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258 Elf Empire II

Although Lu Zhiyu offered some suggestions, they were just icing on the cake. Wendy had wanted to see Lu Zhiyu because she was panicked and confused about the future of the elves, and she needed a trustworthy person to give her confidence. Besides, Lu Zhiyu was more important to her than anyone else.

Lu Zhiyu was attending a grand dinner that was being hosted by the elves in his honor. The night was clear and cloudless, and the silver moon was bright. The dinner was being held on the square under the Tree of Life.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Stairs rose from the lake bottom, and an arch bridge was built across the lake. Clear water in the square pool gushed out from the fountain, while elf-style statues had been erected in the center of the pool.

Several elves were playing harps, fairy girls were dancing in their green skirts and corollas, and the poet was reciting love stories from distant elf towns and villages. The bonfire's flames danced and flickered, and adding to this, the towering Tree of Life made this dinner seem like a grand dream.

Several of the witty fairy girls placed their corollas on Lu Zhiyu, Wolfe, and Wendy. Then, the members of the council raised their glasses to Lu Zhiyu.

"Thank you for your corolla. I like it very much!" Wendy said to the young fairy-elf girls. The girls nodded excitedly and blushed, as Wendy enjoyed a high status among the new generation of elves.

The food was also very special. The elves loved greens, but they didn't mind meat either. So, many unique dishes spanned the entire length of the banquet table.

"So, do you want to be the empress of the elf empire?" Lu Zhiyu looked at Wendy with his wise and deep eyes.

"Decades ago, I remember that a ship came from the other side of the sea. The ship was from the Alen Continent, but not from the wizard tower. The crew was led by a young girl, the captain, who told me that her name was Marina Bossay, and she was a student of Akkad!" Wendy told Lu Zhiyu.

Lu Zhiyu immediately remembered this as well, so he said, "Yes! She was a very lively little girl. Haha, in fact, at least in my eyes, Wendy, you are still a little girl too!"

Wendy grinned. "I'm over three hundred years old, so I'm definitely not a little girl anymore!"

Wendy then continued recalling her memory. "She came here with a mechanical alchemical lifeform named Archimonde, which you gave her as a gift. She took out Akkad's badge and asked to see me. After which, she stayed in Corolla Tower for some time."

Wendy took a breath, then kept talking. "At that time, she told me about the Sean City-State Alliance. Unlike the Council of Elders here, the leader of the Sean City-State Alliance was elected by the citizens. They call him the prime minister. I decided that the emperor of the elf empire should be elected in this same way, but as we already had a lifelong emperor, only after his death would there be an opportunity for such an election!"

Lu Zhiyu didn't seem to agree with her. "Can such a system be implemented? Is it even suitable for the elves? 

"Give it a try. As long as I'm still here, there shouldn't be any problems!" Wendy replied.

Lu Zhiyu nodded. "Akkad's students and Bohr's students... How time flies. In the twinkling of the eye, hundreds of years have passed! The time has now come for a new generation of wizards!" 

Lu Zhiyu put down his knife and looked at the lake in the distance. The lake shone brightly. He then asked, "How many are left from the old generation?"

Wendy's eyes sank after hearing his question. Her calm eyes were full of sadness as she replied, "Li Weisi, Henry, Bohr, Uruk and Akkad are all dead. Many other wizards have also passed away in the past few decades, leaving Catherine and Wolfe alone. Among the first generation of wizards from the wizard tower, all of whom were your students, only three of us are still here!"

As she gave him this report, elves were playing a somewhat melancholy, melodious song. It was almost as if the tune was directly reflecting memories and past events.

Lu Zhiyu closed his eyes and listened quietly to the music. After a long time, he opened his eyes, picked up the silver jug on the table, and poured himself and his other two colleagues some fruit wine.

Wendy looked at Lu Zhiyu and said, "Fate is really unfair. The most talented people are all dead! In the end, only average ones, like me, are left behind in the world!"

Wolfe said, "Wizards don't believe in fate. Instead, wizards believe that all things are the results of our own choices. I think that Bohr and Akkad also think this same way!"

"Yes. After all, wizardry has been passed on from generation to generation, and time can't erase the traces of those who have gone before us!" Lu Zhiyu raised his glass and said, "To wizards!"

"To wizards!" Wendy and Wolfe also raised their glasses.

Wendy was feeling quite emotional. After drinking a lot of wine, her face had turned rosy. She held her thin chin in one hand, while her other slender hand held her cup.

"No matter how many years have passed, you haven't changed, mentor!" Wendy looked at Lu Zhiyu with confused eyes.

Lu Zhiyu wore a silver robe that was similar to the one he had worn back in the wizard tower. His appearance remained largely unchanged.

His long black hair was tied back in a ponytail and his eyes were always calm and deep. No matter what happened, he always remained cool and confident.

Lu Zhiyu shook his head. "Time changes everyone, and I am no exception. I have changed, but you do not see it!"

Wendy covered her mouth and laughed. "Of course, as you are the wisest wizard, Anthony the Great Wise! You are always so mysterious in our eyes, just like the wind and the sun in the sky. No one can read your mind!"

Wendy babbled on, as she seemed to be a bit drunk. Lu Zhiyu listened to her quietly until the silver moon made it to the other side of the sky.

Even after the crowd in the square gradually dispersed, Lu Zhiyu kept her company until dawn. Soon, a red sun gradually rose.

Lu Zhiyu looked at Wendy, who was lying on the table, fast asleep, and he wrote a letter. After sealing the letter, he took off his silver robe and covered Wendy with it. After that, he turned and left.