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Xia Fan dragged Lu Zhiyu to the side to sit, and the two were immediately surrounded by Xia Fan's friends. At once, her friends began bombarding him with questions that were quite private, most of which Lu Zhiyu did not know how to answer. This caused him to feel very awkward.

"You do look super handsome!" one of the girls said. "You're not a celebrity, are you?"

"This is the first time I've met someone so handsome. What's your skincare routine? It just looks too good!" another asked.

"Are you mixed-race? Your facial structure looks like mixed-race."

"How did you know Xia Fan? Have you two..."

"Xia Fan is really a winner in life. She looks so pretty and hot herself. Moreover, her new boyfriend is even more attractive than her ex! Man, I'm so jealous!"

On the other hand, Xia Fan started making up the love story between the two of them, and it sounded as though it really happened. Her friends were mesmerized by her story, looking at her and Lu Zhiyu with wide eyes. In particular, when Lu Zhiyu gave Xia Fan her gift, she immediately put it on and asked him for a kiss as if they were in love. Lu Zhiyu actually did know how to respond.

During the dinner, Xia Fan's male friends also hounded him with alcohol. He was asked to drink throughout the dinner—the glass in his hand was never empty the entire night.

After the dinner, the group continued the party at a karaoke bar. After that, they went out to have barbecue, followed by a late night supper. The party started before it was dark, and did not end until two in the morning, when everyone left.

Lu Zhiyu again had to carry Xia Fan on his back to take her home. However, as soon as they rounded a street corner and were out of the sight of Xia Fan's friends, she jumped up as if nothing had happened.

"You were faking it?" Lu Zhiyu asked with his eyes widened.

Xia Fan rolled her eyes. "What do you think? I didn't even drink that much. You did most of the drinking for me."

Xia Fan strolled down the road, feeling the breeze on her face. The breeze was rejuvenating and enough to clear her head. "I am so happy today! Did you see how they looked at me? Their eyeballs almost fell out in envy!" she said as she walked. "God, it was such a good idea to take you. They've been talking behind my back. Now those little b*tches are clear who is the most attractive girl in the school!"

Xia Fan strolled proudly on the street. Then, she turned around and walked with her head facing Lu Zhiyu, chatting with him as she walked. She was indeed very happy today since Lu Zhiyu had made her look better than the rest of her friends. Nevertheless, Lu Zhiyu himself did not quite understand this kind of competition among young girls.

Suddenly, she seemed to have recalled something and raised up her hand. "By the way, I like your gift a lot. Thanks!"

"No problem," Lu Zhiyu said at once. After he stopped by his car, he asked, "Want a lift home?"

"Sure," Xia Fan nodded, "to your place." Seeing Lu Zhiyu freeze at her words, she laughed and said, "Don't worry, I didn't mean it. My mom said that I have to go back tonight. Otherwise, she will kill me tomorrow!"

Lu Zhiyu twitched his lips. "Alright, get in. I did have some alcohol, though. Do you trust me?" He had originally intended to call someone to drive for him, but he did not feel very drunk. Furthermore, it was in the middle of the night and there would not be any police around. Xia Fan lived nearby, so he would rather drive himself.

He dropped Xia Fan off at her apartment. Xia Fan jumped out of his car and asked, "You felt something when I said I wanted to go to your place, didn't you?"

Lu Zhiyu frowned in disdain and immediately wanted to explain, but he was stopped by Xia Fan. "Don't try to find an excuse. I saw that you were going to agree. You pervert!"


The two stared at each other in silence, after which they burst into a fit of laughter together. "You should go back now," he told her. "Call me if you need anything."

He did not notice the missed calls from Li Wei until he got home. His phone was dead, so he did not receive the calls at all. Sh*t! She is so prone to jealousy and will definitely get mad at me tomorrow...

More importantly, he did not have a good reason for not picking up her calls. Could he tell her that he was at a birthday party of another female and was playing until early morning? In that case, Lu Zhiyu might as well kill himself.

As expected, Li Wei interrogated him the next day. After that, the two spent a few days together. For Lu Zhiyu, the break was very relaxing and his mood turned much better.

His pet shop was booming as well. He would only purchase an animal for his pet shop after careful inspection, making sure that its bloodline was good and there was nothing wrong with it. Even if there was, he could always make them healthy again himself. Therefore, the animals in his shop looked better than those in other shops. He also tried some slight modifications to the animals' hair colors and pupil colors, and his customers all had very pleasant experiences buying pets from him.

In particular, training the pets was also a very easy task because of his mind power. All the animals that were trained by him were more intelligent and could perform many ordinary actions. Because of this, it was only normal that his shop was becoming more and more popular.

Lu Zhiyu managed to sell two dozen pets in just a few days, which included cats, dogs, hamsters, and parrots. The money he made in these few days was as much as what he would make in a few months in the past. Lu Zhiyu did not expect this job to earn him so much. His original intention was only to study and understand these animals, and practise modifying genes, but the business in his shop was actually booming.

"Xiao Le, are you ready to clock out? Is Lu Zhiyu here?" Today, Li Wei was wearing a Bohemia-style long dress and a pair of burgundy heels. Paired with her slender body, she looked really charming and elegant. She had a bit of makeup, and her temperament was just amazing.

"Wow," Xiao Le exclaimed, looking at her. "You look great today."

Li Wei grinned. "Really?"

Xiao Le nodded. "The boss is inside," she said. "He's training the two Golden Retrievers."

After Li Wei walked in, she saw Lu Zhiyu sitting on a bench. He was commanding two Golden Retrievers like a commander.

"Raise your hands!"

"Spin. That's right!"

"Lie down!"

"Shoot, shoot. Bang!"

If the puppies followed the command correctly, he would immediately toss them a piece of beef jerky.

Li Wei sat down next to him. "They're so smart. Why don't you keep one at home?"

"Having them here is pretty much the same thing," Lu Zhiyu immediately said. "Plus, I don't have time to take care of a personal pet." He put the two puppies back into their crate and quickly inspected the shop. Then, he closed the shop so that he could accompany Li Wei home.

Li Wei stood gracefully in front of Lu Zhiyu. "What do you think of me today?"

Lu Zhiyu looked at her face and eyes sternly. "You look beautiful today!"

"I'm talking about the dress. Why are you looking at my face?" She slapped Lu Zhiyu's shoulder in dissatisfaction.

"The dress is not important." Lu Zhiyu shrugged his shoulders. "Your face is the key!"

Li Wei giggled. Carrying her bag, she grabbed Lu Zhiyu's hand and leaned against his shoulder. Then, the two began walking home together. Lu Zhiyu had to admit that he was enjoying this moment.