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Edward and Tucker were hurriedly walking down the street, when they passed by a man and a woman. The woman had silver hair and held a variety of large and small purchases in her arms, while a raven-haired man ate an apple. He leisurely strolled in front of her, the woman following closely behind.

Edward's gaze stopped on the couple, as he sensed the trace of wizardry from the pair's aura. Edward was a wizard, who grew up in the Wizard Tower. Hence, after living around wizards for so long, he was very sensitive to their presences.

Although the two individuals seemed to display no abnormalities, their unique presences were enough for Edward to take notice of them. Edward immediately tried to launch the Mental Probe device to find out more, but the figures were already gone by that time.

Edward turned around, puzzled. He searched for a long time, but still couldn't find them again. This placed a great pressure upon Edward, who felt that the task that his teacher Bohr Kelermo had given him was probably much more difficult than he had first imagined it would be.

Although the unknown cannibal monster had not been thoroughly investigated yet, it was clear that the matter was related to wizards, and Cardinal Peter from the Church of Light, who just happened to be stationed nearby, had also sent people to check it out. These recruited forces were expected to arrive in a few days.

At the present time, all of Babus city was shrouded in a wave of darkness. The king's health had been subpar recently. At this time, it was very likely that the throne would be transferred to a new ruler. As such, all of the aristocrats and the successors of the throne had been rushing back to the city, while the entire Mara Kingdom had been watching.

At this critical time, Edward encountered an unknown wizard. He felt that the city of Babus had become a muddy swamp that could engulf him at any time. Yet, Edward had no intention to giving up.

On the second floor balcony of a bakery nearby, Lu Zhiyu and Eva looked down at the frowning teen among the crowd. "Look at those eyes narrowed. They are so focused, just like Bohr's. He might as well be Bohr's bas*ard son! Perhaps Bohr was too embarrassed to tell me about him, so he gave me the pretext that this is his youngest student..."

The apple in Lu Zhiyu's hand had been replaced with bread. Eva, who was holding a lot of items in her arms, then commented, "Based on the color of his hair and the color of his eyes, as well as his facial contouring, which are all very different from Bohr, the probability of his being a descendant of Bohr is less than 10%."

Lu Zhiyu looked at the alchemical maid, who spoke quite stiffly, then said, "I was only kidding. You have no sense of humor!"

Eva went on to say, "I don't understand! But, I do know that it is immoral to say bad things about others behind their backs, Master!"

Lu Zhiyu was speechless for a moment, then said, "You go back first. I need to go through some things, then I will return later."

Eva nodded politely. "Okay, Master. The ship that is heading for the Crete Empire will leave in the early morning, so please come back soon."

Lu Zhiyu waved his hand and walked downstairs. "Got it."

Lu Zhiyu had waited for Edward for ten days. He thought that Edward would have already arrived long before him, but had discovered that Edward still wasn't there yet.

Upon his arrival, Lu Zhiyu had basically already figured out what was happening in the city. This was a tale with no hero or villain, and with no clear right or wrong. As such, Lu Zhiyu had no interest in interfering with the current affairs.

However, if things kept developing like this, the city would descend into chaos. After all, a genius wizard, who seemed to have no moral compass, was moving all of his powers! The damage that he could cause was astronomical!

Lu Zhiyu did not normally like to interfere with normal historical advancements and wars, but the things that were being developed were just too terrible right now. Lu Zhiyu didn't want to see the development happen yet, because it was too soon within the timeline he had originally planned.

Plus, Lu Zhiyu had been expecting Edward, the student of his own student, to have arrived by now to deal with this matter...


"Gone? How is that possible?"

Tucker grabbed Old Chuck's collar and his sword. Old Chuck was a wizened old bachelor in his fifties. The man was mostly bald, and he cowered as he replied, "Really I don't know what happened. The bodies just ran off by themselves."

Tucker felt that Old Chuck was trying to humiliate him.

How could the bodies run away? By Maria's name, the dead could now come back to life?!

He had never heard such a ludicrous tall tale before...

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" Tucker slashed the table, then slammed Old Chuck onto the ground, demanding, "Tell me the truth! Where did the bodies go? Who is the culprit? What are you hiding? I knew there was something fishy about you, you old bastard..."

Edward held the raging Tucker back, then asked Old Chuck, "You mean the bodies moved themselves, after they were shipped here?"

Old Chuck nodded his head insistently, recalling his memories. "Yes, I have been watching over the cemetery for many years, and I have never seen such a thing before. It is the power of the devil, and those bodies have climbed back from hell!"

Edward frowned. "You mean they came back to life again?"

Old Chuck's hands trembled, as he pointed outside. "No. They are not human. They are monsters! I heard something move outside one night. I thought it was another one of those dam*ed grave robbers, so I lit a lamp and headed over to check it out. And then, then..." Old Chuck stuttered, before bowing his head and stopping for a long time.

Tucker lowered his body and asked impatiently, "What happened then?"

"And then...and..." Old Chuck trembled, as his body swayed grotesquely. Even his voice had became low and hoarse.

"Hurry up and spit it out! What happened?" Tucker grabbed Old Chuck's hair and tried to lift his head up.

Old Chuck's head righted itself, his blue veins popping out on his face. His eyes were bloodshot and his skin took on the pallor of a dead man's pale hue. Then, he snapped his jaw open and bit Tucker's hand!


Tucker screamed and Edward immediately knew that something was wrong. He slammed Old Chuck into the wall of the wooden house. A large chunk of Tucker's hand was missing, and the blood was spewing everywhere!

A few members of the city guards heard the commotion and immediately surrounded the men. Several people came to hold down Old Chuck down.

Apparently, the originally weak and thin Old Chuck had gained an explosive power that required several strong young men to hold down. Everyone had to use all of their strength to tie him down with a rope!

No one had ever seen Old Chuck like this before. A living person had become a monster, right before their very eyes. Old Chuck kept chewing on Tucker's flesh and blood, gargling in an eerie voice that struck terror in their hearts.