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"Extract 2.3 grams of liquid from moonlight grass, then filter out the fluorescent components."

"Dry the red chrysanthemum, then grind it into a powder..."

Bohr was examining the compositions of various plants and flowers in the top-level laboratory that he had fashioned within his new mansion. He was identifying the characteristics of these plants, as well as recording the plants that could be used for treatment. Some plants could even be used to make specific potions to strengthen wizards, while others could aid them in their spellcasting.

Bohr had started these experiments while he was in school. It was a large-scale project, which had involved many apprentices, and it was still a work in progress to this day. Each of them had been assigned their own tasks. Then, at the end of each month, they would communicate via their badges in order to continue advancing the project.

According to the Instructor's explanation, their badges had mind power transmitters and receivers. Each of them had imprinted their mind power signal on each other's badges. Everyone had unique signals. If they used their own mind power, they could activated the transmitter and communicate with the others who'd left imprints. This was a recently developed use of the badge, which was based on the signature attribute that had been discovered by Wendy and later perfected by Instructor Anthony.

They could also contact the library of the tower through the apprentice badge. They had each left their signature in the library of the tower, and through this, they could redeem merit points from the library, the latest knowledge and various resources. These items would be delivered by the wind ravens. This was an exciting new additional offering, which was a privilege granted to all of the graduates of the Wizard Tower.

The last ability within the badge regarded a dimensional door that was left by Instructor Anthony. When a huge amount of mind power was input into the badge, it would activate the dimensional door channeling array, connecting to the library of the Tower. However, the badge would also be destroyed. Hence, this was strictly a one-time use formation. The wizards of the Tower would never use it, unless they were faced with extreme situations of life and death.

Bohr was conducting his own daily experiments, when the bell beside him rang. The sound was coming from a simplified phone that he had made. The Wizard Tower had it and Bohr felt that it was quite convenient, so he made one for himself. The servants couldn't go upstairs without his permission.

However, it was already late at night, and Bohr absolutely hated for people to disturb him at this time in the evening! He grabbed the phone impatiently. "Who is it? Didn't I say not to bother me at night?"

The maid downstairs was terrified into whispering meekly. "Mr. Kelermo, there are two people outside. They claim to be your classmates."

Bohr was shocked. "What? Did they say their names?"

The maid replied immediately. "One said that his name is Leves."

Boer hung up immediately and grabbed a coat before running downstairs. He rushed past the living room, his maid in tow, then shuffled through the garden to the front gate.

There, he saw two men standing at his doorway. One of them was tall and handsome, with a mighty presence. He was completely different from Bohr, who was more the slender and elegant type. The other one was obviously a noble, as he was clothed in a gorgeously brilliant white cloak. He looked as if he were just over thirty, his hair and mustache meticulously groomed.

The two men had arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. They had even been accompanied by a few more carriages, as well as some guards, who were now waiting outside.

Bohr immediately greeted them. "Hey, Leves! How come you guys just dropped by, with no warning? I haven't prepared anything for you!"

Leves laughed. Different from when they'd had first entered the Tower, they had developed a deep friendship over the five years. Compared to their differing social statuses, it was their shared identity as wizards that was by far the most important bond between the pair.

"Bohr, we haven't seen each other for almost a year! Your reputation this year has soared. I have seen your encyclopedia, the 'Kelermo Medical Coding.' It is considered to be groundbreaking for the field of medical history! It's a masterpiece that can indeed revolutionize the human world. I still can't compare to you in regards to knowledge of the human body and the life witchcraft."

Leves and Bohr hugged briefly and separated. Reuniting after a year, they were delighted. Bohr then replied to Leves. "You are more interested in developing witchcraft techniques. After all, every terrifying technique that has ever dealt the most damage has been developed by you! Although I don't like the type of witchcraft that you create, even I must admit that your genius is beyond question!"

After Bohr caught up with Leves, he immediately looked at the middle-aged man. "This is?"

Leves immediately introduced his companion to Bohr. "This is Viscount Hudson of the Crete Empire. We are here to discuss a few matters with you."

Bohr looked at Leves skeptically. "Why do I feel that this can't involve anything good for me?"

Leves quipped back. "Hey, Bohr, you're hurting my feelings, old friend. Rest assured, this will definitely be a good thing for you. This is also an important opportunity for the wizards."

Viscount Hudson immediately bowed to Bohr. "Mr. Kelermo, please believe us. We have goodwill towards you and all wizards. We come bearing friendship, and we hope to have a frank talk with you."

Boer nodded. "I welcome you, Sir Hudson. Since you are a friend of Leves, I will believe you. Please come in. We can talk inside."

After the three men entered, Boer told the maid to bring some tea and snacks. He then closed the door and forbade anyone to enter. Sitting down, he looked expectantly at Leves and Hudson. "Speak! Why are you two looking for me?"

Hudson looked to Bohr. "Mr. Bohr, do you know of the Gathering of Nobles?"

Bohr paused in thought before nodding. "I know of it but am not familiar with the details. When I first returned, I often heard about the church arresting members of the so-called Gathering of Darkness. It seems that the real name of this organization is the Gathering of Nobles. At the time, many of their members were killed. I didn't hear much about them afterwards. Were they eradicated by the Church of Light?"

Hudson shook his head. "No, it still exists. Although the Church of Light used all of its power and was aided by the forces of the Emperor of Crete, they still could only deal heavy damage to the Gathering. As such they did not catch our core members. The members list was burned and most of our members went directly into hiding. Even so, our resistance to the Church of Light will never disappear."

Bohr assessed Hudson with a careful look. "We?"

Hudson nodded. "Yes, we. I am here to invite all of the wizards in the human kingdoms to join our cause."