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76 God Kin Rooney

Johann pointed at the gigantic corpse floating on the sea. After recounting what had just happened, everyone thought that it was unbelievable, as if god had protected them. They couldn't believe that they had made it out alive.

Rooney pressed his hand on the deck, only to discover that it was starting to freeze. The ice was spreading on the soaked deck, having already stretched over several meters!

"What's happening?"

Rooney and his crew were scared out of their wits. Rooney fell back two steps, then touched the mast, only to see it start freezing. Rooney seemed to have an epiphany, which prompted him to try something. He realized that he could control this mystical power, just like the legendary Children of the Sea. He had gained a supernatural ability.

Lil Jack immediately said, "This must be a power given by gods. It's the God of the Sea, a power granted by the God of the Sea! This is the true power of God!"

All of them looked at Rooney with excitement. Depp said with a shaking voice, "Maybe you are the real Child of the Sea. All of this was the guidance of God. Rooney, you are truly a man chosen by God!"

Rooney was excited beyond belief, as he looked at the other three. "Depp, Johann, and Lil Jack, as well as Rhode, who we will always remember... You all have taken the risk and journeyed out to sea with me, and you have also saved my life. I swear that I, Rooney Elvis, will share all of my glory with you!"

The three of them fell to the ground, kneeling as they also pledged to Rooney, "These humble servants pledge our loyalties, without regard for our lives or deaths, to our liege and master, Rooney Elvis. We will fight for your honor, unto our deaths!"

At this exact moment, a huge black egg floated out to the surface of the sea. It was about the size of a bucket. Johann pointed to it and said, "It's that thing. It just fell out of the sky and killed the Child of the Sea!"

Depp also spoke with reverence, "This fell from the sky. This must be a star from the sky, a genuine treasure!"

They immediately moved to scoop up the object in order to observe it more closely. But, they were unable to discern its identity. Rooney could sense that it was something extraordinary, so he carefully stowed it away. After fixing the mast and the sails, they steered the ship that could break at any time on their journey back.

At the time, Lu Zhiyu sat within the dimensional castle, looked at those people, dumbfounded, "Damn, what the heck? These guys should be the main characters! Did they activate some sort of hero template?"

Lu Zhiyu had just randomly dropped a dragon egg through the portal. Before hatching, the dragon egg's hardness was incredible. As such, the egg would be fine, even if it was to be thrown from a great height.

But Lu Zhiyu hadn't anticipated that, at this very moment, there would be a few humans battling a descendant of Sakun. Or, that this black dragon's egg that he had tossed would coincidentally kill that descendant of Sakun, while there was a person still alive within its stomach! Neither did he surmise that that person would have a chance to touch the deified cell organ within the descendant of Sakun!

To sum up the exact scene, the deified cells within the electric organ of this giant eel had lost their master after the death of the descendant of Sakun. In normal cases, the deified cells would have died shortly after the death of the main body, due to the loss of their source of energy!

Yet, in this case, there was a person present, who had coincidentally touched the deified cell organ. Since the natures of the deified cells were quite ravenous, they must have immediately merged with his body, thus saving the person who was on the verge of death, and granting him a supernatural ability. Although this descendant of Sakun had a very diluted bloodline, with pitifully few deified cells, it was still a real supernatural monster!

After this guy survived, he also picked up the black dragon egg that Lu Zhiyu threw. One had to wonder what sort of devil's luck such a person must have. It was completely unreal!

This series of events made Lu Zhiyu drop his jaw in complete shock. Normally the success rate of becoming a spawn of a mythical creature was miniscule at best. Lu Zhiyu had tried countless times, with both amazing experimental conditions and the dream space, in order to dull the resistance of the other creature. Only then could he create the spawns of mythical creatures and magical beasts. Even so, the failures of these attempts were numerous. And yet, here was this guy, who had become a spawn of a mythical creature by sheer luck, without any manipulations on the success rate. He had succeeded just like that?

As the dragon eggs spread across the seas, islands, and continents of Maria's world, like comets, the Titan Dragon race began to appear in Maria's world. Lu Zhiyu could feel the flow of time, which had been slowing down gradually, begin decelerating to only a bit more than a thousand times the pace of the time outside. The entire Maria's world began formally incorporating supernatural abilities into its structure. The laws of the world were gradually becoming more nuanced and complete, like a true supernatural world!

With this deceleration of time, a day on Earth became equal to around three years in Maria's world. Lu Zhiyu had completed his experiment with brilliant results. Now, other than wizards, Maria's World also had another supernatural system that was closely tied to himself.

With the successful creation of the Titan Dragons, Lu Zhiyu immediately began planning the creation of his supernatural system of the spawn of deities. This was essential for furthering Lu Zhiyu's future plans!


Rooney and his crew returned to the Elvis Territory on the battered ship, with the giant eel in tow. They shocked the entire Elvis clan. But what shocked the Elvis clan even more was that Rooney now had the bloodline of God and had become a true deity!

Currently, the only deity on the entire Alen continent was the Saintess of the Church of Light, which controlled over half of the human countries. She was the representative of God to mankind, the symbol that proved gods exist. The status of the Church of Light could even be said to extend beyond religion!

The God of the Sea was not recognized on the Alen continent, having only a few followers among the fishermen and sailors. It had no church of its own and was reviled by the Church of Light as being an evil god. But Rooney was still a real deity, a person that wielded the power of God!

The Elvis family saw that through Rooney, a hope that the Rosa d'Or family would rise to power again. They even saw the possibility of surpassing the achievements of the Eighth Clan Leader, George Elvis!

Rooney Elvis naturally became the Thirteenth Clan Leader of the Elvis clan, before taking over its territories. At the same time, the news of Rooney Elvis' killing the Child of Sea spread throughout the entire Luhmann Kingdom!

All the wandering poets started singing odes about Rooney Elvis' adventure, solidifying his status as a legendary hero, who killed a deity with a mortal body. This sort of achievement was beyond belief, especially in the Luhmann Kingdom, which had many sailors, as well as a highly developed maritime trade industry!

Everyone was talking about Rooney Elvis—in the bars, on the seas, everywhere. As the first deity slaying human and the conquester of the seas, the entire human world, as well as even many orc nations all learned of his name. His adventures were even recorded within the historical annals!

And just like the Goddess of Light's kin, Rooney Elvis became known as God Kin Rooney, and received an initiation ceremony from the Church of Light. Rooney also gave the body of the Child of the Sea to the King of Luhmann, who mounted the skeleton within the plaza of his palace!

Hundreds of people gathered to watch when the giant eel was transported to the capital of Luhmann. All of them saw the giant sea monster, feeling terrified. Though it was already dead, its massive body still inspired awe and fear. Furthermore, this was one among the Child of the Sea from the legends, each of which possessed the power of God!

While feeling fear towards the Child of the Sea, their admiration for Rooney, who had killed the monster, grew exponentially. Riding on this trend, the reputation of the Luhmann Kingdom also skyrocketed. Due to his contributions, the King of Luhmann gave Rooney the title of Viscount!