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221 Ghost Outbreak I

Amos Icefield was located in the north pole, which was located right at the edge of the human world and the edge of the Alen Continent. Standing here made one feel like they were standing at the end of the earth!

There were lots of ice shards on the surface of the ocean within this region, and if one were to go further north across the dangerous sea, they would reach the Arctic. At the very edge of Amos Icefield, a high castle had been erected.

On the side of the castle that was facing the ocean, a tall statue of a knight had been placed. The statue seemed almost like a guardian that had been charged with protecting the castle.

This castle was named Colossus College and was built by the first generation wizard apprentice Uruk, who was a close friend of Bohr Kelermo. He decided to build the castle in this extremely cold area after he left the wizard tower.

Uruk was very upright and old-fashioned, which made him very different from the other wizards. As such, he much preferred to spread the way of the chivalrous knights of the Holy Seville Empire.

This meant that he instructed the wizards in his Colossus College according to the way of the knights. As such, his way of teaching was almost like a military school.

The wizards at Colossus College were almost all belonged to the branch of blood wizardry, meaning that they were first picked and then trained by the elites within the Blood Knights from the Holy Seville Empire. This explained how Colossus College was connected to the Holy Seville Empire.

Recently, everything was a bit of a mess at Colossus College. Since the news from the southwest part of the Holy Seville Empire had arrived, bringing with it the report regarding the loss of Danello City, everyone had descended into a state of complete denial.

However, the appearance of the King of the Dead and the hundred thousand ghosts rushing into the Inan province soon forced everyone to accept the facts. This message, confirming their utter defeat, quickly spread throughout the entire Holy Seville Empire. Colossus College was the first to receive this shocking news.

As the snow was roaring outside the window of the high principal's room, an orc teenager asked seriously, "Have you researched everything in great detail? Have you sorted the news out yet?"

Uruk was wearing a white long robe, which followed the tradition of the wizard tower, where apprentices wore gray robes, qualified wizards wore black robes, and mentors and the owner of the tower wore robes in other bright colors. Uruk was sitting among the orc wizards, who were gathered in a circle in the principal's room.

One of the wizards replied, "We have researched it. Our people from the Inan province passed us some messages, which shared the intel that the ghosts are now ruining the province! So we don't have much time left!"

Many of the other wizards heard this and began nodding their heads in agreement, then offering their own opinions…

"That's right! The longer we just sit here and do nothing, the worse this ghost problem will get! Then, before we know it, it will be too late for us! We have to gather every powerful force that can help."

"This is a disaster! We have to stop it while the problem is still confined to one empire. We can't afford to let this spread further afield!"

"Confined? The hundred thousand ghosts army and the unknown King of the Dead can never be confined..."

Uruk then asked, "That King of the Dead, who, or what, is he exactly? Where did he come from? Is he one of us?"

A fox-people wizard answered, "The estimated power level of the King of the Dead far surpasses the level of a level four wizard, but since we don't have updated information about him now, he could have become even stronger than what we could imagine!"

He then added, "The only confirmed fact is that the appearance of the King of the Dead must have something to do with us wizards. As the Modification Technique of the undead could be found in the wizard inheritance from the wizard tower, we can be certain that the opponent has to be a wizard from the wizard tower. He also has to be a wizard that possesses a high-tier inheritance."

Uruk listened to this report with a grim face, then took out his wizard tower badge. As he activated the badge, a mind power force field surrounded him, and he quickly sent this new information directly to the wizard tower.

Uruk then announced, "I have requested the wizard tower's assistance and asked them to identify the King of the Dead, but this is not enough! The king of the Holy Seville Empire has surely been informed of all of this by now, so he will be making her own plans. However, it must be difficult to ask for our help. Therefore, we have to go there in hopes that we can enter the palace and meet the king!"

In the depths of the Black Forest of the Kingdom of Rosa d'Oro, the wizard tower

As several wizards and apprentices were studying in the wizard tower library, at the reception table at the entrance to the library, a silver tactical deployment circle suddenly appeared on the hairy stomach of the Sphinx Pyros. He immediately stopped working and rang the bell behind him.

He then shouted, "Emergency shut down! All apprentices, please leave the library immediately, as we will be closing in ten minutes!"

The Sphinx Pyros then picked up the earth phone that was hanging on the wall behind him and spoke into it. "Master Bohr, I have just received an urgent notification from Master Uruk at Colossus College."

Messages could be sent within a short distance by apprentice badges or the signal transmitter that was within the wizard tower badge. However, sending messages across the continent, like what Uruk had just done, could only be accomplished with wind ravens or by using the authority of the wizard tower badge.

