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193 Another Group of Merchants

The arrival of the sandstorm scared a lot of the horses, which bolted. This turned the entire group into a chaotic mess, as many people were running away to escape the affected region.

"Do not run away! Everyone, stay calm! Stop them! Do not panic!" Grumman, the owner of the merchants, shouted as he attempted to stop the runaways.

It was an extremely foolish idea to try to escape the massive sandstorms, anyway! After all, one's escaping aimlessly would only lead to his getting lost and ultimately dying in the storm!

While Lu Zhiyu was hurrying the camels along, he said to Grumman, "We need to find some cover, anything that can shield us from the wind."

Grumman nodded and shouted, "You're right! We need to find something like that. Let's head this way, then once we get over the sand dunes, we should be able to find a hiding place."

"Follow us, do not fall behind!"

"Everyone, look around yourselves, do not fall behind!"

As Grumman and his guards shouted out orders, the merchants immediately headed in the opposite direction of the sandstorm. However, it didn't take long before the storm caught up to them and the whole group was swallowed by the yellow storm!

Everyone covered their noses and ears faces with cloths, while the wind and the sand swallowed the whole world. The yellow sandstorm took over all of the visible space, making them all feel like their ears had been placed next to a roaring sound machine!

They then lost their eyesight and hearing, and all their skin that was exposed to the storm was in agonizing pain. In fact, it felt like it was being cut by countless little knives!

The merchants were moving away, while hurrying their camels and horses along. The camels were trying their best to keep up, while the bells on their necks were ringing constantly in the wild sandstorm. Everyone was focused on sticking with the group, because they knew if they were to fall behind, they would surely die.

At that moment, Lu Zhiyu and the many merchants, including Grumman, noticed that a group of blurry shadows had appeared within the sandstorm, coming from another direction. At first glance, no one had any clue as to what they were, but as the shadows came closer, they realized that it was another group of equally unfortunate merchants that had been caught in the sandstorm.



They shouted in some language from the Batko area, desperately trying to communicate with the Rosa Bianca merchants, but their language and accents didn't make any sense to the western merchants.

"They are the Batko merchants! They are speaking the language of the Pusuote Clan! So, that means that they must be among the tribes of Pusuote!" Grumman thought might have understood their language, so he quickly answered back.

The Batko merchants also had a big group of camels and people, so the two groups combined forces and kept moving forward together. As the sandstorm had grown even worse, their visibility had also gotten worse.

Also, the sky had gone completely dark. Then, a hurricane that was carried in by the sandstorm almost blew them off their feet!

"Get up! Get up! Run, you godda*n animals!" one of the merchants screamed. Now, even the camels refused to move, as they sat completely still on the ground, no matter how hard the merchants whipped them.

Grumman asked anxiously, "What do we do? I remember there was a rocky area around here before, so why is it not here? Oh my God! Maybe we went in the wrong direction amid all of the panic!"

A man who was wearing a hood and was wrapped in cloth explained to Grumman loudly in his strange language, then proceeded to hold his own head as if he had gone mad. Lu Zhiyu happened to be around and clearly understood the man in the language that had branched off the Batko languages.

"The rocky hills here were buried under the desert! We are doomed!" another merchant shouted out.

Everyone had fallen into despair, as ordinary humans were no match for the power of nature. The wind speed had reached one to two hundred kilometers per hour, and many people started to feel dizzy and began to suffocate.

"We are all going to die here!"

"This is the God of the desert's will!"

Those from the Batko group had one by one given up and accepted their fates. It was as if they had lost their wills to live.

However, Grumman still ordered everyone to form a circle with the camels and horses. He was trying his best to lead this group to survive this sandstorm. But, looking at the situation now, it did not look good.

Eva followed closely behind Lu Zhiyu. When she saw the slight change of expression on his face, she quickly asked, "Master, would you like me to block the sandstorm?"

Grumman had fallen into painful despair by now, when he just happened to hear Eva's voice.

Grumman moved towards the two of them with great difficulty amid the sandstorm, as he tightly pressed the cloth against his mouth and nose and asked furiously, "What are you two babbling on about? Go hide somewhere quickly!"

He then put his hands together and said, as if praying to the gods of the skies, "Please, let us survive this disaster!"

Lu Zhiyu looked at Eva and Grumman, squinted his eyes, then patted Eva's shoulder and said, "Let me handle this. Your ability is not fit for a situation like this!"

Within the sandstorm, the wild wind was still constantly carrying sand, but as Grumman saw Lu Zhiyu open his arms wide, the power of the middle tier mythical creature Lord of Dreams' realm quickly started covering the surroundings! Soon, the whole earth was covered in mind power force fields!

"Projection!" Grumman shouted in awe, as he looked at Lu Zhiyu as if he was weaving the fabric of the world!

Huge stones orbited around, surrounding the merchants. They then accumulated to form thick walls. The sandstorm had been blocked, as the stone walls were erected and the harsh sand and wind that was torturing everyone could not penetrate them!

Suddenly, everyone looked at Lu Zhiyu. This kind of control over the world amazed them all, causing most of the people cheer joyfully!

Grumman took off his cloth and was blankly staring at Lu Zhiyu, as he never would have thought that this noble-looking young man who had been alongside him throughout the whole expedition had such great power!

This power far surpassed his imagination. It was almost as if it was the power of the gods!

Many of the Batko merchants had all kneeled down, and their leader, who was a skinny middle-aged man with short hair, even thought that Lu Zhiyu must be a prophet of the God of desert. Hence, he had knelt down on the ground before him.

Then, right before everyone's eyes, a stone castle-like structure was built around them. For Lu Zhiyu, this was something that he would have easily been able to do before, but was not such an easy feat in his current form.

His abilities of realm and projection, since his becoming a level eight mythical wizard and the Lord of Dreams, now allowed him to edit the rules of the normal plane within the realm at will. So, if he knew the working mechanisms of the rules, then he could freely control and edit nature, as this was only the most basic of applications.

Lu Zhiyu opened his arms, manipulating the walls like he was playing a piano. The walls built up higher and higher, and finally, as his hands closed together, a luxurious white stone castle appeared in the middle of that crazy sandstorm!

As for the Rosa Bianca merchants and the Batko merchants, they were now all under this castle's protection. The sandstorm was still ravaging outside the castle, but everything and everyone within it was calm and safe!