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139 War of the Empire 1

After Lu Zhiyu left Maria's World during the San Calendar Year 38, the wizards began to influence the whole world. Beyond the Alen Continent, even the elven Yala Continent showed traces of their activities.

The Church of Light was also making impressive progress. The pastors with Saint capabilities also prospered on the mainland, serving there as representatives of the gods. They wore their holy sun patterned robes, as they preached across the entire realm.

Various magical beast races also began to emerge, as the dragons grew up and awakened, having been born with new and extraordinary talents. Giant beasts roamed the earth, as dragons soared through in the sky. It was the true beginning of an extraordinary world!

Extraordinary power blossomed everywhere, as the Faith of the Sun also started training their own Holy Knights. The one who unified both divine and royal power, Lion King Verthandi, had begun her reign during this time. Holding the Sword of the King that Lu Zhiyu had given her, she began to unify the orcs as the messenger of God.

Verthandi suppressed the prejudices between the races, as she created new laws and rules. She also began to vigorously promote many human governance programs and business development plans, while maintaining the traditional orc clan model. Over the years, the tribes began to form cities and promote racial integration.

After following Lu Zhiyu across the continent and witnessing the systems within various human kingdoms, Verthandi had a far broader worldview than anyone else in her era. Perhaps most impressive, she could think ahead, allowing her to be well-prepared to deal with the problems between orcs that arose.

However, a large number of orcs tribes were against Verthandi's laws. The tribes had ruled for more than a thousand years, and the reforms that Verthandi wanted to instill would strip power away rights from many among the ruling class of the tribes. This was unacceptable in their eyes.

At the same time, a large number of nobles and Northern military personnel, who were loyal to Verthandi, benefited from these laws and reforms. Thus, Verthandi made sure to suppress the powers of the old tribes in order to pass her own policies.

At first, the implementation of Verthandi's Tribal Reform Act caused the Engido Kingdom to erupt in a violent unrest. All of the old tribes and nobles felt that they were losing their rights, their lands, and even their own subjects to this new upstart monarch.

Many Chiefs, preachers, and local aristocrats all united to fight Verthandi's Tribal Reform Act, and the newly peaceful Kingdom of Engido began to descend back into the old flames of war.

In the San Calendar Year 40, in the Engido Kingdom within the city of Primonius, Verthandi wore a black robe, which was embroidered with the pattern of the sun. The gold silk was extremely conspicuous, as it glittered in the daylight.

The robe represented the approval she had from the Faith of the Sun. It granted her the status of being the spokesperson of God, while the crown on her head symbolized her identity as King of the Engido Kingdom. Her bright blond hair, distinct from an ordinary lion-person, was tied in a ponytail behind her head. She would look quite intimidating, were there not two playful lion ears on her head!

At the moment, Verthandi was frowning, as she looked over various letters with a quill in her hand. Most of them were from the nobles, who were complaining about trivial things. Some were greetings from the kings of other orc kingdoms. Of course, the majority were complaints about the Tribal Reform Act.

Suddenly, quick footsteps were heard, headed straight towards her door. A tall armored wolf-man knight entered the room. The two guards at the door did not stop him. Verthandi looked up and recognized the knight to be Lanto, who was one of her six Holy Knights.

"Lanto, weren't you out promoting the Tribal Reform Act? Why did you return?" Verthandi saw that Lanto was extremely agitated. His body armor was stained with blood. It wasn't his own, but it was apparent that he had rushed back in a great hurry, since he had come to see her in this state. Something big must have happened.

Lanto fell to the ground, his armor making a soft thud. "Your Majesty, Earl Umos has rebelled. He has been secretly contacting the other major tribes to form an alliance, while he promised us that he would promote the Tribal Reform Act..."

The knight continued his report. "When I went to see Earl Umos, they designed a trap to murder me. From the moment I got there, it didn't feel right. I wanted to capture Earl Umos and calm the rebellion, but he was extremely sly. Thus, I failed. I could only escape with some of the cavalry. Right now, all of the tribes in the south have begun to mobilize their troops. Your Majesty, I'm afraid that we have a complete rebellion on our hands!"

Another messenger came to announce the arrival of the Faith of the Sun's Patriarch Cory. Verthandi had Lanto step aside, as Patriarch Cory entered. Cory breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Lanto.

"It is a blessing that Lord Lanto has returned."

Verthandi looked at Cory, who was both Lanto's elder and an important assistant to her. "Uncle Cory, do you already know?"

Cory nodded. "The boar-people in the south are leading a 50,000-strong army over. They have already started ransacking the land. They have killed a large number of nobles, who were loyal to you. They also attacked some of the generals of the Knights of the Thorns, who were stationed in the south. Currently, there has been no news of any movements from the Knights of the Thorns. It is very likely that they joined the rebels. The army has already started marching towards Blanc from Wyst."

Cory glanced at Verthandi, finding that Verthandi's expression remained calm and serene. "I also heard that Mad King Lemegeton Narando has disappeared!"

Lanto, on the side, voiced his shock. "What?"

Cory spoke gravely, "Your Majesty, they are not only trying to force you to amend and abolish the Tribal Reform Act. They want to usurp your throne."

"Due to the Tribal Reform Act, many tribes are livid, and the western Beira Kingdom has suddenly mobilized their army. We have dispatched several Holy Knights to stave them off, as well as all of their men. Currently, we are in Primonius. There are only 3,000 Knights left. Including the garrison, we have less than 8,000 men."

"Blanc is the last line of defense before Primonius. After that, they would be able to head directly to the capital. If they capture Blanc, Earl Umos, the Earl of Boar-people, would be able to get reinforcements from the other tribes in the kingdom. The situation would then quickly collapse out of control.

Cory was very anxious. In his opinion, the reason that the situation was so bad, was because Verthandi had been impatient when transitioning into power over the Engido Kingdom.

Verthandi stood up and looked at Lanto. "Lanto, I will give you three thousand troops. Can you hold Blanc off for me for ten days?"

Lanto knelt before her. "Of course, your Majesty. As long as I remain alive, Blanc will belong to Eranbell!"