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Archangel Kelly fluttered her wings and flew through the sky. Her giant wings spread out like shiny stars. At this moment, in the Divine Kingdom, countless saints bowed, while angels flew about singing holy songs and playing their harps.

With the help of the Divine Kingdom, Archangel Kelly spent decades to upgrade from level five to level seven. Today, she would be the first to ascend to the divine throne and become a real goddess!

"Archangel Kelly! In the name of the Creator, you are crowned the goddess of light! Gaia! Synchronization Begins!" A Divine Shadow stretched out its hands and a light came out from its fingertips. The whole Divine Kingdom began to shake and lights fell from the sky, covering Archangel Kelly.

Gaia then followed instructions, as a mechanical voice resounded throughout Divine Kingdom, "Synchronization Starts! There are 135 seconds left for synchronization to be completed!"

One of the seventeen divine thrones collapsed, transforming into data and integrating itself into Archangel Kelly's body. Every throne here was equivalent to an artifact that represented the rules of a god.

Kelly's body grew bigger and bigger, while her huge wings unfolded. As cheers resounded throughout heaven, Kelly looked at Lu Zhiyu, who was sitting on the opposite throne.

Suddenly, a great divine throne appeared beneath her. Apparently, as long as she was in Maria's World, she would always been seen as a ruler of the theocracy.

There were now eighteen thrones, including Lu Zhiyu's. At the moment, only these two were occupied.

At the same time, on the Alan Continent, all of the statues of the Lady of Light in the Temple of Light looked like Kelly. All of the priests and saints heard the voice of this new goddess assuring them, "Everything is God's will!"

For the first time, the Goddess of Light responded to all of the prayers and all of the believers on the entire Alan Continent! Pope Arthur even held a baptism ceremony in St. Sarl City. Hence, it was a true occasion on the mainland of Alan!

This grand ceremony lasted for a month. More importantly, the first goddess had made the system of gods complete at last!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lu Zhiyu added one more model of elemental witchcraft on Gaia. Now, all level four priests could also use their own elemental divine incantations. At the same time, the emergence of elemental witchcraft gave him another option to use his extraordinary power in addition to genes and cells!

Kelly, the new goddess of light, had not only taken over the largest part of the Divine Kingdom, but she had also begun to design her own unique divine system. This meant that, from now on, there would be divine incantations created that were unique to the believers of the Goddess of Light!


It took Kelly a few months after being crowned to familiarize herself with her duties. Sitting on the divine throne, she could now project her figure over the sky of the whole Divine Kingdom. Hence, every saint could look up and see her.

As the first one to ascend to the throne, Kelly was nominally the goddess that created the world. As such, she was the one who set the space rules in Maria's World.

Seventeen thrones divided the powers over Maria's World, including aspects like governing the sun, the seasons, time, death, the sea, the earth and so on. Every position governed an integral part of Maria's World.

If any of those governing encountered difficulties, it would have a significant impact on Maria's World, perhaps even cause a devastating disaster. They were the true cornerstones that maintained the stability of Maria's World.

After Lu Zhiyu created Maria's World, everything had developed in a natural way. As such, once all of the thrones were taken, the whole of Maria's World would be completely under control.

It would then be like a machine that could be easily and systematically adjusted and repaired. Gods, in addition to maintaining the operation of the whole world, would then also promote the development of the world. This was a perfect system!

However, qualified candidates were needed to ascend to the throne before this system could fully function. This had been Lu Zhiyu's idea, but It was not easy to gather seventeen qualified applicants!

At present, Kelly sat on the throne, familiarizing herself with her new responsibilities and responding to all of the priests' requests and prayers. She was also receiving information that had been filtered by Gaia.

At the same time, Kelly was also completing her own divine system, within which she was adding a prayer system, a sacrifice system, and even an oracle system! Every God could then design His own religion and manage His followers according to His own ideas.

After all, as the Goddess of Light, Kelly must be familiar with her responsibilities, be able to manage the operation of the whole world, and successfully manage her religion and its believers. She was even responsible for promoting the progress of the whole world!

Although being a goddess was a very challenging job, it sometimes got a bit boring. So, in her spare time, Kelly would take a walk in Maria's World.

But, Kelly mostly preferred to sneak a peek at the floating castle that was sailing above the sky of Maria's World. She also often stared at the opposite throne, expecting the Creator to arrive at any moment.

Meanwhile, the Divine Shadows, after receiving news about several important believers in the Divine Kingdom, looked at each other in a daze. At this moment, on the opposite throne, a figure suddenly appeared...

"Lord!" Kelly exclaimed.

"How are you?" Lu Zhiyu asked her. "Is the goddess life a little too boring for you?"

Kelly looked at Lu Zhiyu and replied, "It's my joy and duty to manage the whole world for you!"

Lu Zhiyu did not speak for a while, so Kelly laughed and said, "It's interesting and fulfilling. When I was a saintess, I couldn't even walk out of the Temple of Light. Now, I can see the whole world! I can see the extraordinary in every ordinary thing and can understand human nature and the world, all of the things that I did not know anything about before!"

Kelly looked at Lu Zhiyu, waited for a while, as if she was conflicted about something in her heart, then finally said, "That's enough for me!"

Lu Zhiyu then said, "You know, you can always talk to me."

After Lu Zhiyu said this, Kelly's eyes narrowed slightly.

Lu Zhiyu then thought of something else and said, "By the way, those two little guys may be decades away from ascending to the throne. They're both young and naughty, so you must please take care of them for me!"