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Before he could finish his words, a shadow appeared in the water in front of the ship. A large head covered in silver scales appeared in front of them. Its head was as wide as the ship. The monster had a mouth full of sharp fangs and large, ferocious eyes that stared at the ship, ready to devour it. Its pupils stared straight at the people on the ship.

The monster's head alone was taller than the ship. It looked down on the ship as if it were a toy. This was a sea eel that had inherited Sakun's blood. One blow from it was more than enough to send them to their graves!

"My God? This is a sea monster?" Johann was completely frozen, as if he was seeing a creature of the legends appear before him.

Rooney's expression changed. He was not inexperienced. The Rosa d'Oro family had the most knowledge about sea monsters and Children of the Sea. He recognized the creature immediately.

"No, it is not a sea monster. This is a Child of the Sea! It… It… is true."

"This is a Child of the Sea!"

Rooney's face was contorted. He did not realize that his voice had become raspy and distorted. He had become a little insane due to despair.

Rooney had never expected to run into a real Child of the Sea on this trip. Looking at the ferocious beast of the legends, the fabled Child of the Sea, and its giant pupils, no one had the courage to fight back.

Rooney felt a surge of anger well up in his chest. He did not want to die here. He was determined that even the Child of the Sea would not be able to kill him that easily.


The giant sea eel opened its mouth and let of a loud roar, spraying droplets of spit and seawater onto the bodies of everyone on the ship as well as the deck.

Lil Jack's legs buckled and fell onto the ground. He could not stand up, his eyes losing their focus. The giant eel wrapped its tail around the ship, wanting to pull it down into the sea.

At this moment, Rhode let out a loud bellow. He adjusted the aim of the crossbow and shot toward the giant eel. The arrow pierced through the air. At such a close distance, the arrow crashed onto the scale of the giant eel with huge force.

"Clanks!" Following the tremendous impact, the eel tilted its head. One of the scales on its side was sent flying along with some flesh!

Such a strong strike would be able to pierce through even a heavily armored soldier on the battlefield. But it was only able to knock off one piece of the giant eel's scale!

Everyone was shocked. Even Rhode, who had launched the attack, was shocked. Unfortunately, the attack had completely angered the creature. It swung its head around and crashed down toward the ship. Faced with such a situation, Rhode shot an indecipherable gaze toward the dazed Rooney who had turned to look at him.

"My God!"

Rooney watched as Rhode got devoured by the giant eel in a gulp. The tremendous force of the giant eel even sent a few sailors overboard. Rooney, who was standing on the mast, also suffered a direct attack. The impact caused him to spit out blood. The entire deck was flipped over, revealing the cabin beneath.

The eel seemed intent upon dragging the ship down with it. Faced with such a powerful enemy, Rooney could only feel despair, without any hopes of winning. He did not see any possibility of him living.

Despair gave rise to fury. Rooney got up with difficulty. As he recalled Rhode's death, he immediately grabbed the spear and shield he had prepared earlier and charged toward the Child of the Sea. It was as if he was a lone warrior fighting an army.

"Come, I, Rooney Elvis, shall me be the first person to slay god!"

Rooney charged to the front of the giant eel and activated his bloodline power of monstrous strength. He saw his body expand, as if he was being pumped with blood. His muscles became stronger and his blood felt like it was boiling.

Rooney planned his attack. He wanted to jump onto the creature's head from and stab its eye. The eel was trying its best to drown the ship, seawater slowly infiltrating the ship. It did not seem to notice Rooney.

Rooney was elated, as if he had an opportunity. He quickened his steps, jump stepping on a gill under the eel's head and jumping upward.

"Die, monster!"

But the eel seemed to have predicted this move. It immediately turned its head, its eyes mocking Rooney. The electric currents within its mouth!

Rooney looked at the giant mouth. It looked like a black hole that could devour anything. Rooney shouted in despair, "No!"

The currents struck Rooney. Rooney felt as though he had descended into darkness. He turned into a rather fragrant piece of roasted meat and fell into the creature's mouth.

Lil Jack, Depp and Johann, who were grabbing on a driftwood at sea, looked helplessly at Rooney being devoured, as if the monster was swallowing a piece of candy!

"Child of the Sea!"

The giant eel let out a satisfied roar. The sun was shining on the sea, the waves reflecting its light. The beautiful weather and scene felt like hell to them!

Suddenly, light appeared in the sky. The light dragged with it a tail of flames, its speed incredible. It was Johann who first noticed this, "What is that?"

The comet flew across the sky, rapidly approaching the area. The eel seemed to have realized something was amiss. It immediately turned around, but it was too late. The immense power and powerful blast of air crashed onto the body of the giant eel.

In that instant, half of the giant eel's head had disappeared. The heat wave had evaporated the ocean and its flesh. The world seemed to have been covered by a layer of fog.

Some time later, they saw a giant corpse floating on the water. Its head had been pierced through. The giant eel couldn't have been more dead!

"The Child of the Sea… is dead?"

Johann and Lil Jack felt that whatever happened today was a miracle that no one in Maria's World had ever witnessed.

Depp immediately shouted, "Rooney's still inside its stomach. We should hurry over and get Rooney out!"

Even though the deck and the first level of the ship had suffered massive damage and the mast was also broken, the main body of the ship was still intact. It had not sunk into the sea.

The sailors used ropes and tied the eel to the back of the ship. Lil Jack steeled himself and climbed into the mouth of the eel. He managed to drag Rooney out. Rhode had been chewed into several pieces, his form no longer human.

They placed Rooney on the deck. Johann inspected him and sighed, shaking his head. The visions of the three turned dark. But at this moment, Lil Jack saw Rooney's skin on his hands regenerating. His body then started to transform. At first, his hair started to drop incessantly, then bright blue hair started to regrow on his head. His body also became more lean and muscular.

"Cough cough, cough!"

Suddenly, Rooney's eyes snapped open and he jumped up. The others stared at him, shocked and confused. They couldn't understand how he was still alive, nor could they understand the intense transformation of his body!

Thinking back to the scene of the death of the Child of the Sea, everyone thought as though Rooney had been possessed by gods. It was as if there was a layer of golden light enveloping Rooney.

Rooney was very confused, "Why am I not dead? Where's the monster?"