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The eyes of the two men hardened as they walked slowly towards each other, their footsteps gradually accelerating in speed. The green glow within Adonis' eyes grew, as the black aura of curse witchcraft filled the space space and encroached upon Edward.

Edward's mind power had begun to spread his blurry dreamspace into the surroundings. The dream element seemed to cancel out Adonis' curse.

Compared to Edward's, Adonis' mind power was far more powerful, and it gushed towards Edward like the sea. Edward's own dream power was like a strong fortress, shielding him from the impact.

"You shouldn't have come, Edward. I know you too well, as I was the one who taught you all about witchcraft," Adonis said, then asked, "Do you really understand me, though? Did I ever really understand you?"

At that moment, a large number of stone spears jabbed towards Adonis. After practicing dreamcraft, the precision of Edward's Blood Witchcraft had become far more sophisticated. He approached Adonis, who continued to dodge his attacks.

The stone spikes blocked his retreat, and the two men began to battle around the huge ruins. This was a real battle between wizards.

In addition to Blood Witchcraft, all kinds of other witchcrafts, which were based on casting materials, appeared in their hands. In the aftermath of volleys, fireballs, and huge flames, the ground had been charred black. Another section of the ground was covered by a thick layer of frost, the space's low temperature being enough to cause the rock face to splinter instantly.

The sound of explosions intertwined with the echoes of collapses and rapid footsteps. While attacking each other, the pair continued to use illusions to interfere with each other's judgments. As such, a tiny mistake was enough to determine the entire outcome of the battle.

Edward suddenly pulled out a long sword from his robe, then forced Adonis into close-quarter combat. Adonis immediately reacted by drawing two short blades from his sleeve.

Edward swung down with a heavy blow, while Adonis parried him with a single arm. The sword was diverted, sending out a loud clunk and a trail of light, which resulted from the friction.

Adonis pushed Edward back with one hand, while he sliced towards Edward with the other. Edward retreated, so Adonis chased after him.

Both of them were proficient at Blood Witchcraft, as they were fellow disciples who had accepted Bohr's inheritance. As such, they had both transplanted the bloodlines of magical beasts to gain strong bodies and heightened endurances.

Moreover, they had awakened nearly ten kinds of bloodline abilities. These abilities were not necessarily the strongest, but they were chosen to match each other as perfect combos. No matter their strength, speed, perception or reaction, their mastery over their bodies was raised to the limit.

Thus, ordinary long-range attacks could only delay them. Even so, it was still quite difficult to actually launch those attacks on them.

The two men were fighting in close range right now, signaling that the testing phase was over. While they were in close range, they also used witchcraft constantly, with Edward manipulating the sand and Adonis controlling his blood.

Adonis made a solemn face, then said, "You have made great progress. Though the power scale of your mind power is the same, your control over your mind power is far better than mine."

Because of his cultivation of dream witchcraft, Edward's accuracy and precision had improved and he was able to control a large number of sandstones to swirl and collide with Adonis' torrent of blood. After the two forces cancelled each other out, the two of men clashed in the center. They moved fast enough to leave after images via passing flashes of special abilities and witchcraft. It was a dizzying sight.

Edward, having suddenly found an opportunity to use the sword to his advantage slashed at Adonis, who immediately stabbed a short blade into the gravel to avoid being blown away. Edward then used the trick that Lu Zhiyu had taught him, levitating two huge stone palms from behind Adonis and holding him down.

As Adonis was tightly bound, his unique blood witchcraft activated. A large number of blood-red ribbons suddenly extended from his back, instantly tearing the stone palms apart.

Adonis jumped up and, as the dense blood-colored vines behind him began to surround Edward, he shouted, "Enough!"

Edward looked at Adonis, intensifying the usage of his dreamcraft. He was on the verge of materializing his artificial dream space. Then, as black mist was appearing from his Edward's dreamspace, Adonis' face changed.

"Curse witchcraft? How would you know of it?" Adonis asked.

At that moment, a steady stream of powerful curses poured out from Edward's dreamspace and enshrouded Adonis. Although Adonis fought hard against this, it was already too late. This persistent mind power chased after him like the most bone-chilling poison. To make matters worse, it was continuously being released from Edward's dreamspace!

Screams of regret echoed within the skies, each of them filled with cold malice. Adonis fell from the sky, his entire being clouded in disbelief.

"What is this?" Adonis roared, while looking at Edward in fury.

"You were the one who told me that a prepared wizard is invincible. Since I dared to seek you out, of course I have prepared some countermeasures!" Edward looked at Adonis, then added, "The so-called curse power is just a variant of mind power that interferes with reality. In the macro scale, it can manipulate and change the laws of the world. In the micro scale, it is derived from the inner strength of each person, such as their inner feelings and resentments."

Edward continued to explain. "I arrived late because I was at the central tower of Babus, collecting the curses of all of your victims who died while still harboring resentments towards you. When people die, their awarenesses are broken down and their souls disappear. But, their residual emotions will remain for a brief period of time. Can you feel that? Those are the curses of every victim in Babus!"

The curses aggressively whittled down Adonis' mind power and invaded his awareness. Adonis heard the anger and resentment of over a million vengeful souls in his head. This hatred and resentment was aimed at him alone!

Adonis felt his own awareness dissipating, while his control over his body faded. His mind power and awareness were also being polluted and destroyed.

Adonis felt his death approaching. Strangely, this made him suddenly become calm. As he got closer to death, he seemed to even surge with a sense of delight.

"So this is death?! Ah, Death! How beautiful! This is true eternity!" Adonis stood within the ruins, ranting like a madman.

He was filled with a sense of morbid appreciation of the death and destruction around him, as his body was being eroded by the curse. Then, as his awareness could no longer withstand it, he gradually collapsed. The mythical cells of the Mortuus Magna died and his flesh began to follow suit.

Adonis did not seem to care, however, as he was immersed in his own world. He held his hands high and looked through his fingers at a fireball descending from the sky. It was heading straight for the city of Babus. The fireball radiated intense heat and had a long tail that left a trail of rolling black smoke in its wake.

The huge fireball continued to fall and got closer and closer. Soon, it covered the entire sky above Babus. The huge shadow obscured the sun's rays and caused Babus to descend into total darkness.

This phenomenon wasn't a fireball, but a huge star. It was an ancient star that had fallen from the sky to accompany Adonis' death, as if it was some sort of celebration of his destruction.

Adonis seemed to go completely insane at that moment, letting out a maniacal laugh. "I found it! This is the feeling and the true meaning of death! It's beautiful and lovely. Hahaha, it's truly beautiful!"

The power of the curse spread all over Adonis, causing his flesh and blood to disappear, leaving only bones. All of the Death Knights and ghouls in Babus also ceased to exist.

As Adonis' awareness completely dissipated, his power over the Mortuus Magna also disappeared. The Death Knights within the palace fell like dominos and the thousands of troops of the undead legion fell to the ground as true corpses.

All the ghouls lost their abilities, as the control over them had now disappeared. They fell to the ground, then followed Adonis in death.

Not a single person cheered for the defeat of Adonis' undead army. This was Babus was still sitting in the darkness, quivering in fear. As everyone raised their heads and looked at the fireball towering over Babus, they saw that it was heading straight for them.