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185 A Battle for the Epics

The skies of the Depps Grand Canyon were completely covered by a horde of black crows and vultures. The Canyon seemed to be covered in a gray mist that obscured everything in the darkness of the dusk.

Amid the smog, countless scavengers were preying on the piled layers of bodies. The birds of prey were constantly hovering over the air space, cackling with endless, terrible cries.

Human bodies had been dumped everywhere. The banners of Crete and its various noble families were scattered among the bodies, having been placed beside their dead masters.

Bohr and his protege Edward had rushed over and witnessed this shocking scene. They couldn't help but stand there, completely dumbfounded.

The tragedy and the sheer number of deaths from this great war between the humans and the orcs was terrifying. The total casualties from all of the wars in the previous centuries together paled in comparison to the catastrophes in Urabell and the Depps Canyon!

After they heard about the war, they rushed over to witness the power of the divine artifact, but they were too late. The Crete Empire had already been destroyed!

Edward stood at the entrance to the canyon, staring at the mountain of corpses and the countless vultures and scavengers circling over it. He looked to the left and right in shock.

Bohr also frowned, while he watched the scavengers feast on the mountain of bodies. He then said, "Crete is doomed. Its 300,000 coalition forces were surrounded by Lion King Will. Other than the cavalry that was led by Count Tito, which escaped by abandoning the rest of the troops, the rest were all obliterated. In fact, almost all of the elite troops of Crete have been completely annihilated."

He then added, "Crete is now unable to defend itself against the advance of Holy Seville. Humanity's largest empire, its most powerful cultural and political center, has been destroyed in this battle!"

Meanwhile, Bohr Kelermo rode his horse across the canyon. He looked at the bodies of the young soldiers, which were all stinking carcasses now.

In the center of the battlefield, a fan-shaped gash gouged through almost a kilometer of space. The entire ground was leveled and stripped away in this section, immediately attracting their attention.

Bohr dismounted immediately to observe the phenomenon, then asked, "So, this is the divine artifact, the Sword of the King? How such a seemingly arbitrary tool can hold such power is beyond my imagination!" Bohr carefully observed the traces left by the artifact, while he continued to mumble faintly.

It was clear what sort of impact this attack had made when it had first descended on the battlefield. When the two sides clashed, the white light of the sword fell from the sky, then ran through the entire enemy army.

It had even swept away the vanguards of the army! Moreover, this was not even the primary ability of the artifact! Bohr had also heard rumors that the sword was linked to the kingdom of the gods, and that it allowed its wielder to borrow the power of God Himself!

Edward followed his teacher Bohr. He couldn't help but recall the comet that the great sage Anthony had summoned. That was a true apocalyptic power.

"There is nothing to see here, so let's go to the capital!" Bohr drew the reins and turned his horse around.

Edward immediately asked, "Will we tell them to evacuate?"

Bohr shook his head. He had already looked at the information that had been passed along via the wind ravens, so knew the situation.

He replied, "No, they have already received the news of the defeat of the coalition forces, which was distributed by a messenger. It has likely already spread all the way to the Kingdom of the Church of Light to the ears of Pope Hodap by now. The army of Holy Seville is surely already at the capital's doorstep, en route to completely destroy the Crete Empire, thus occupying the most fertile place on the Alen Continent."

He then added, "Pope Hodap has issued a declaration that the entire Kingdom of the Church of Light will send troops to assist the Crete Empire. Even Saintess Kelly has promised to step out of St. Sarl City."

He took a breath, then continued to explain in a monotone and report-like manner, "Various other monarchs will send troops. Dragon Tamer Rooney of the Kingdom of Rosa d'Oro has already crossed the Moore Province and entered the Kingdom of the Church of Light. The coalition forces will enter Crete Empire and head to the capital in a few days."

Edward was shocked by these two names, as they were figures from myths and epics to him. "The Dragon Tamer King Rooney? And Saintess Kelly, who never leaves St. Sarl City?"

Hearing these names, Edward realized that this was no longer a war between Holy Seville and Crete, but a war between humanity and the orcs! Edward calculated that the army of Holy Seville had only departed yesterday. So, in order to reach the capital, which was in the south, they had to cross several provinces. This would slow down their progress quite a bit.

If the Holy Seville Empire took the capital, control over the Crete Empire would completely transfer to them. The power of orcs would then grow exponentially, thus destroying the current balance of power between the humans and the orcs.

Such a strong orcs empire was something that no human being desired. As such, it was no wonder that the other countries took the initiative to send troops. In any case, the Crete Empire could not be captured by the Holy Seville Empire. This battle would set the tone between the orcs and humans through the entire Alen Continent.

Both the Holy Seville Empire and the human allied forces had already mobilized their most powerful forces. Now, the Holy Seville Empire was going to seek revenge by seizing Zolman II and Tembor, since they were the ones who provoked the war, as well as Count Tito's entire family, since they murdered 100,000 orcs. In the meantime, they would also move to occupy the Crete Empire.

If they managed to subdue the Crete Empire, the Holy Seville Empire would rush out of the cold and barren north. The size of their territory would be doubled. After achieving political and religious unity, a vast and unimaginably powerful orcs empire would appear in the Alen Continent.

Getting access to the rich and fertile lands in the center of the continent would lay the foundation for an entire continental conquest, and the Holy Seville would become the nightmare of all human beings!

At the same time, this was a battle of faith between the Church of Light and the Faith of the Sun. The Church of Light had declared the Faith of the Sun to be a heretical sect over twenty years ago. As such, no believers or preachers were allowed into the human kingdoms.

Thus, the Church of Light and the Joint Human Alliance were going to try to stop this development by driving the Holy Seville Empire and the Faith of the Sun back to the north. They were hoping to destroy the ambitions of the Orc Empire and its crazy expansion! If not, all of humanity would be embroiled in an endless war!

Bohr and Edward became extremely solemn, while they goaded their horses onwards to chase the tracks of the Holy Seville troops.