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22 New Human Creation Plan

Lu Zhiyu sat in front of his computer, trying to figure out a good plan. When he was changing the hair and eye colors of animals previously using blood plasma, he had already come up with an idea about how he wanted to humans in Maria's World to be like.

He knew he could not make large changes to the human genetic composition, but he should be able to make small changes to the root genetic template. However, small changes alone would not be able to satisfy Lu Zhiyu.

"If it's not just small tweaks, but rather I add different powers to the inheritance information on the genetic level, what would happen?"

"For example, I can add genes for powers like eagle's vision, adrenaline burst, dynamic vision, absolute calmness, and super speed and strength. These genes can be uploaded onto the ancestral genetic template. According to the rules of inheritance, different individuals would be able to have different abilities awakened, just like people with superpower. On the genetic level, these abilities would have been possessed by an individual's various ancestors anyway. He is only activating them!" He shot up from his seat, filled with excitement. A brand new idea had popped out in his mind.

"Not just superpowers: even intelligence, body features, and certain skills could be added. Human ancestors would also pass down their skills by carving them in their genes. If I can add skills like operating a smithy, sword skills, or gun skills to the genes, they can be passed down too. I can also insert these abilities into their genes like a plug-in!"

Lu Zhiyu stood at the center of the room and closed his eyes. "Ordinary people or people with weaker bodies would certainly not be able to take such a change. I must set a rule, an obstacle to awakening when I'm adding the genes. It will only be activated by the brain when a person's body has reached the upper limit of normal humans, which will then change his body or allow him to inherit some of the memories of his ancestors. Only at this time, the body will be strong enough and supply sufficient blood for the brain to withstand such a major change."

The more Lu Zhiyu thought about it, the more he felt like it would be similar to the knights in novels. Their powers would only be awakened when their bodies had reached a certain level of strength. This was just like a Bloodline Knight.

"Right. This is the new mankind I want, the mankind unique to Maria's World, and not just mere copies of normal humans!"

Lu Zhiyu hurried to his study room and activated the dimensional door at once. Again, he appeared in the dimensional castle. Despite having been away for only a few days, more than a hundred years had passed in the world of Maria. As a dimensional space above Maria's World, the time of the dimensional castle was synchronized with Maria's World.

At the moment, in the castle, the ant-people he had created originally had already died. The ant-people did not have a long lifespan. After raising the first generation of orcs and releasing them into the world, they had completed their missions.

The ant-people in the castle now were created later. There were only a few of them, and their task was to maintain the castle. After all, Lu Zhiyu would also enter the castle once in a while to check on the changes in Maria's World and record down his observations. At the moment, Lu Zhiyu returned to his room and found the Scroll of the World.

Through the scroll, he could see what was happening in the world. On the continent Alen, there were already many tribes of orcs. After more than a hundred years, these tribes were slowly expanding and multiplying, spreading along the rivers and across the continent.

Moreover, Lu Zhiyu discovered that the tribes also had their own languages, and there were prototypes of cities. He believed that soon, the first city of the orcs would appear on Alen. The civilization of orcs was slowly but surely coming together.

The first real city was created by the mouse-people. They had their own language and culture, and had begun trading and communicating. In fact, the mouse-people were the first glimpse of civilization in this world. On the other hand, the other tribes and races had too few members; a tribe with a thousand members was already considered as very big. Only the mouse-people managed to have more than ten thousand members and they seemed to be significantly stronger than the other clans. However, the mouse-people were not great fighters, and in addition, the world was really extensive. Therefore, even if there were conflicts, they were only minor ones. The conditions at the moment were insufficient to create a large-scale war.

"I must hurry. Humans must come into existence soon, or else they will be crushed by the orcs!" Realizing that he did not have much time, Lu Zhiyu hurriedly made his way to his lab on the fourth level, ready to begin his new plan, the "New Human Creation Plan!"



Lu Zhiyu glanced at the monkeys in the crates which were grimacing at him. The crates were large and had everything the monkeys needed, such as food, water, and caves and branches to lounge on. Each monkey had an identification number on it so it was easy to tell them apart. These would be the ancestors for the humans of the world of Maria. As for whether the humans in the future would admit this, Lu Zhiyu could not be bothered.

"Monkeys, you should be proud of yourself," Lu Zhiyu said. "You're going to be humanity's ancestors in this world. Don't you think it's an honor? Don't worry. I will let you go soon enough and will not kill you."

Lu Zhiyu had been making significant progress with altering and adding things to the monkeys' genes. After adding the human template, he also added many other traits and talents. Then, he took many skills from some other species and uploaded them into the genes, for example, certain characteristics of animals and insects. It took him more than a month to create 48 kinds of plug-in templates which encoded various talents. After that, he finally made the first embryo of a new human.

Now, the monkey numbered 0582 was carrying this embryo, and it was developing healthily. He just had to wait for eight to nine months to see the first human to be born to this world!

After he made the first human, Lu Zhiyu began to design the plan to change his own body. His success with developing an embryo gave him the confidence to do more things with his body. He would not alter the entire genetic template and make major changes. As long as he only uploaded some talents into sections of his genes, he would be fine.

Lu Zhiyu named this plan as the Evolution Plasma Creation Plan. Since many aspects of his new plan coincided with the plan to create humans, he decided to combine the two and work on them at the same time.

After observing the development of the human embryo, Lu Zhiyu charged the ant-people to take care of the monkeys before leaving again. He was thankful that he had these ant-people to help him, or else his plan would not have gone so smoothly.