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147 The Princess’ Birthday Party

In Sarga City, the orcs rebuilt their capital within their holy land. The magnificence of the Holy Seville Empire's capital was displayed in front of Lu Zhiyu.

It was at least ten times bigger than it had been a thousand years ago. The wall and buildings were large and majestic, and the people in the city wore northern orc-style robes, which hid their beast ears. First-time human visitors would be dazzled by such an exotic atmosphere.

Not only were the orcs present, but human beings were there also. Ever since the Kingdom of Menkaure was destroyed by the human Crete Empire and the Church of Light a few decades ago, human beings had been despised within the orc lands. But, the two sides had finally begun to cooperate via large-scale trade again recently.

When Lu Zhiyu had left, it was the end of San Calendar Year 34. Now, it was already San Calendar Year 59. When he arrived in the Earth Universe, Lu Zhiyu had checked the time and found that, because the supernatural systems of Maria's World had stabilized, after the emergence of the Divine Kingdom, the acceleration of time had slowed down even further to a speed that was now only three hundred times faster than the Earth.

Thus, a day in the Earth universe was a year in Maria's World. This meant that Lu Zhiyu had stayed outside for more than 20 days, so two decades had passed in Maria's World!

However, by now, the time flow rate had completely stabilized and no longer fluctuated. As long as Lu Zhiyu did not make any major changes to the internal rules of the world, there should be no more major fluctuations.

Twenty years was both too long and not much time at all. It was enough time for a newborn child to become a father, yet to Lu Zhiyu, one generation was just a blink of an eye.

The crowds filled the city with traffic, as Lu Zhiyu saw blue linen cloth draped all over the city. Walking down the street, the whole city was very bright and lively. From time to time, nobles from all over would enter the city, followed by hordes of knights.

This was because today was the birthday of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Delmedi. She was turning 12 years old this year, and so the Emperor was holding a grand banquet to celebrate. The entire capital was also celebrating with a carnival.

Lu Zhiyu wandered the streets and looked at Verthandi's subjects. He could sense a thriving populace, full of vitality. Verthandi had governed her country quite well. From this aspect, she had proven herself a qualified king.

As night fell, Lu Zhiyu entered the palace, following a gorgeous carriage past the palace's gates and the layers of guards. No one stopped Lu Zhiyu. In fact, no one even seemed to have seen him!

The palace was built in stacked layers, all of which were covered in beautiful slate roofing. After passing through the outer defensive area, one could see the gardens, fountains, rockeries and forests. The gardens on both sides were filled with flowers, which were currently in midsummer bloom and had intoxicatingly delicate fragrances.

Behind the gardens, the main castle was filled with guests. Candlelight flickered on the walls and overhead, illuminating the entire hall with shining yellow light. The clinking cups and echoing laughter in the banquet hall gave the scene a dreamlike feel.

The table was covered in delicious food, and most of the guests were high ranking nobles of the Holy Seville Empire. At the very least, they were provincial leaders and big whigs within their regions.

Yet, none of them had any interest in eating and drinking, as they were either here to network socially or to handle various political initiatives. Some were also extremely loyal to the emperor, so this was an opportunity for them to meet him.

Lu Zhiyu sat alone in the corner, tasting the wine and food. From time to time, he would tease the maids, who stood by the side of the room, as he looked very dashing. Lu Zhiyu seemed very relaxed, but he was actually a little nervous and overwhelmed, as he didn't yet know how to face Verthandi.

Verthandi was doing quite well right now. She already had her own life, and Lu Zhiyu was not her real father anyway.

Lu Zhiyu felt that he had spent the happiest days of his life with her, and that he had left at the perfect time. If he had stayed any longer, he would only have been a hindrance to her path, thus destroying the life she wanted.

The letter that Lu Zhiyu left also told Verthandi about her background. As such, Lu Zhiyu didn't know how to face her now. He just wanted to see if she was doing well, and to tell her that he was very well and that she should not worry.

Lu Zhiyu also wanted to see her daughter, who was his granddaughter. Lu Zhiyu already knew that his disciple, the boar-person wizard Uruk, had made a deal with the Empress of the Holy Seville Empire to lessen the persecution against wizards within the Holy Seville Empire. This had created a much better environment than the lands ruled by the Church of Light. In exchange, the heir was born through Blood Witchcraft.

When Lu Zhiyu first got the scroll, before he created witchcraft, he could already use mice cells to breed embryos to create the mouse-people. To Uruk, who had mastered the most sophisticated Blood Witchcraft techniques, this was mere child's play.

Although he did not have Lu Zhiyu's information-type mental talent, it hardly required gene manipulation to create special bloodlines. It was just a simple cloning technology. For a mind power using wizard, as long as he had the relevant biological knowledge, anyone could do it.

Yet, too ordinary people, this witchcraft was extremely evil and strange. To Lu Zhiyu, though, there was nothing wrong with it. After all, didn't all the life in this world come from this process?

Lu Zhiyu wandered the castle, going all the way up the stairs. The two guards did not stop him, as he went straight to the windowsill on the second floor, where he could see the entire city, which was illuminated by the silver light of the full moon.

"It's beautiful!" Lu Zhiyu sighed, as he sipped from a glass of wine.

"Hey, you stole my spot." A young girl grumbled from behind Lu Zhiyu.

Lu Zhiyu turned around and saw a young girl with a head of fluffy blond hair and two red wolf ears. She was wearing a complex pleated skirt and looked like a little princess. But, at the moment, she was flashing two small fangs as she glared at him.