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Lu Zhiyu put on a white lab coat and watched in much anticipation as a wolf give birth to its four new-born pups. He glanced at the wolf, which gradually sank into deep sleep. This was a knack he had using his mind power. It was hypnotism, which he had only learned recently.

Then, Lu Zhiyu opened the cage, went in, and carried the pups out. The small pups had four limbs, just like mankind. Other than their wolf ears and short tails, they looked just like human babies.

I have successfully bred the wolf-people too!

Lu Zhiyu stood up. Along the two sides of the long stone corridor, there were closely fitted prisons, caged with tigers, dogs, cats, lynxes, bears, and other wild animals. As he walked past the animals, they roared madly, and some even charged towards the cage doors.

However, after Lu Zhiyu left and closed the iron gates, all the roaring sounds died down. He carried the pups up, away from the prison in basement one which Lu Zhiyu had created. He went all the way up the stairs to the laboratory in level four, where one of the lights was lit.

Lu Zhiyu walked in through the door. The room had white walls and warm lighting. Many small baby cots filled up the big room, and some strange figures were moving around. They were the ant-people, who were taking care of the pups inside the room.

Every cot had been labeled with a serial number, together with the pup's race and gender. These ant-people would be bringing the pups up, which would become the very first generation of the orcs; they would form the beginning of the orcs.

Lu Zhiyu hoped that every race would be able to multiply in Maria's World. Every one of them would be a new race, a miracle of life. Lu Zhiyu had checked their brains and found that they were similar to mankind. They were very developed, and he was certain that their intelligence levels were also comparable to mankind.

Lu Zhiyu counted and checked the health conditions of all the pups. The ant-people would be monitoring the pups around the clock. Everything seemed to be good at the moment.

The various races of orcs that had been born included wolf, fox, tiger, cat, dog, bear, sheep, and several others. Including the mouse-people, there were a total of 18 races. However, this was far from enough. In Lu Zhiyu's vision, the human race had to be present as well.

Lu Zhiyu had no intention of duplicating and incorporating the humans on Earth into Maria's World as it would be meaningless and uninteresting. Instead, he wanted to create a human race that was totally different.

Lu Zhiyu had stayed in the dimensional castle for a few months and was somewhat drained of energy and enthusiasm. Although what he was doing was extremely exciting, it was very stressful to be living in such an environment alone.

The orcs had been successfully bred. With the ant-people around to take care of them, Lu Zhiyu had nothing to worry about. After a few years, he would let the first generation of the orcs return to the wild and carry out their mission, which was to form their own civilized tribes. However, it was no longer necessary for him to stay here. He only needed to return to the outside world and wait patiently.

When Lu Zhiyu returned to the outside world through the dimensional door, he realized that It was still in the night. Although he had stayed in the dimensional castle for a long while, back in the outside world, only tens of minutes had passed.

Lu Zhiyu could have stayed inside for decades, used up his lifespan, and become old, but here, in the outside world, only two to three days would have passed. This made him realize even more clearly that he was not God, but rather just an ordinary, lucky man.

As he opened the window and lay on his bed, he gazed at the stars outside. The urban air was much less fresh than the air in Maria's World, and the starry sky was also not as brilliant as the one which Lu Zhiyu had created. However, Lu Zhiyu felt more comfortable and familiar here.

After lying on his bed for only a short while, the phone rang. He took his mobile phone and realized that Xia Fan was calling him. 

When he answered the call, Xia Fan's youthful voice was immediately heard. However, it was filled with anger. She shouted at Lu Zhiyu, "Lu Zhiyu, why did you not reply to my WeChat? You also ignored my messages!"

Lu Zhiyu looked at his mobile, seeing now that there were really many message notifications. He immediately said, "I didn't notice them. At night, I usually read all my messages together and reply at once. What's up?"

Xia Fan shouted right away, "I know you have forgotten! Tomorrow is my birthday, my birthday!"

Lu Zhiyu suddenly recalled he had promised Xia Fan that he would attend her birthday party. However, he had been so busy and had forgotten about it. In addition, he was not really keen to attend a party with just students, but since he had promised Xia Fan, he had to go. "Who told you I have forgotten? I remember. It is still early."

Xia Fan exposed him and said, "If I did not remind you, you would not have shown up tomorrow. Let me tell you this. You have to come tomorrow; if not, I will come to your house and bite you to death!"

Lu Zhiyu found himself quite dirty. When Xia Fan said that she would bite him, he became distracted and started fantasizing. "Alright, I know, I know. Send the address over. I will be there on time!"

"Don't forget my present!"

The following afternoon, Lu Zhiyu drove his car out onto the streets. After searching for quite a while, he still could not decide what to get for Xia Fan. Should he get her a necklace, or a bangle? He did not want to give her something that would cause any misunderstanding. In the end, he chose a Tissot ladies' watch for her. It was not the biggest brand, and cost around 4,000 yuan. This was not too expensive and also quite appropriate.

By the time he reached the site of the party, a mid range restaurant by the riverside, it was already dusk. After checking with the staff, he went up to a private room at level two where Xia Fan was in. Before he even reached the room, he could already hear noisy cheers and laughters from it. He opened the door at once and looked inside.

As Lu Zhiyu stuck his head in, he saw everyone looking at him. Many girls started to scream, with one of them shouting, "Hey! Handsome, who are you looking for?"

"Is this Xia Fan's…"

The moment Lu Zhiyu spoke, Xia Fan jumped up and shouted, "I'm here. You are finally here! I was about to call you!"

There were many people mingling about, with many couples. Most of them were students. Xia Fan rushed up to Lu Zhiyu and hugged him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, after which she held his arm and said, "Let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Lu Zhiyu. See? I did not lie to you. He is very good-looking!"

Lu Zhiyu dropped his jaw and looked at Xia Fan. When did he become her boyfriend? As he was about to raise his hand to explain himself, Xia Fan whispered in his ear, "I have already boasted to my friends that I have found a super handsome boyfriend. You better not make me look bad and lose my reputation! If you do so, I would die!"