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Lu Zhiyu turned around and looked at the little girl with interest. She was around ten years old and was about 140 centimeters tall. She was almost identical to Verthandi at this age.

She looked at him impatiently, with her hands tightly wringing her skirt. Lu Zhiyu was hit with a pang of nostalgia. He had already guessed the real identity of the little girl. After looking her over, the corner of his mouth curled up involuntarily.

Delmedi was very grumpy. She had planned on sneaking out to go hunting with a few knights, but her mother was watching her very closely. Not only was she not allowed out, but she also had to wear this annoyingly heavy skirt. Her hair was pulled up primly, as she had been dolled up to greet all of the guests.

She had just escaped from her room, having thrown a tantrum, and was readying to hide away on her favorite balcony. Yet, here was some random man, having the nerve to take over her favorite hiding spot! He was also looking at her with a gross look. The results are never pretty when this Princess was angry!

"A human! How did you get in here? This is a restricted area! Who are you? I'll call the guards!" Delmedi put her hands on her waist. Her image, which was previously a cute little princess, was instantly destroyed, as her arrogance now shone through.


Lu Zhiyu put his hands on his chest, then shrugged his shoulders. "Call them all you want. You can scream till your throat bleeds, but no one will come, hahahaha!"

Delmedi kept yelling, but no one could hear her voice. Delmedi sensed that something was wrong, as she looked at Lu Zhiyu with a sudden hint of fear. Her arrogance shrunk rapidly, as she immediately began backing up, trying to escape. Yet, no matter how far she tried to retreat, it felt as if she was frozen in place.

Delmedi was so scared, she huddled into a ball. She finally realized that the handsome man before her was not an ordinary person. He had to have a special ability. The only people, who could use special abilities, were priests, Holy Knights, kins of God and the mysterious wizards!

No matter which one of these existences this man was, he was most certainly a dangerous person. Delmedi had witnessed the power of these beings before, and right now, she was only a little girl, who had yet to awaken her blood strength. Although she was of noble birth, she was alone right now.

"What do you want to do? I'm the Princess of the Holy Seville Empire!" Delmedi revealed her identity in a panic. She thought that this revelation would scare the strange man into showing her proper respect.

Yet, he did not show an ounce of respect, as he lifted her up by the scruff of her neck. Lu Zhiyu held the small girl in front of him, looking her up and down.

"Hmm, they're really quite alike. It's just like her when she was a kid. Even the wicked temper is exactly the same. It's time for some education!"

After careful observation, Lu Zhiyu could feel that she was indeed of Verthandi's blood. Uruk's blood witchcraft was second only to Bohr. There were no side-effects.

Lu Zhiyu had conducted a simple mind power scan, which saw things from a different perspective than the human eye. Mind power observed things purely based on data and lines. Therefore, mind power only showed detailed blueprints of the lines that made up a figure.

This perspective had nothing to do with beauty, nor could it see anything at all. In other words, all it could see was the data of the human body. But, to Delmedi, the guy in front her was eyeing her strangely, as if he could see through her entire being. She felt chills run down her spine.

She had been caught, lifted into the air, and stared at creepily. Delmedi was frightened into tears. She clawed around in a panic. "Let go, let me go, ah, help!"

"How dare you treat me like this? My father will definitely kill you! He is the strongest knight ever, a spokesperson of the Gods, and the owner of the Sword of the King!" Delmedi kept sobbing, her two wolves ears drooping down. It seemed that she really had been terribly frightened by Lu Zhiyu.

Lu Zhiyu hadn't expected this, and immediately put her down. "Don't run away. I will lift you up again, if you try to run away. Rest assured, I won't hurt you!"

As soon as Lu Zhiyu finished speaking, Delmedi, who had just been prepared to make a run for it, immediately relaxed. She felt that the person in front of her had no ill will towards her.

Lu Zhiyu looked at her and said, "I was the one who gave your father the Sword of the King. When she was your age, she was even naughtier than you are right now. Every time she made me angry, I would give her a good beating, and she'd immediately behave."

