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"Copy the genes!"

Lu Zhiyu could sense that after he set up the templates in the first cell, the rest of his deified brain cells were loading the power for controlling information. As the deified cells finished loading, Lu Zhiyu felt a change in his mind space. His control over his power was completely different now. His cells could now handle a large amount of information at any given time, and he could change or alter his entire mind space whenever he felt like it. At this point, it no longer felt appropriate to call the space his "mind space" anymore. This was the "dream space" he had aimed to create.

Lu Zhiyu stood in his dream space. This space was pitch black and directionless. There was nothing around him, not even time existed in this realm. A thought flashed through his mind, and he immediately saw the space changing with the passing of the thought. He could see land starting to form under his feet. Everywhere he swept his gaze, buildings began to slowly appear within his dream space. Gradually, a small ancient village appeared before him. Lu Zhiyu looked at the sky. A crimson moon entered his field of vision. There was finally light in this world, but this crimson moon made the small village look strange and eerie.

Lu Zhiyu felt that it would be difficult to continue creating things within this space. Currently, his mind power was already at its limit at which it could control information. If he wanted to expand the dream space and make it more vivid and lifelike, he would need more mind power.

"It is indeed possible to create a world made purely out of information. The dream space, I did it!"

Lu Zhiyu was excited by the sight of his success. Even though this dream world he created was very tiny and made up of only information, completely different from Maria's World which he created in the past. A comparison could not be made between the two. However, this was the first time he had created something without getting outside help. This world was completely his own. He knew how he created it, he knew its logic, structure, as well as every detail about this world inside out. This was not a world that was to be controlled using the Scroll of the World and his authority over it. This world meant something completely different to him.

Lu Zhiyu walked through the small village in the dream world. The town was completely empty and sat quietly under the night sky. This was an ancient village, with old wooden buildings along a single dirt-packed road. The dirt road was the only road in the entire village, the rest of the ground were all small yards that belonged to the houses. There was a dilapidated inn, a smithy, and a grocery store. Inside the smithy, there were all the tools that were commonly found in real smithies, like farming tools and knives. The grocery store was stocked full with groceries needed by a populated village. The inn's kitchen was fully stocked with food and drinks, its wine cellar filled with barrels of different kinds of alcohol.

But there was no one in this world. This was Lu Zhiyu's dream world, a world that he had just created. He walked around the dream world alone, observing the world. The ground felt solid under his feet, and the buildings looked like they could be found in a real town. The food and drinks resembled the real world's as well. He had created everything based on information he could find in the real world. Even though they were not real, but speaking from the perspective of information, they are the same as real. In this world, one could never differentiate the boundaries between what's real and what's not.

"It's a little boring and too small, but since this could work, it means that my guesses and ideas were not wrong. I am on the right path!"

Lu Zhiyu walked as his deliberated, "There are many things I could improve on. As of now, the deified cells could only load information. I still have to develop it into an ability that could affect the outside world. I also have to have the ability to drag other intelligent beings into this dream world. Otherwise a dream world like that would not have too much of an effect!"

Lu Zhiyu immediately committed his thoughts into memory. His genes could not merely have the ability to control information, it also had to assimilate information, to assimilate and pull others into his own dream world without them noticing. It was hard to guard against an attack on the information level.

Lu Zhiyu left the dream world, his consciousness once again controlling his body. He stood up in the library of the dimensional castle and started to design the genes needed to assimilate information and loaded these genes onto himself. This way, Lu Zhiyu's ability to control dreams was basically complete. It was the first supernatural power he had.

However, this was merely the first step. There was still a long journey ahead of him. Adding gene segments one by one would eventually form a perfect life template. Lu Zhiyu would like to find a way to create his own mythical creature life template.

Lu Zhiyu had spent a few months in the Scroll of the World creating Sakun. After that, he spent a few months observing and recording its movements. This took about a year to complete. After he released Sakun, he spent another year developing the genes that could allow him to control information, from experimenting with cells that could control dreams to its refinement. In the blink of an eye, he had spent almost two years in Maria's World.

He was reading when he suddenly closed his eyes. The world around him darkened, and he sensed six ant-people within a two hundred meter radius from him.

"Dream world, activate!"

Lu Zhiyu saw a wave of information spread across the castle. His mind power swelled and dragged the consciousness of the six ant-people into his dream world.

A few white dots appeared in the small village under the crimson moon. The white dots wandered the streets, confused. The ant-people's minds were very weak, and they could not assume a physical shape in the dream world. Lu Zhiyu could sense that they were rather confused. The ant-people did not have much intelligence and did not near what fear was. They were simply lost as to why they suddenly appeared here. Lu Zhiyu shut off the dream world and released the ant-people's consciousness back into their own bodies.

Lu Zhiyu stood. It looked like the supernatural powers he had developed, the control of his dream, was rather successful. However, that was only toward the ant-people in the castle. He needed something more powerful to experiment on.

"The flow of time seemed to have decreased again!"

Ever since he created Sakun, the difference in the flow of time between the real world and Maria's World had been impacted. The world seemed to be more complete now. Lu Zhiyu could sense that the once 4000 times acceleration has now decreased to just shy of 3000 times. One day in the real world was only about eight years in the world of Maria now under the influence of the acceleration of time.

Lu Zhiyu did not expect the presence of mythical creatures like Sakun to affect Maria's World so much. He hadn't paid much attention to Maria's World lately. When he checked on the world, he discovered that the sea was filled with sea monsters and large sea creatures. A large reason for their creation was because of Sakun.

Lu Zhiyu was prepared to set out and capture Sakun. He wanted to test his new ability and see if he could deal with a mythical creature using his dream world the way he had intended.