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Bohr wore a long scholar robe, along with his self-invented gold-rimmed glasses, a special alchemy artifact, as he rode a carriage in a merchant team that he had employed. He was following the merchants back to Gracchus. After almost two months, he was finally back to his own kingdom.

Bohr had fallen in love with his fellow apprentice of the tower, Catherine. Though Catherine was a few years younger than him, from the moment Bohr met her on SS Eternity, he had fallen for her.

Therefore, when SS Eternity reached Mara Kingdom, Bohr snuck off the ship. Immediately, with the backdrop of the setting sun, he knelt on one knee and confessed his love romantically, even using witchcraft fireworks.

However, it was completely useless. The outcome proved that, unless affection was 100% confirmed on both sides, there was only one sort of conclusion for such love confessions.

Bohr, who had gathered all of his courage for the event, was promptly placed in the dreaded friend zone by Catherine, who said that she merely respected him as a good man and an elder brother. Then, she stated that he could visit her any time in Mara Kingdom.

Aye, it was a tragic tale; poor Bohr was completely depressed and stranded in Mara Kingdom. SS Eternity had long departed, so Bohr had to spend many months journeying over rough roads to return to his own hometown.

Bohr got off the carriage with four suitcases when he arrived at the city of Masta by the Mesmer River. The suitcases contained the books that Bohr had copied and his own notes, as well as some spellcasting materials and his medical tonics.

These things were very rare in the normal human world. They had required his wits to create and manufacture. In fact, some of the specialized equipment was completely impossible to make in the human world.

Hence, before their departure, each of the apprentices had carried many large suitcases and exchanged a lot of notes and materials. They had also used their accumulated points to exchange some experiment equipment. However, some of the more advanced equipment required an astronomical amount of points to obtain.

Even Bohr, who often came up with new techniques and discoveries, did not manage to obtain enough points through the library to exchange any of those equipment, so he could only look at them. He would only be able to freely use the equipment if he returned to the wizard tower as a mentor.

Bohr alighted as the carriage approached the city gate, amid the bustling merchants that were heading towards the market by the south of the city. After Bohr bid them farewell, he went towards his old residence, the house by the Mesmer River.

The beautiful Mesmer River wound its way around the city, with channels that nurtured all of Masta. When Bohr was assaulted by the pure, clear sight of the river again, he could not help but be captured by its charm.

After five years away, the city of Masta had changed greatly. The people on the roads were unfamiliar, and even the familiar people Bohr occasionally encountered seemed to have aged many years. Though five years was not too long, it was enough to change teens into adults who had already married and had kids.

"Bohr? Are you Bohr?"

Occasionally, Bohr would recognize some acquaintances on the road, and every single one of them would exclaim in surprise. Other than the changes to his appearance, Bohr's temperament was also completely different from the rest of the city, which attracted everyone's attention. Even the children walking past were staring at him, while many of the young women were pointing at him furtively. Whenever they saw that Bohr had observed their glances, they would immediately walk away, blushing.

After five years of residence within the wizard tower, Bohr was already completely used to being around those handsome and beautiful. Even the ethereal beauty of the elves and Mr. Anthony was quite common.

When wizards wished to identify one another, it was much easier to read the waves of each other's mind power, since each person's mind power fluctuations were unique. This was far more precise than relying on one's outer appearance.

As such, Bohr had never paid much attention to his own appearance. However, when he returned to the human world, it was different. After attracting the attention of the public, Bohr felt out of place. At this instant, Bohr realized that over the last few years, a gulf had been created between him and ordinary people. Now, he was a completely different existence.

His old house was already in a state of extreme disrepair and all the rooms were covered in dust. After cleaning up, Bohr rested for a few days. Then, he opened a clinic in Masta again. Bohr wanted to fulfill the dream of his father and grandfather, which was to make history as a doctor who spread the true art of medicine and become a name that would be remembered throughout the ages.

Compared to the old him, Bohr's understanding and mastery over the human body had improved drastically. In the wizard tower, the dozens of students had created varieties after varieties of the Body Modification Technique, and developed many uses for the variants.

The medical knowledge that was taught in the tower also gave them a deep understanding of the structure of the human body, including its components and the causes of diseases. Even if Bohr did not use his mind power and witchcraft, he could easily find a way to cure common illnesses.

Therefore, almost all of Bohr's patients were completely cured after his treatment. Even the patients diagnosed with fatal diseases were returned from the brink of death under Bohr's watch. After a few such cases, especially after Bohr cured a high noble of Gracchus, his reputation quickly soared.

Everyday, the stream of patients at the clinic was near endless. Some even traveled thousands of miles to the city of Masta just to see Bohr. The sheer number was overwhelming and Bohr was too busy to do anything else. Hence, he had to build a larger clinic in Masta and find a few medic apprentices to pass on his medical knowledge.

Nevertheless, Bohr knew that he could still only help a certain number of people. Only a minority could be fully healed. Even though Bohr had lowered the fees to the absolute minimum, the ingredients, equipment, tonics and labor were all very expensive. Moreover, the medicine used to cure rare diseases was not cheap. Thus, Bohr could not save all of his patients.

Bohr decided to write a medical encyclopedia, with specialized knowledge on the human body and the causes of diseases. It would also include the causes and preventions of common illnesses, as well as their treatment methods. Then, he would share this book with doctors in the world.

This was an act that was centuries before its time. Its impact on the field of medicine and the community of doctors was immeasurable.

Medicine, at this time, was not a science, but rather a type of theology. Most of the doctors were even partially frauds. The scholarly pursuit of medicine was mixed with large amounts of guesswork regarding the gods, and was completely unsystematized. For example, there was not even a medical anthology that could allow people to understand and cure various diseases.

Even if there were, these books were usually closely guarded by doctors as lineage secrets which would never be passed around. As such, the development of medicine was extremely slow and difficult. Bohr had felt this frustration from his personal experience in the past.

These were the reasons why Bohr had decided to write his own introductory anthology. The contents would not be too difficult, and there would be no mention of witchcraft. Yet, this type of systematic approach to understanding and treating illnesses was sure to create a huge impact in the world. Bohr decided to name the book after his own family name, calling it the "Kelermo Medical Coding."

Just like Kelermo, the other wizard apprentices had settled down in their homelands. Some of those with the passion for power and wealth quickly developed, changing the societies around them.

For those who kept lower profiles, such as Bohr, even though they did not actively do much, they still deeply impacted the world through their actions subconsciously. This was because the knowledge and power they held were completely beyond the level of the current world.

Every one of them was like a butterfly in the Amazon forest. With just a tiny flap of their wings, they would eventually create a huge storm in the world.