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210 The Corolla Tower

As the giant flying castle landed, a dozen wizards immediately flew from the Corolla Tower and stopped in front of it. They already knew that the castle was from the wizard tower, as they had recognized the symbol at the bottom of it straightaway.

Aside from Wendy and Wolfe, the majority of the wizards had never seen Lu Zhiyu before, but they had already speculated who the person flying the castle was. It could be none other than the founder of the wizard tower, the legendary Great Wise Anthony!

If they weren't just now seeing the flying castle with their own eyes, there was no way that they would believe that someone else could have managed to produce something like this! Then, as the two giant double-layered wings slowly retracted into the castle, its gate opened and flipped down, turning into a staircase that reached to the ground.

A black haired man wearing a silver-edged white robe came down the staircase, followed by a silver-haired girl who was wearing a black robe. They then looked towards Wendy and Wolfe.

The sister and brother gathered in front of Lu Zhiyu and hugged him. Wolfe was the more mature of the two, so he didn't say much, but Wendy behaved like a giddy little girl, hanging onto Lu Zhiyu's neck in excitement.

"Teacher, you actually came! I missed you so much! You should stay here longer!" she said and smiled.

Lu Zhiyu started laughing and patted Wendy's back. "I came right when I got your letter!"

After Wendy let go of Lu Zhiyu, she looked at Eva. She already knew that this was the alchemical lifeform that he had created. As such, she was amazed by her.

"Hi Eva, we meet again!" Wendy said kindly.

"Hi, Ms. Wendy!" Eva replied.

Lu Zhiyu looked around the Corolla Tower, seeing that everything there, from the composition to the scenery, and even the choice of location or the architects were all superior to the school he built. In fact, looking at the Corolla Tower felt like looking at a garden from the dream world, which was surrounded by rivers, green mountains, and the blue sky with white clouds. The waterfall only further reinforced this feeling.

Wendy carefully observed Lu Zhiyu's expression and then, like a little girl, she proudly asked, "What do you think? Isn't it pretty, just like the fairyland?"

The elf apprentices were also curiously looking at Lu Zhiyu, as many of them had never encountered a human before. Furthermore, Wendy's girl-like behavior was equally shocking to them, since Wendy had always been a strict teacher in their eyes. They never imagined that she could have such an innocent and romantic side!

Lu Zhiyu carefully looked around the Corolla Tower and realized that he couldn't find any flaws in it. The Corolla Tower was indeed more sunny and well-designed than his wizard tower!

"Ahem, this looks like you copied mine. Doesn't it look similar to my wizard tower?" Lu Zhiyu asked.

"Aw, teacher...." Wendy didn't know what to say, so she just blushed shyly.

"Alright, I won't tease you. It is indeed very pretty. Congratulations on finally establishing your own wizard school!" While they were small talking, Lu Zhiyu followed Wendy into the tower.

Along the way, many good-looking elves were giving him curious looks. The wonderful tower was inhabited by equally pretty elves, and wherever they arrived, many elves bowed down and greeted Lu Zhiyu and the Instructors, allowing him to once again appreciate the culture and beauty of this race.

While the elves curiously observed Lu Zhiyu, he was also observing them. He noticed that the elf wizards were more interested in creations and illusions, as well as the study of things like mechanical alchemy, plant breeding, magical beasts, animal breeding and pharmacology.

As for Blood Witchcraft, it was not as popular here, since the majority of the elves thought that this kind of witchcraft was blasphemous. Also, due to their long lifespan, they wouldn't be very keen on life-extending techniques

The elf race was much more compatible with the witchcraft system. Aside from some elves that lacked the abilities to connect to the magic network, all of the other elf wizard apprentices could become qualified wizards with their long lifespans alone! As such, the ratio of level four wizards here would far exceed that of the humans. However, humans excelled in both raw power and in the advancing of the wizard system when compared to the elf race.

Lu Zhiyu walked across the white great hall, which was decorated beautifully. There were many plants placed within it, and the hall was decorated with many delicate paintings and statues. Even the rails for the spiral staircase looked like artwork.

"Instructor, a new branch has appeared in the line of the wizards, the dream wizards. Did you know that?" Wolfe suddenly asked Lu Zhiyu.

Lu Zhiyu nodded. "I had heard about this from Bohr and his student Edward. He completed the dreamcraft system. His idea for the Stone of Dreams was truly brilliant, as it lowered the training difficulties and raised the efficacy of dreamcraft."

Wendy heard this and said, "We think that dream wizards are very compatible with the elf race."

After they pondered this for awhile quietly, under the guidance of Wendy and Wolfe, Lu Zhiyu visited the entire tower. The overall model was copied from the system of the wizard tower, so it was quite well-done.

Later, in the lounge on the top floor, Lu Zhiyu sat down and asked, "Just say it, what did you two call me here for really?"

Wendy hesitated, then said, "Me and my brother have been preparing to become dream wizards, and we also know how to create the Philosopher's Stone, so we have been preparing for that for a long time. However, we were hesitant, because if we fail, our minds will suffer a lot of damage. So, we figured that since you are here, we thought that we could…"

Lu Zhiyu knew what she was getting at, so he immediately agreed. "Sure, let me have a look at the Stone of Dreams. How far has your preparation gone?"

Both Wendy and Wolfe had become level three wizards a while ago. Even though they were still far from breaking through to level four, it was time for them to choose their paths, and compared to being a blood wizard, the path of dream wizard would be better for both of them.

After staying in the Kingdom of Elf for a while and helping them improve some of the system and the techniques to create the Stone of Dreams, Lu Zhiyu took Eva and drove the flying castle away from Yala once again. Along the way, Lu Zhiyu looked around the whole word, particularly focusing his attention on the current situation with the dragon raja in the dragon island, as well as with the mermaid race in Swirl.

These two races had been born far later than the humans and the elves. As such, their groups were still weak, and there was no system. However, they were still slowly developing.

It just needs some time…

After Lu Zhiyu observed quietly for a while, he left those areas as well.

After having wandered around the whole Maria's World, Lu Zhiyu landed the flying castle on an island somewhere in the south. He then handed over the controls to Eva and went through the dimension door, returning to Earth.



Adenos, who had only his skeleton remaining, had just gotten burnt to a crisp, charred black. He was currently fleeing from the main peak of Andromeda Mountain.

As he slid down the mountain and landed at its base, most of his bones scattered. He then kneeled, trying to put himself together, bone by bone.

At that moment, the monster-like roaring had appeared behind him again, shaking the entire snow mountain. At the main peak of the snow mountain, a black Titan Dragon was hovering in the sky, roaring with rage and looking for the being that had just provoked it.

The fight that had Adenos had put up against the Titan Dragon had been an utter defeat. No matter which witchcraft he had tried to cast upon the dragon, it had no effect at all, as the scales of the Titan Dragon had extraordinary resistances and could easily block any small witchcraft that Adenos possessed.

Even the curse that he cast with all of his power could only cause a little bit of damage on the dragon, which was not enough to take its life! Adenos wasn't expecting something this strong to be in this world, yet he had no intention of giving up or feeling discouraged.

This was because he had his eyes on that Titan Dragon, especially the body that the dragon was guarding, both of which really excited Adenos! If he could get his hands on them, he certainly could obtain an even stronger power!

Adenos still felt a bit hazy and was struggling with retaining his memories...

Think! What other powerful witchcraft was in those memories?