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201 The Underworld

A few years after the Year of Holy Light, extraordinary powers began to emerge. In addition to this, wizards, priests, Holy Knights, magical beasts and others began to appear in Maria's World, and even more strange phenomena of spirit also gradually appeared.

Ordinary life forms lose awareness when they die, which is the most basic natural rule of the world, but these extraordinary lives were different. Their awarenesses were strong and stubborn. Even if they lost their flesh and memories, their awarenesses would stubbornly remain.

In the early days, this was not obvious, but with more extraordinary lives being extinguished, there were more and more awarenesses being born, especially those of level 4 and above, which had stable structures.

Their memory and awarenesses were thus tied together. As such, death was not their end, and their awarenesses could still stubbornly stay in the world.

In this way, the human world would gradually be full of awarenesses with the passing of time. Lu Zhiyu had thought about such a problem long ago, so he had tried to create an underworld, but had never succeeded. However, he found that Edward might be able to help solve this problem.

At this moment, a huge half bitwall was constantly forming and eventually expanding into the bitwall of Maria's World. In an instant, the entire bitwall became abnormal. The stars seemed to dim at this exact moment.

Although not many people discovered this scene, the astrologers in the various kingdoms and principalities were all very shocked by it.

"The stars have been hidden. Natural disasters are coming!"

"The moon and stars dimmed! This is a catastrophe!"

"Is there going to be a terrorist attack? Where will it be?"

People in the Kingdom of Mara were shouting. They all believed deeply in astrology, after all.

At this moment, the sound of rushing footsteps echoed in the court. Among them were the young queen's.

She wore a gorgeous long dress and her crown. She went to the top of the castle and leaned on the uneven wall to look at the dark sky. The stars and moon couldn't be seen at all, and everyone's faces became pale.

"My God, what is going on?" someone asked.

For the people of this era, the stars represented the gods and indicated one's destiny. All wizards, pastors, and wise men attached importance to the observation of stars, but no one could truly understand their meaning.

"Do you know what is happening?" the Queen asked anxiously.

Two astrologers wearing star patterned robes were flipping through their star maps and ancient records. They were sweating heavily. One replied, "Your Majesty, this has never happened before!"

"Never?" the Queen asked.

"Not since humans began to write," that same astrologer replied.

Meanwhile, in the cemetery outside the city of Babus, under the nameless tombstone that had been worn down by the wind and rain, a skeleton was undergoing a magical change.

The king of the Church of Light felt uneasy. Between the battle of the humans and the orcs a few years ago and the collapse of the Crete Empire, he was already fearful.

Other than the formation of the half bitwall, no more strange things happened, and at this time, Lu Zhiyu had already entered the half bitwall with Eva. She followed behind Lu Zhiyu, both exploring the area, only to find that there was nothing to it.

"Master, where are we now?" she asked.

Lu Zhiyu said, "It's a new half bitwall. Here is where the land of the dead will be."

When Lu Zhiyu reached out his hand, they both saw the light blooming in his them continuously. The last huge illuminant, which was made up of metal deified cells, formed, expanded, then flew into the sky.

Eva watched it into the sky, then stabilize in the sky, illuminating the whole world. She whispered with surprise, "Is that the sun?"

Lu Zhiyu shook his head. "That is the sun in the underworld, which is not the same as our sun in reality!"

Eva looked at the sky and put out her hand, then asked, "Because there is no temperature?"

Lu Zhiyu looked down. "The sun in Maria's World shines and gives warmth to the earth, the underworld's only projects images of the underworld!"

As Lu Zhiyu's voice fell, the sun of the underworld instantly burst into huge lights, and the projection appeared hundreds of meters under the ground. With the glowing of light, which was its assimilation of information, the whole world seems to be woven by countless lines, quickly forming into a seemingly real world.

Then, they immediately saw the dark and barren land, the flowing rivers, the mountains and the plains. The whole world was desolate, dark and full of feelings of death.

Moreover, the feeble light that glowed from the underworld sun did not have warmth. Instead, it only made people feel gloomy.

The two then walked in this underworld, through the land and along the river. The underworld was quite small, since it had just been formed. So, the two quickly traveled across the whole land.

Eva felt that everything was real, but the strange sun stopped her from trusting her instincts. She asked, "Master, is it real? Or, is everything just an illusion?"

Lu Zhiyu explained, "This is a world on the edge of reality and illusion. It is the place where the dead can stay and where reincarnation is started."

Based on the Stone of Dreams, combined with the Divine Kingdom of Gaia, Lu Zhiyu had created the sun of the underworld, which projected the underworld as a place between reality and illusion.

Since it was impossible to let all of the awarenesses and souls stay in the Divine Kingdom, he thought that it might be a good idea to project a world of the dead and put them all there. At the same time, these souls and awarenesses that were unwilling to leave would also be finally absorbed into the sun of the underworld, so the underworld could continue to expand.

Then, over time, the sun of the underworld in the sky would become more powerful and the underworld would expand to a massive size, just like a real world.

Lu Zhiyu stood in the middle of the initially formed underworld, looked at the sun in the sky, then meditated for a while and said, "The underworld needs a lot of management personnel to maintain order."

Lu Zhiyu immediately recalled the heavenly palace in Batko. He was considering its divine system in particular.

The inhabitants of Batko had many mixed beliefs and many gods, but they all had one interesting thing in common, their faiths and their devotions to death.

They believed in the afterlife and the world after death. Every god shared the power to govern the world of death and control souls of the dead. Even the recently compiled holy book in the heavenly palace recorded a god of death.

"You mean the divine system in the world of death? That sounds great! " Eva smiled.