal fleets on the Barast Isles. The principle was the same, but there was a lot more money to be made by taxing than plundering. 

Great power and abundant fortunes made Isaac, the current president of the Adventurers' Business Alliance, an important player in this nautical age.

Lu Zhiyu looked at the four candidates."It not choosing, but inheriting," he said. "They are all descendants of Sakun, the God of the Sea. They are all qualified to inherit his name. Gina the Mermaid Queen and the alchemy warlock Bobby have better chances, but the other two have a fighting chance as well. The winner will be rewarded with the divine personality of the God of the Sea as well as Sakun's blood."

Lu Zhiyu sat down on the water. Verthandi stood in front of him. The endless sea reflected the blue sky and clouds like a mirror.

"Verthandi, who do you think will be the God of the Sea?" Lu Zhiyu asked.

He reached out and pointed to the four candidates made of seawater.

"My choice won't interfere, right?" Verthandi asked.

"Certainly not!" Lu Zhiyu answered with a smile.

Verthandi considered for a moment.

"Queen Gina of the Mermaid Kingdom."

"You didn't even think!" Lu Zhiyu said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What's to think about? It is so obvious! I don't see how the other three can win over her!"

"Then I pick alchemy warlock Bobby, the Koutao sahagin!"

"What if we are both wrong?"

"No matter what, the result will be imaginative and intriguing, I am looking forward to it!"