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191 Level Eight Mythical Wizard

Above the clouds, although there was no sun, dazzling lights shone from the pale blue sky, reaching every corner of the Divine Kingdom. A crowd of onlookers gazed in awe as Saintess Kelly slowly ascended above the kingdom in a holy white robe.

Many prayers were being offered, as the onlookers lowered their heads in respect and devotion. The God's body looked down and gazed at Saintess Kelly, as Lu Zhiyu's mind instantly connected to the sub-brain of the Divine Kingdom, his consciousness now appearing inside of it.

Saintess Kelly looked up at the God's body of Lu Zhiyu, but could only see the giant seats that were levitating and orbiting around the sky, like small islands. Despite this, Saintess Kelly could still sense that he was the god that had made her the descendant of God, Lord Faross. This had been the second time they had encountered each other, as the last time was in her dream.

Saintess Kelly had thought of this moment countless times, wondering what she would say and so on. But now, all she had in her mind was a feeling of complete peace. Besides, simply being near him would already be an honor that could never be surpassed by anything else.

Lu Zhiyu was sizing up Saintess Kelly, as she was the first believer to ascend to the Divine Kingdom in spiritual form. Today's situation was unexpected, as normally, to climb up to the God's seats, level seven had to first be reached, thus completely transforming the individual into their mythical creature form.

The sudden death of Saintess Kelly had completely interrupted this plan, but since Lu Zhiyu was no real god, he had to not be too controlling and unbending. After all, only gods could control everything, especially fate!

"By my name, you are now the leader of all of the angels. You must guide the ascended ones to the Divine Kingdom and guard the gate!" Lu Zhiyu pointed his giant finger that was condensed by light towards her forehead.

"Your will is my everything!" she eagerly agreed.

The light of the Divine Kingdom quickly condensed around Saintess Kelly's body, then transformed her into a holy angel form, as she was now in charge of a part of the Divine Kingdom's authorities, as well as the gate of the Divine Kingdom. Most importantly, through the control of these authorities, Saintess Kelly could now strengthen her soul.

Lu Zhiyu hoped that she could one day reach the God's seats by herself, thus being able to take on partial authority over Maria's World's. This meant that she would be helping him maintain and run Maria's World, while also strengthening his Divine Kingdom. As for now, this leader of the angels position was merely a stepping stone.

Saintess Kelly flapped her wings and orbited once around Lu Zhiyu's God's seat, then stood in front of his God's body, staring into his eyes. As Lu Zhiyu nodded at her, a joyful smile blossomed on her face.

She was the first angel in the kingdom of Lu Zhiyu, and she was also the embryonic form of the angel, making her the level 7 mythical creature that Lu Zhiyu had envisioned from the beginning! Once Gaia improved even more, these angels would even have the chance to be reborn into brand-new forms!

Meanwhile, the whole inner part of the Divine Kingdom of Gaia was also undergoing some changes. Lu Zhiyu's middle tier mythical creature template, the Lord of Dreams, had finally been completed.

Also, after the death of many priests, temple knights, and a few saints, their ascensions had further strengthened and improved the Divine Kingdom. Now that the kingdom had its first generation of archangel, Saintess Kelly, who possessed a complete soul that would enable her to assist Lu Zhiyu in managing and protecting the Divine Kingdom, the mind power scale of the Divine Kingdom had reached near ten thousand!

The mythical metallic cells of the Lord of Dreams had been constantly replacing the original Gaia, as it was also constantly consuming the silver moon, wanting to modify the entire silver moon with metallic cells. According to Lu Zhiyu's calculation, it would take about a thousand years before Gaia could consume the whole moon and replace the silver moon in its current form. By then, Gaia would become a giant object, floating in between the sky of Maria's world and the bitwall, just like a moon!

However, when that time comes, it will be an even more unbelievable task for Lu Zhiyu to transform the entire silver moon into its mythical creature form by enhancing the metallic cells within it. This was because the current Divine Kingdom of Gaia only had a very small portion mythical metallic cells.

To be able to consume the whole silver moon, then have it undergo metallification to prepare it for use in the completion of the Divine Kingdom, that is too astronomical!

Lu Zhiyu had his doubts, but was determined to stay positive.

Currently, the process of replacing the old template with the new one had been underway in the inner part of the Divine Kingdom of Gaia. The ability to project the Divine Kingdom before, meaning projecting the kingdom across the sky above the Elan Continent, was made possible by the power of the new template, the Lord of Dreams.

Even though most of it was unreal, Lu Zhiyu could feel that it could already influence the material world. Once his mind power scale had reached a high enough level and the Divine Kingdom had become strong enough, he could even summon the true Divine Kingdom into the material world!

Moreover, with this progression, Lu Zhiyu's Divine Kingdom, as well as the hypothesized divine system, had been improved drastically. In the future, the Lord of Dreams would drastically improve the divine incantation of the temple knights and the priests!

Unlike before, they could only simply borrow part of the power given by Lu Zhiyu's deified cell template to channel simple healing, the judgement of light, and other minor abilities that were brought by the dreams. If they were faithful enough, they could then directly link to the Divine Kingdom and project some strong abilities to it in order to aid them in battle. They could even summon the gate of the Divine Kingdom or some strong prayers into the material world!

As the replacing processes came to an end, the entirety of Gaia was illuminated with an intense light, and with the power of projection, it overshadowed a large region of the silver moon. If one were to look at the silver moon from the earth at that moment, they could see that it had slowly changed from a crescent moon to a full moon!

This meant that Lu Zhiyu had advanced from level seven to become a level eight mythical wizard!