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112 The Temporary Stay in Ayer City

The name of the governor of Ayer City was Elias. He was a member of the leopard-people race. He had leopard spots on his skin, and his eyes looked fierce. His strong body made him look dynamic, and he robed himself in royal apparel. He was refined and courteous, yet he gave off an aura revealing that he was ready for action.

Lu Zhiyu saw that Elias was half-man, as he had awakened his blood. Pure orcs would not be able to awaken their blood. They could only do this if they were mixed-blood. The orcs had tried to suppress this aspect, and had said that the blood of the orcs came from the gods.

Elias had been confirmed as a knight, and was sent by the Imperial City to Ayer City. He did not have his own domain, and was thus considered a noble official, sent by the royals. His mannerisms were different from the orcs. He was graceful and knowledgeable. His accent in the Sofawk language was close to the ancient tones, but he still managed to communicate well with Lu Zhiyu.

Ayer City was a small city located in Ayers Mountain. It was neither a town near the border, nor a prosperous place. Elias did not receive much attention from the top ranking officials. He would have had to show some results, if he wished to be promoted to baron status. This fact had made Elias extremely concerned with the developments of the city.

The arrival of Lu Zhiyu was an opportunity for Ayer City. If Elias could keep him in the city, and set up a clinic to promote healing, it could help with the developments of the city. If those in the human world knew that a man was in Ayer City, they would then come to the city to trade. This was the reason that Elias held Lu Zhiyu in such high regard. If Lu Zhiyu was just an ordinary doctor, Elias would not have been interested in him.

After a good conversation at the governor's mansion, Elias gave Lu Zhiyu many promises. "Don't worry, Mr. Randhir, we will help you to set up a clinic. For the trainee doctors, we will provide them with subsidies, bearing all of their expenses."

Lu Zhiyu nodded his head happily and said, "Thank you. I will also fulfill my promise of introducing merchants to you."

Lu Zhiyu left the manor and saw that the snow was getting heavier. He put on his hood, and gazed up at the grand and magnificent Ayers Mountain. In comparison to it, Ayer City looked run down. 

There were more than 10,000 people in Ayer City. There was no iconic structure to be found there, and most of the people were not rich. They lived a self-sufficient life, tapping into the resources from Ayers Mountain and a small market in the city.

However, Lu Zhiyu liked the tranquility there. All the people were simple-minded, and stood aloof from the world.

There were more cat-people and dog-people among the orcs. They had the most tribes, but they were the least powerful among the orcs. In this era, there were less than 100 wizards and priests in total. The Blood Knights were the most powerful among the countries.

It was similar to the Kingdom of Orcs. The cat race and dog race were scattered, not united. They did not have their own blood knights or methods to train up their knights. Hence, they could only be subordinate to the other races.

The Kingdom of Menkaure had built their kingdom with the help of Hurricane Knights, formed by the leopard-people. They had become one of the great powers in the Kingdom of Orcs after the Saelvig Empire had fallen apart.

The city was not big. As such, it took Lu Zhiyu only a short while to cover all of the streets of Ayer City. Pedestrians were walking on the uneven muddy roads. There were only a few shops in the west section of the commercial street, only some of which were open.

Under the recommendation of one of the people, Lu Zhiyu purchased a two-story building in the west section. It was quite a magnificent building, which had a small courtyard attached to it. It used to be owned by a merchant in the city. After he had become wealthy, he went to the big city in Mobis Province, and had never returned.

After paying for the building, Lu Zhiyu opened the door of its entrance. It was well furnished and clean. However, some of the things were old and decayed. For instance, the cabinet seemed to be infected by termites.

Lu Zhiyu summoned the ant-people from the dimensional castle and, with their help, transformed the building. The second level was totally transformed, with new carpets, chairs, and a table. When Lu Zhiyu lit the fireplace, the room immediately became warm.

He laid on the arm-chair that was beside the fireplace. He felt good there, as compared to the cold dimensional castle. At the least, he could hear the comforting noise of the children playing outside the building. In the dimensional castle, he could only hear his own voice. Other than carrying out their duties, the ant-people would not initiate any conversation.

That's it. I will stay here for a while to observe the orcs. They seem to be doing badly recently!

Lu Zhiyu covered himself with a blanket and started to think. He had to decide what to do next.

I have not created the evolved plasma that I have promised Nicholas Debye. This will be easy, as I will be providing for just one person. However, in the later stages, when they process it in their biology laboratory in order to roll it out, there will be problems. The chance of rejection in the evolved plasma is extremely high now. I must try to improve it. The effectiveness and functions have to be reduced as well.

Not to mention, there is still the construction of Byrne Island and starship to consider. This is a big project. I have no idea where to begin. I need more knowledge, tons of experience, and ideas.

Also not to forget, I still need to improve the divine system. It is simple and inferior. I have no idea how to improve on that either.

Lu Zhiyu felt that he had tons of things to do, some of which were more urgent than others. He would not be able to rest for a while. He would have to stay in Ayer City for a long period of time in order to complete the more urgent projects, especially.

In the next few days, Lu Zhiyu had selected the location of his clinic. It was not far from his house. There were three levels, and the location was good.

The shops in this region did not require such a big area and, as the rental was a bit steep in price, it had been left vacant. After renting it, Lu Zhiyu started to renovate.

He had turned the ground floor into a medical hall. He would sell some strong hemostatic powder, mild hemostatic powder, and some general medicine for common diseases there.

The clinic would be on the second level. There would be an outpatient department, a consulting room, and a simple operation theatre. The wards and lounge would be on the third level. It was pretty good for such a small clinic to be able to provide these services. Lu Zhiyu intended to recruit a few trainee doctors, and then hand the clinic over to them to manage in the later stages.