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200 Bronze Statue Ghos

Edward followed Bohr to the top of the wizard tower. He felt very excited. Now that he had the dreamcraft practice materials, he was ready to go to the tower library and convert them into points!

"Thank you, mentor. Without your help, I would never have been able to accomplish so much!" Edward said.

Bohr replied immediately, "Thank mentor Anthony. I didn't think you would be lucky enough to be chosen by him. Although he taught you how to practice dreamcraft, you have perfected the whole system, consolidated several basic theories, and lowered the threshold for learning and using dreamcraft. I'm also glad to see that you have created a new branch of wizards."

Bohr was very proud of his protege's achievements. Bohr looked forward to seeing wizards become even more strong and powerful.

Edward immediately recalled the mysterious man and the event that took place in the Mara kingdom. The encounter with Anthony, the great sage, and the beginning of his dreamcraft had transformed Edward from an impetuous little wizard to a real wise man. Edward felt that this was destiny at work.

They soon arrived at the gate of the tower library. The huge stone door of the library was open and the library floor was covered with carpets. Its luxurious decorations were quite different from before.

The library had a lot of partitions, which were finely separated by wooden shelves. Each partition was three or four meters high, ten meters wide, and had five layers. There were also many stairs and spiral ladders inside the library. The wizards would walk on these partitions, looking for the books they wanted.

This was a real world of books. The huge library was filled with the smell of the books and the taste of knowledge. This fantastic atmosphere made people feel like they were inside a paradise of wisdom.

In the middle of the entrance hall, a three-meter-high creature, which had a human head and a lion's body, was standing near the circular workbench. While responding to the inquiries of several wizards, the creature used its mind power to control other things. As the creature was working, several goose brushes were constantly writing, while all kinds of lists and files were flying into the cabinet behind it!

The lion-faced creature was Pyros. This creature was in charge of the tower library.

It was said that Anthony, the founder of the tower, brought Pyros back from the astral. Pyros was known for its commitment and responsibility. The creature was also as knowledgeable as wizards, with some wizards even accepting it as a member of the wizard group.

Moreover, it ran the tower library and could recite all of the books in the whole library. As such, Pyros was extremely important.

In fact, as long as Pyros existed, the inheritance of the tower would never be lost. Moreover, even if everything was lost, with its memory, a wizard tower could be rebuilt anywhere.

"Hi, Pyros!" greeted Edward.

"Hi, Edward!" Pyros smiled in reply.

As soon as Edward arrived, he greeted Pyros. It seemed that the two knew each other well.

"I need you to help me evaluate my witchcraft system. This is the fruit of my painstaking labor, a new system of witchcraft. Hence, it cannot be underestimated!" said Edward.

"Fairness is what we abide by. If you think my judgments are unfair, you can ask your mentor for a second opinion!" Pyros replied.

Edward leaned over the counter and said, "Okay, I'm kidding! Pyros, are you the only one left in your family?"

Pyros looked through the materials of dreamcraft and nodded. "Our family is unique in the Marian world, as we only have one member per generation, and each generation is the manager of knowledge."

The sun was setting, and boats floated pleasantly in the wide glittering Hashe River. Many strong young men were leaning against the wooden boats that were docked along the shore, enjoying the sunset. They had been busy working all day, so now was their time to explore the beauty and tranquillity of Mother Nature.

The Hashe River was a branch of the Assei River, which flowed into the territory of Batko from the south. It was this river that supplied fresh water to countless Batko people and nourished the barren land.

Pusuote was close to the desert and had been eroded by sandstorms throughout the year. The Hashe River was the widest and longest river in the vicinity, forming the largest human gathering place in this area.

On both sides of the river, numerous fields lot of barley and wheat had been planted, as these were staples in Batko. In fact, most people in Batko typically used these two commodities in every meal, along with fruits, such as dates. Meat, like beef, mutton, and fish could only be enjoyed by the nobility and the upper class.

The original desert palace had now been expanded several times, making it a truly beautiful palace. The high priest in the palace, Anke Pusuote, had claimed the royal rights of the original Pusuote family and turned the palace into the only true place of authority in Pusuote.

Currently, a large number of monks were busy compiling classics in cuneiform, which was a totally different language than those used in the Western world. Cetisius, who was the priest of the palace, was also present.

They were compiling the holy scriptures of the heavenly palace, as well as the legends of the gods. The whole heavenly palace had been completely renewed and rebuilt. Also, besides the addition of Randil, who was the god of gods, the gods of death, the wind, and the moon were also being added, among others.

In the deepest corner of the palace, Lu Zhiyu was sitting on the throne in a white gown. There were white stone slabs that were covering the ground, and the high walls were decorated with colorful paintings, which had a simple and wild style that was exclusive to Batko.

Rows of bronze soldiers with long swords on their waists stood at attention within the palace, as well as outside the doors. Several giant bronze statues of silver wolves were also placed outside the palace.

At this moment, these metal castings were shuttled into the palace, as if they were patrolling soldiers and guards. If there were any intruders or any strange occurences, they would immediately wake up and kill anyone who posed a threat. Even though they did not have any extraordinary powers, their invulnerability and lethality could rule the entire battlefield!

Their existence was actually a recent failure of Lu Zhiyu's. Specifically, he had attempted to create life out of metals, which had been totally unsuccessful.

This was because these creatures had no wisdom or consciousness. But, he was at least still able to use these monsters as guards and for general labor.

As long as the creatures were exposed to light, they could move and fight according to orders. Then, when they were not needed, they would become real statues again.

Lu Zhiyu felt that these creatures were somewhat similar to the legendary stone ghosts, yet they were not made of stone. So, Lu Zhiyu named them bronze ghosts.

Even though his creatures were useful somewhat as they had turned out, the successive failures still discouraged Lu Zhiyu. He could not think of a proper method for creating consciousness and wisdom. Originally, he had wanted to create real life by using metal, but in the end, he could only make a group of bronze ghosts to guard the gate!

Meanwhile, within the palace, several maids in the hall were playing harps. Pottery pots had been placed all over the palace, as well as a few lovely potted trees. Eva danced to melodic songs, which had become her hobby since she had first danced for Lu Zhiyu.

While Lu Zhiyu rested on the throne, a bronze statue ghost that was shaped like a lion was crawling beside him. It would raise its head occasionally to look around.

At this time, Lu Zhiyu suddenly realized that, since Pyros was a mythical creature, it could communicate with God. After the knowledge system was sorted out by the sub-brain Gaia of the Divine Kingdom, it would be transmitted to Lu Zhiyu.

Then, Gaia would timely remind Lu Zhiyu of some important information and knowledge. Moreover, any news of dreamland wizards and the new witchcraft system would be immediately transmitted to Lu Zhiyu as well.

"Huh?" Lu Zhiyu straightened up, startled.

His sudden movement stirred up a group of maids, who suddenly lost their rhythm. All of them then fell on their knees in alarm, and even the golden lion statue that was next to Lu Zhiyu roared.

Eva looked at Lu Zhiyu and asked, "What's wrong?"

Lu Zhiyu shook his head and said, "Nothing. I just thought of something….Can we interfere with spirits by using the Philosopher's Stone? I didn't think that was possible!"

The thought had just occurred to Lu Zhiyu. This gave him hope, as maybe, with a little inspiration, he could think of something truly brilliant!