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189 A Battle for the Epics V

The light of the sunset had turned the sky into a burning orange color. It was shining from the end of the sky and reflected upon the thick stormy clouds and on the earth. 

By now, the war on earth had escalated to an unimaginably brutal stage, and mountains of corpses were strewn all over the place. Their blood flew across the field like a streaming crimson creek.

Especially in the center of the battlefield, where the bodies were piled up like a small mountain, blood was everywhere. Countless people charged in and stepped on the corpses, only to later become a part of this mountain of corpses themselves!

Everyone was killing each other, vengeance and madness surging in their hearts. Normally, when a war progressed to this stage, there must be a side that couldn't stand it anymore and would start to have a major break down and run away.

However, even though the battle between the two representatives of the Gods had reached its critical moment, no-one would dare to retreat or give up. At this moment, everyone had turned into the most devoted mad believer, so regardless of whether it meant the spilling their blood or the loss of their heads on the battlefield, nothing made them fear anymore!

Everyone was shouting the name of their Gods at the tops of their lungs and were holding the flags of their Gods. Then, one by one, they charged into battle.

"For Will! For His Majesty!" An orc chanted as he charged in.

He was Ibu, the holy knight of the orcs, and he was already full of scars at this moment. As he slaughtered his way across the human army, while holding a knight's long sword and standing on thick piles of corpses, he shouted with all his might, "We are going to be victorious! Long live the Holy Seville Empire!"

Every temple knight stood in front of the orc army and was stopping them with their lives. Their armor and cloaks were all dyed red with blood and the sigil of the Sun that was there before was now barely visible.

"Kill them all! Avenge the majesty!" This shout was heard coming from one of the remaining elite knights of the kingdom of Rosa d'Oro.

The Royal Guard of Verthandi had been gradually separated and eliminated during the charge. The last remaining few were still chanting altogether, "For the honor of Northland Cavalry!" 

In the sky, Verthandi and Saintess Kelly were both covered in blood. Verthandi saw that the battle under the Virginia capital had gotten more and more heated, with both sides fighting to the death. In fact, the ratio of casualties had increased to a shocking extent.

As everyone here in the battlefield had been raised by her from Holy Seville Empire, and every one of them had marched tens of miles to get here, with dreams and faith in her as their motivation, seeing such a vast number of casualties disturbed Verthandi greatly.

Both of the their suits of armor had been broken beyond repair, and their clothes had been dyed red with blood. Moreover, their hair, which was tied behind their heads, had become untied and was now fluttering messily in the wind.



The chain and the sword kept colliding, and at this moment, the distance between the two were no longer than twenty meters! The flag spear that Saintess Kelly was holding had been entangled by the chains, and her body was also surrounded by many chains. However, the pair just kept charging at each other, trying to crush each other!

In this close proximity, any mistakes that either of them made would surely mean their death! The pair's movement was so fast, only moving stripes of white light could be seen between them. Moreover, Verthandi's sword light was flashing and her attack speed was so fast, one could see that the chains been continuously separated and entangled.

Between the two of them, Saintess Kelly was the one with less battle experience, as she had spent more time worshipping and praying to God. Therefore, compared to Verthandi, who had always been focused on conquering, while travelling around the world on her horse, Saintess Kelly's experience was pitifully little. Now, this difference in experience was pushing her closer to the danger zone!

Moreover, because of Saintess Kelly's continuous usage of divine incantation and the realm of God, she had almost reached her limits. Seeing how Verthandi kept throwing herself at her, she decided to release her last attack.

As the chains that were surrounding her started loosening, Saintess Kelly put on her mask and opened both of hands, while her cherry red lips started to move beneath her mask.

"Sacred advent!" The whole mask suddenly separated, then dissolved into her body in the blink of an eye. Saintess Kelly's body had turned into light and transformed into a demi-mythical creature!

Moreover, that creature had inherited a part of its ability of Lu Zhiyu! In this form, she could even borrow the power of Lu Zhiyu from his Divine Kingdom!

Meanwhile, a giant shape appeared in the sky. Then, a large wing spread out behind Saintess Kelly. It was as if it the sky was raining down rays of light, and a blinding light was shining like the sun.

At this moment, everyone was shocked, as this was no longer a form that belonged to the human realm, but was the form of a god that was used by Saintess Kelly, who the representative of God! This phenomenon had all of the believers who were fortunate enough to witness it tearing up.

"Oh God! God is coming!"

"Oh My God!"

"Bless us!"

"Victory to the humans!"

All the peasants within Virginia also saw the giant shape in the sky, and every one of them fell on their knees. In their eyes, she was no longer a deity on earth, but an angel of God from the sky!

Even Bohr Kelermo and Edward were shaking in excitement. Bohr Kelermo looked up to Saintess Kelly in her current form, and he was so shocked, his face was twitching!

"So, this is the mythical creature form? It is the very one that the teacher taught us about, the form that surpassed the limitation of the human realm!" he exclaimed.

Edward didn't catch a bit of what his teacher had said, but was only mindlessly wondering at the presence of Saintess Kelly, with his mouth opened wide. He then mumbed, "Mythical… God's form?"

Amid all of the dazzling lights, Saintess Kelly made her first appearance. Her divinely pure face was like the angel of God. As the giant wings of light moved around her, an endless amount of extraordinary power followed. Then, Saintess Kelly extended her slender finger and pointed towards Verthandi.

"Divine Judgement!" she yelled.

Then, an intense light, just like a sword of God swung from the sky, suddenly surging on her hand and continuously enlarging until it formed a pillar of intense light that was heading straight towards Verthandi!

The surging light from the pillar shook intensely and straightaway pierced the sky. Now, even Verthandi could sense the threat of death when facing this attack. It was as if she was receiving a punishment straight from God.

This completed surpassed the limit of what any ordinary person could ever imagine! At that moment, the Sword of the King started to dissolve on its own, rushing into her body.

She could feel the same feeling that she had felt when she was first given the Sword of the King by Lu Zhiyu. It was as if the old man's voice started to ripple in her ear once again, "Humble, justice, mercy, heroic, fair, sacrifice, honor, spirit! Verthandi, are you willing to accept the Sword of the King and become a true ruler, protecting all of the people who need protection?"

All of a sudden, countless shapes of swords rushed out of her body, forming her unique realm of God, while a long shape was also extending from behind her. The demi-mythical creature form of Verthandi was an illuminating long sword in her hand.

Verthandi's realm of God resisted valiantly against the divine judgement attack from Saintess Kelly and was pushing up against the current of power. All that was remaining in Verthandi's body were her battle instincts and her desperate wish to end this war.

As the sword flashed, before Saintess Kelly could even react, her realm of God had been torn and the sword had pierced through her chest. Saintess Kelly was so stunned by the sight of Verthandi's divine sword piercing through her chest, her mind went completely blank...