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82 A New Generation of Wizards
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Low Dimensional Game
Author :LSLCCF
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82 A New Generation of Wizards

As Lu Zhiyu walked down the steps, the bell of the wizard tower chimed. All of the students of the tower had long since gathered inside the classroom. Today was the last lesson that Lu Zhiyu would give to them.

After five years, all of the original forty wizard apprentices had gone through earth shattering transformations. Each one exuded a glow of wisdom and self-confidence, with a charm that was only granted to possessors of knowledge and power. No beggar nor ignorant fool would ever have that sort of presence.

As Lu Zhiyu walked inside, he saw that all the apprentices had stood up to greet him, each with a deep bow. Lu Zhiyu scanned them. All of them had matured over the last five years, but the biggest changes were in their appearances. Even many of the average looking students had also become breathtakingly beautiful. All of the apprentices looked as if they had stepped out of paintings.

All of the apprentices' mind power had exceeded seven SFU and had the ability to actualize mind power physically as official wizards. Less than ten apprentices had become level two wizards, with an average mind power of around 29 SFU. Only Bohr's mind power had reached 63 SFU, becoming a level three wizard.

The aptitudes of these people were relatively high, as they were the elites that Lu Zhiyu had picked out from among all the continents. Yet so far, only Bohr had true potential. The level two wizards had basically no room for improvement, unless they made a special encounter or had dramatic intellectual revolutions. As for the level one wizards, it was likely that they would never reach level three, which was Bohr's current level, in their lifetimes.

Lu Zhiyu finished their final lesson. Lu Zhiyu rarely taught them witchcraft techniques because at their level, they could only use low level witchcraft techniques. To Lu Zhiyu, they were basically like child's play.

Lu Zhiyu had never developed any low level witchcraft techniques, and he didn't put too much emphasis on them. He mostly taught the guiding principles and the core fundamental techniques of witchcraft so they had the tools to explore on their own time.

Currently, Lu Zhiyu divided witchcraft into four stages. The first was apprentice witchcraft, which was applied to oneself in order to modify one's own body and to awaken the powers in their blood.

The second, basic witchcraft, involved techniques of level one to three. They were realized through using certain chemistry reactions. They included the modifying of mind power and bloodline powers, and the crafting of simple alchemy tools.

Intermediate witchcraft touched on supernatural special abilities, the transplanting of mythical creature bloodlines, the creation of magic artifacts and life alchemy, etc.

Advanced witchcraft delved into the process of becoming mythical creatures. It was necessary as wizards started touching the rules and laws of the universe and manipulated them.

All of the apprentices were currently existences that exceeded Bloodline Knights. Ordinary Bloodline Knights were not their opponents. Within the last five years, they had created many basic techniques too.

Some of those techniques utilized supplemental materials, such as the Fireball Technique, the Explosive Flame and Poison Gas, as well as Space of Absolute Death.

The Space of Absolute Death was a technique created by Leves. Lu Zhiyu had once said in class that ordinary life forms could not survive without air, so Leves had thought of a way to instantly create a large space of death through combustion and the creation of an instant vacuum. Akkad, who had talent with alchemy, had created a high energy fuel, which was then incorporated into the technique.

This technique was extremely frightening and made Lu Zhiyu recall the thermobaric weapons and fuel air explosives in the Earth world that could spontaneously annihilate millions of people. For the average man, death was unavoidable. Yet for a wizard, it wasn't too special. The technique was basically a deadly weapon against ordinary people.

Akkad wasn't able to easily produce this combustible fuel anyway. Due to the overwhelmingly terrifying nature of the technique, Bohr recommended sealing the technique so that it would not be shared easily.

Some techniques dealt with the use of mind power, like Hand of the Wizard, Charm, Illusionary Control, Mental Probe, Lie Detection, etc. These witchcraft techniques related to mind power were largely developed by Catherine and the elves, Wendy and Wofter, who were very gifted in this area of study.

Other techniques involved the manipulation and synthesis of life, including Healing, Disease Curing, Bloodline Talent Awakening, Kelermo Body Transformation, Limb Regeneration and Wisdom Reinforcement. These techniques were mostly proposed by Bohr individually, or brought about through joint collaborations with other apprentices, such as his friend Uruk, the boar-person.

The Kelermo Body Transformation and the Wisdom Reinforcement techniques especially confirmed Bohr's overwhelming talent in this area to Lu Zhiyu. The latter could even rival Lu Zhiyu's own Sub-Brain Intelligence technique. It adjusted the structure of the brain to strengthen one's memory and wisdom.

The Kelermo Body Transformation technique was based on Bohr's suggestion in the very first class. It mimicked the bloodline powers of other Blood Knights and modified them. Though the technique was incomplete, it had spawned many modified versions of specific bloodline skills.

Many students present had learned this technique. Each of them knew, at the very least, several practical bloodline skills. Even without witchcraft, the power of their bodies and the bloodline skills could make them the strongest warriors on the battlefield.

The last category was the underdeveloped, new field of alchemy. It's main researchers were Akkad and Bohr, both of whom were very passionate about it. Bohr invented many medical tonics, including healing tonics, body modification tonics, and his newest work, the meditation supplement tonic.

On the other hand, Akkad was born into an artisan's household. As such, he had created many strange mechanical alchemy objects, and had a strong interest in math and geometry classes. He had attended every single class on those subjects and was the best in his class for those areas.

Akkad specialized in the purification of metals by using flames controlled through mind power. After satisfying other conditions, he would create alchemy products, such as gunpowder and high combustion fuel. He made a large cannon, and later tried to miniaturize it into a hand cannon. He had even begun researching the predecessor of what Lu Zhiyu knew as a handgun, though he hadn't had any results with it yet.

Some of his other inventions included intricate crossbows, gloves that released lightning bolts, mind power operated mechanical puppets and glowing crystals, among others. Some were quite practical, while others were completely useless. Lu Zhiyu thought very highly of Akkad, and even thought that Akkad may be the father of alchemy for the wizarding civilization of the future.

Lu Zhiyu studied everyone present. After he concluded this lesson, he did not leave immediately, as he usually did. Below the stage, everyone held their breath, as they all knew that the five year term had ended. When they had arrived, they had been clueless youths. By now, every single one of them had matured into wizards.

They believed that wherever they went now, they would rank among the highest tier. With the knowledge in their minds and their witchcraft, they would create storms if they returned to the human world.

Before today had arrived, all of them had waited for this day with anticipation and bated breath. For five years, they had been isolated from the world, away from home, as if trapped in a cage. Yet now that they were about to leave, it became difficult. The Wizard Tower was a palace for knowledge, the holy land for wizards. And, most importantly, it was the home of their cherished Mr. Anthony.

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