Delmedi looked at Lu Zhiyu in disbelief. In her eyes, this guy was simply bragging now. She would not allow Lu Zhiyu to debase her father.

"You're a liar! My father is very majestic, and he is the strongest person in the world! A thousand men, just like you, wouldn't be a match for him! But, he doesn't seem to like me very much."

Lu Zhiyu looked strangely at Delmedi, as he pondered whether he should tell her some of Verthandi's embarrassing childhood stories. Lu Zhiyu sat on the balcony and chatted with the kid. The little girl was quite arrogant. In fact, she would talk back every time Lu Zhiyu said something.

Lu Zhiyu patted her head and played with her ears. She immediately began clawing at him, and even trying to bite him. The time passed quickly as they chatted. Lu Zhiyu noticed that someone had already started looking for Delmedi. He stood up and grabbed the dragonglass pendant that Delmedi wore.

It was a three-centimeter-long, diamond-shaped dragonglass. Depicted on it, was the young white dragon that Verthandi had slain.

Generally, the average White Dragon would approach maturity at around eighty years of age as an adolescent dragon. After that, it would stop growing, then gradually increase the amount and power of its deified cells. However, due to their body structures, reaching the level of mythological creatures was more difficult for them, compared to other ordinary lifeforms. Thus, it would take an endless dedication to carefully cultivate this potential.

The dragonglass was the core of the dragon species' inheritance, as it was the crystallization of their deified cells. Delmedi immediately panicked, when she saw Lu Zhiyu taking her pendant. It was her treasure. "This is a present from my Father. Give it back!"

Lu Zhiyu looked at Delmedi. Immediately, a powerful force field was formed. The whole world transformed.

Delmedi found herself standing on the surface of a body of water, which showed her own reflection. Yet, it also reflected a larger shadow.

"What's this?"

Delmedi immediately looked above her, where she saw a huge door that was hidden in the depths of the clouds. Before her eyes, hidden behind the clouds, a vast heavenly kingdom stretched to the end of space and time. Delmedi had no idea what she was seeing, nor could she understand what had just happened, but she felt very relaxed. She also felt very happy and at peace.

The two stood together on the water, as Lu Zhiyu stood before her. They were surrounded by endless blue sky, white clouds, and the ocean. Lu Zhiyu picked up the dragon crystal, saying, "I will also give you a present."

The dragonglass glittered in Lu Zhiyu's hands, as it blurred and blended in between Delmedi's brows, before gradually merging with her body as one. The dragonglass would integrate into her body as she grows, allowing her to gain the inheritance of the White Dragon.

Although she wouldn't enjoy the longevity of a dragon, with the powerful dragon witchcraft of White Dragon alone, she would be far more powerful than an average level three wizard. At that moment, an intense light shrouded in Delmedi's body for a long time, before dispersing.

"My name is Randhir Eranbell."

Delmedi stood on the balcony in shock. Not long after this, a few maids came over to find her. She kept muttering something on the balcony, until finally, Verthandi rushed over in a blue robe and a crown. Her appearance hadn't changed much over the decades.

Verthandi shouted Lu Zhiyu's name anxiously on the balcony. Lu Zhiyu also gazed at her. The little trouble, with her familiar golden locks and appearance, had really become an Orc King! She was no longer the same old Verthandi, who followed her Dad around mischievously. Now, she was a true Emperor of Holy Seville.

Lu Zhiyu felt satisfied, after seeing her. He then turned away, disappearing into the night.

Verthandi was crestfallen, as her crystal-clear golden pupils showed her despondence. Yet, the Sword of the King began glowing with power. Verthandi drew the Sword of the King. The divine artifact seemed to have felt its former master nearby, as it now took a long time for her to calm it down.

In addition to the scene that Delmedi had just described, Vethandi had vaguely guessed the true identity of Lu Zhiyu. She was agitated, as she recalled her memories, bit by bit.

She straightened the Sword of the King, letting the faint glow wash over her. Then, Verthandi suddenly felt a warm and familiar sensation.

"So, you are always by my side!"