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Hudson would not forget the power that Leves demonstrated before him. That was not the power of divine incantations. And yet one man was able to easily face off with a trained squad.

The witchcraft they released could activate from ten to twenty meters away, with explosive flames that could kill tens of people. It could release whirlwinds of poison gas that could attack entire armies with the precision of handheld puppets. They could release metallic storms with metallic shards, and other even stranger techniques. That was the existence they called witchcraft.

They also had abilities beyond the Bloodline Knights, with incredible speed and power. They could easily tear past the defensive line of the army with just their raw strength. They seemed to be able to sense the approach of weapons, whether arrows or swords, and effortlessly avoid them. This, combined with their unique witchcraft, made them unstoppable.

If they were given sufficient time to prepare, they could also release even more terrifying large scale techniques, such as the Space of Absolute Death, which Leves had shown them. With that technique, an entire village could be completely decimated.

Through special methods, they could control or charm people. Hudson saw Leves control himself in order to fly in the skies for a short while, allowing him to strike down enemies from above, while taking no damage.

This wasn't even the scariest part. According to Leves, what they had was knowledge of the laws of the world. If given enough time, they could create an entire army of Bloodling Knights, craft tools that could even be used by ordinary people that would allow them to achieve extraordinary feats, and increase a country's fundamental strength not just the power of individuals.

This was what Hudson desired, as well as what moved him. Behind him, the Church of Light was swiftly closing in, turning kings and nobles like him into mere puppets. If they did not take action, they might be slandered as being the next heretics.

If it was only the nobles there was no hope of resistance, as the Church of Light continued expanding. It was completely depressing, when their people and their subordinates were all followers of the Church of Light. This despair continuously gnawed at them.

"We need the power of the wizards. Even if their power looks like the power of the devil, it is magic. If it can resist the regime of the Church, it is worth it."

Hudson had already made up his mind, and looked expectantly at Bohr. According to Leves, Bohr was even stronger than him, and was a much more talented wizard. As long as he got closer to Bohr and dragged the other wizards into the Gathering of Nobles, they could restart their resistance plans with the aid of the wizards.

"Mr. Bohr Kelermo, as long as you join the Gathering of Nobles, you will definitely receive one of the nine highest positions. You will receive the backing of the Gathering of Nobles in order to spread the word of the power and existence of wizards throughout the world. Whether it is money, authority, or any other form of support, we will provide whatever you need. You would never be able to guess the extent of our influence. Whether it is materials for experiments or other things you need for witchcraft research, we will scour the continent, searching for it at your word."

Bohr looked at Hudson and laughed, as he removed his glasses. "So you want to start a war against the Church of Light?"

In Bohr's eyes, though Hudson was a Viscount, he posed no threat and had no authority to negotiate with him. Bohr looked at Leves in anger. "Are you insane? To declare war against the Church of Light, against gods? Who do you think you are? Mr. Anthony?"

Bohr drew in a deep breath. "Leves, we are only low-level wizards. We have not reached a tier where we stand above all existence. The Church has tremendous influence, with the power of the twelve Saints and the legendary Saintess and her divine artifact. What basis do you have for your arrogance?"

"We both witnessed the descent of God on New Year's. Have you not realized the terror of God? That is a being that has complete control over the laws and truths of this world. This world, the sun, the moon and stars are only toys in his hand. What are we? Ants under His feet? Dust?"

Recalling the day of the descent of God, it was also when the entire Maria's World changed. The wizard apprentices had witnessed the phenomena aboard the life alchemy ship. To this day, Bohr still felt deeply shocked. Even Leves' heart trembled. What sort of existence could wield that sort of power?

Hudson was infuriated by Bohr's dismissive attitude. As he opened his mouth to rebuke Bohr, Leves lifted a hand. "Mr. Hudson, please relax. I will convince him. You can leave now. I will find you tomorrow."

Hudson calmed down and saluted Bohr. "Mr. Bohr, please consider this offer carefully. The Gathering of Nobles is extending this offer with the utmost sincerity."

After sending Hudson out, Leves closed the door. Bohr then jumped back into the conversation again. "Leves, you can't convince me. We are not a match for the Church of Light. We're using eggs to break a rock. Did you not consider the consequences? With the power and knowledge we hold, the entire continent will be embroiled in the conflict. Do you know how many people will be sacrificed in the turmoil?"

Leves stood up. "Of course I know that we are no match for the Church. But we are wizards. We seek the unknown and uphold the truth. As wizards, there is nothing for us to fear."

Leves looked at Bohr. "Do you remember what the teacher said during our very first class?"

Bohr froze and recalled the memory. "Of course, I would never forget it. I remember every one of his words and expressions. They are engraved within my memory. That lesson opened our path to the pursuit of truth."

The two started reciting together: "Wizards are seekers of the truths of the world. We are the prophets of truth and the seekers of knowledge. Witchcraft is nothing more than the application of our understandings of the world, as well as a byproduct of the manipulation of the world's rules. The all-knowing is the all-powerful. If you understand the weather, then you can control the wind and thunder as you please. If you understand the structure of life, then you can create life. Thus, if you can understand the truths and laws of the world, then you can become a god!"

When they finished the last word, there was a moment of silence. Leves immediately began pushing his agenda again. "Whether it is gods or the Church of Light, they cannot stop our pursuit for the unknown, or our search for the truth. Wizards will come to control the world, for we are the true controllers of the world."

Leves looked at Bohr and spoke with great passion. "Come Bohr, together, we can dethrone the arrogant Church of Light and bring down the gods that are looking down on us from the skies. We shall rule this world."

By this point, Leves' passion had reached a boiling point. His face was completely flushed. "Even if we cannot do it now, one day we can do it. Whether it takes fifty years, a century, or even five centuries, one day, we will succeed. Bohr, my brother, do you not wish to see a world ruled by wizards, a nation that belongs to us?!"