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"Hello, teacher. I am here for the yoga class!"

"Mr. Lu, I am your instructor. From now on, please put aside two hours each day for yoga practice. Since you have never done yoga before, we will start with the basics!"

Cai Jiajia was a 25-year-old yoga instructor. She had her long hair twisted up into a bun and she exuded an air of classic elegance. Lu Zhiyu had signed up for a VIP package, which included personal yoga training sessions. He came to learn about meditation, and had never expected to meet such a beauty. Lu Zhiyu had a crush on Cai Jiajia, but he had certainly paid a high fee for it!

Lu Zhiyu felt that, when he was practicing meditation, he could feel his blood circulating. On top of that, he could gradually sense every part of his body. He realized that he was able to focus and control his mind power as time passed by. Originally, he could only send his mind power toward the outside world, as he strengthened it, he was also able to conceal the power.

That was his reason for taking up yoga meditation, as it could help him control and sense things better. Not many people were able to grasp the essence of meditation, and it was after much research that he had found this class.

Ever since he had started to meditate, Lu Zhiyu became able to discern the thoughts of others when he wanted. After he released his mind power, he could still sense the brainwaves of others. This was mind reading!

Take the instructor, for example. Lu Zhiyu knew that she had just broken up with her boyfriend. Although she was smiling, her mind was in turmoil and she was not concentrating.

Lu Zhiyu followed Cai Jiajia's instructions and began to move through the postures. He felt that yoga and qigong were similar. Both were good for blood circulation and enhanced the senses of one's body.

This was exactly what Lu Zhiyu was looking for. He took up yoga, not because he wanted to improve his health, but because he was hoping to gain insights into his body through meditation.

After following Cai Jiajia's instructure and going through the postures , Lu Zhiyu was able to sense a bit of what he was looking for. Entering meditation through postures seemed to make it easier for Lu Zhiyu to observe the status of his own body. The two-hour class quickly came to the end, and Lu Zhiyu noticed that it was almost night time.

"Coach, you look troubled. What is bothering you?" Lu Zhiyu asked, as he stood up and relaxed his body.

Cai Jiajia was shocked and asked, "Oh? It is so obvious? I'm so sorry!"

Lu Zhiyu quickly replied, "It's alright. But, if you are troubled, it might be better for you to go out and take a walk. If you keep it in all bottled up, it will be worse for you!"

Cai Jiajia smiled and said, "Thank you, I'll keep that in mind!"

Lu Zhiyu looked out of the window and saw that it was getting dark. "Is it time for you to finish work? Shall we have dinner together? I would like to treat you to a meal to show my appreciation. I will need plenty of your help in the future!"

Is he interested in me? Although he is quite good-looking, he is not really my cup of tea. Moreover, he is too direct. And I do not want to eat unhealthy food.

As Cai Jiajia was about to reject him, Lu Zhiyu quickly asked, "Am I being too blunt? I know of a restaurant that does organic vegetarian food. The style and ambience are also quite nice. This place came to mind since you are not in a good mood. It might do you good to have a change of environment. What do you think?"

Upon hearing this, Cai Jiajia became interested and said, "Alright. Why don't you wait for me downstairs? I can leave in 20 minutes!"

Lu Zhiyu nodded and said, "I will wait for you downstairs!"

The two of them had an enjoyable dinner together. As Lu Zhiyu had expected, Cai Jiajia liked the style and food of the restaurant. During their conversation, Lu Zhiyu found out what interested her and made her laugh. Her unhappiness and dazedness from earlier in the day completely disappeared as she laughed. 

"Let me tell you, when I was in college back then, I did something stupid exactly like that!"


"Really! Back then, I was with a…"

Throughout the night, Lu Zhiyu was humorous, confident, and a bit artistic. He was good-looking as well. Suddenly, Cai Jiajia felt that Lu Zhiyu knew her very well. Never had she enjoyed talking to someone so much. She felt that it was even fine for her to pour her heart out to him.

When they left the restaurant, they were already very comfortable with each other. They were chatting and laughing. Lu Zhiyu drove her home. As Lu Zhiyu was about to leave, she suddenly turned back to ask him, "Would you like to come to my house?"

Lu Zhiyu was taken aback. He was only trying to build a good relationship with her, so he had not expected things to move so quickly. He knew that Cai Jiajia felt empty after her broken relationship and needed someone to lean on. He had come at the right time to capture her heart. Lu Zhiyu did not want to miss this opportunity.

"I am actually quite curious. What kind of person is a goddess like you like in real life?"

"Oh no, I think I am having some regrets now. A woman should not let a man know her personal life!"

Cai Jiajia lived in a relatively large place compared to the rest in her development. She had probably lived here with her boyfriend previously. Her place was classic European style, and the furniture had been carefully chosen. One could tell that Cai Jiajia was very particular about the way she lived.

What happened after that came naturally. Both of them cuddled together and rolled onto the bed. This was different from the time Xia Fan was drunk and Lu Zhiyu had to take her home. This time around, Lu Zhiyu felt very strongly toward his partner. Especially since Cai Jiajia practiced yoga and had an athletic figure. She was like a leopardess, leaving him wanting more.

After leaving Cai Jiajia's place the following morning, Lu Zhiyu felt that he was despicable. He had used mind reading to go after girls. It was similar to cheating in an examination. This was truly a powerful weapon!

After getting into the car, Lu Zhiyu looked at the rear-view mirror and tidied his hair then saw a love bite on his neck. Cai Jiajia was wilder in bed than she was in real life. Lu Zhiyu quickly buttoned up to cover the mark.

At this moment, his mobile phone rang. Lu Zhiyu looked at his phone and saw that it was a message from Cai Jiajia, which read: I love being with you!

Lu Zhiyu shrugged his shoulders. She was happy, he was happy. They had both gotten what they wanted.

After all, one should not make the relationship between men and women too complicated. Only youngsters would pledge their undying love for each other and be madly in love. Both of them had passed such an age! He remembered what Xia Fan said.

"Enjoy life when you can. If you wait until the end of your time to figure out what was missed, you wouldn't have any opportunity to make it up to yourself!"