As Bohr saw the projection coming out of the eyes of the Sphinx, then watched as Uruk was explaining the details of the outbreak in the orc countries and the Inan province to the assembled group, his thoughts wandered to the dozen mentors who were gathered there nearly a continent away, many of whom were second and third generation wizards.

"Well, what do you think?" Bohr asked the group via the telecommunication system.

Everyone immediately launched into a heated discussion, but there was no unanimous conclusion. Without actually seeing the situation on the field, even though he wouldn't think that Uruk was lying, it was still really hard to imagine this King of the Dead and his huge ghosts army.

However, there was proof that a famous trading city, Danello City, had been lost in one night and a hundred thousand people had turned into ghosts. Furthermore, the death of Delmedi had really terrified everyone.

However, since this only happened within the orc countries, and since most wizards were just selfish beings who didn't intend to help, they didn't really want to interfere in the war, but were mainly intrigued by the existence of the King of the Dead and the ghosts army.

However, there were some wizards that looked into the future and had expressed the opinion that they should respond to Uruk's request for help. After all, wizards were still depending on the human society, and without the human society, the wizards could not survive for long! Even though this happened in the orc countries, the human nations could very well be the next ones targeted!

Bohr listened to everyone's opinions, but didn't say anything decisive. After the meeting, he turned to Edward and asked, "Are you familiar with this situation? There are only a few people that are capable of holding such a wizard inheritance, and even less who could achieve something like this..."

Edward looked down and thought for a moment, then looked up at his teacher and said quizzically, "Adenos?"

He then shook his head in denial, thinking better of the idea instantly. "No, it couldn't be. No, that is impossible. He is already dead, completely dead. Back then, I…"

Bohr immediately pulled out a stack of files and threw it on the table, interrupting him in mid-sentence. "In recent years, within the Mala Kingdom and Andromeda Mountain, there were legends that told of some undying creatures. So, I ordered someone to check the grave in Adenos. It was open, and empty..."

Bohr looked Edward in the eye and shouted in excitement, "It could only be him!"

Bohr then turned around and said, "What happened back then, I should be held accountable for it as well. I'm the one who taught him this wizard inheritance. Thus, the calamity that he brought upon the human and orc nations should be my responsibility. In fact, I will go there myself to take back everything I gave him!"


Verthandi was sitting alone on her throne in the palace hall. A hundred thousand ghosts had just devoured the entire Danello City and in only a few days. They had defeated all ten thousand of the ice mace holy knight army of the Inan province, thus ruining the whole province.

When news of this arrived in Sarga City, the whole government of the Holy Seville Empire was shocked. No one could believe that, out of nowhere, the province was ruined by these ghosts from the south!

The government immediately arranged for the nearby provinces to send forces into the two main frontiers of the north and the eastern parts of the Inan province to help stop the army of ghosts from advancing further. At the same time, they helped to take in refugees from the Inan province.

Meanwhile, Verthandi had given orders as the king of the Holy Seville Empire, arranging for the Northland Cavalry to be deployed in the south and the holy knights from other regions to come to the frontier as soon as possible. Ten days from now, two hundred soldiers were scheduled to be assembled, then altogether, they would take out the ghost army and the King of the Dead in the Inan province.

The army would be led by the leader of the holy knights, Ibu. Since Verthandi had lost her Sword of the King, she was not much stronger than Ibu. On top of that, it was times like these that she couldn't easily leave Sarga City as a king.

However, after she finished giving orders, Verthandi asked everyone to leave the palace and shut the gate. She sat alone on the throne and was lying on her hands holding the sword.

April! Delmedi!

April! I didn't protect her! It was all my fault!

April suddenly appeared in Verthandi's mind, as well as a few memories of how Delmedi used to hold her cloak behind her, shouting that she was going to one day be a great knight, just like her. Delmedi was different from her, as she had been mentored by Lu Zhiyu since she was young and traveled around the whole world.

In contrast, Delmedi was just a stubborn little girl that grew up in Sarga City. For this reason, Verthandi knew that Delmedi wasn't the right vessel to be a king and didn't have the potential to rule the Holy Seville Empire.

Many more memories flashed through Verthandi's head, including those from her childhood in Ayer City, her father Randhir Eranbell's teachings, and even how she used to pull her father Randhir Eranbell's leg while fooling around playfully.

Is this punishment?

What have I done to deserve this fate?

Verthandi lifted her head, her eyes filled with loneliness and grief.