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436 Three beautiful woman which are sitting there

While I been searching for the pocket of tissue I find one and after I take it out I could see that Sophia takes two while squatting and putting her thongs close to her knee and she move her dress up. After she does this she starts peeing.

While I been seeing her and having Allan still out I could feel that I need the same so I turned to not let anything go one her and I start doing it. While I been waiting to it come out Sophia ask "what you doing"

"Peeing," I said to her and then I start doing it. When I finished and Sophia probably too she said to me "we can start going back"

"First fix yourself," I said to her while seeing still her bare breast outside

"Why," she asked

"That's why," I said while coming closer and moving part of her dress up with her bra when I did with it I hide Allan and we start walking back. While we were doing it for some time she hugs me from behind and then she said "take me"

"Ok," I said and then she jumps on my back and we start walking back like that 'let's go where they should be' I said to myself while changing the route of our walk.

While we were doing it for some time we come out from forest close to where we had shot and then Sophia said to me "I'm so hungry"

"Not only you," I said to her. While hearing me she kisses my neck and she said "go to Meg and Mei"

"Ok," I said to her and then I start walking there. While we come where girls been Sophia get out from my back and then I could hear Meg voice "oh you come back"

"Yea walk was nice," Sophia said to her

"Yea walk I was thinking you done other things there," Meg said to her

"Hell no," Sophia said to her

"You did I can see it from your dress fix it," Mei said to Sophia 'wait what' I ask myself and while looking at Sophia I could see what she mean by her words.

While seeing her now I move a little her bra strap on the side. When I did with it she looks at me and then Meg said "food should be here soon"

"How you know," Sophia asked her

"Jim tell us a not long time ago," Meg said to her

"Oh ok," Sophia said to her and then I could see that more people start walking to where food bee. While seeing them I get up after sitting for a short time and I said „I will go for some"

"Ok," Sophia said to me and then I start walking to queue. While I come there I could see that waiting I have for extra twenty minutes 'go or no' I ask myself and then I decided that I will come back. While I start doing it I come to the table where girls been and after I sit there Sophia ask me "what happened"

"it's too long," I said to her

"oh maybe but still I'm hungry," she said to me

"I know let's wait for now," I said to her and then I could hear Meg voice "oh come one you could wait there"

"there is a queue for five-plus minutes and I don't want to wait for now," I said to her

"okok I understand but you need to go there while it became smaller," she said to me

"yea and give us a lot of food," Mei said after her

"oh I don't know what I will do," I said to them and then I turn to Sophia and I ask "what you thinking about it"

"oh let me think," she said to me

"ok" I answered her and then I could see that Megan and Mei been looking at her

"well," Sophia said while taking longer break "you can but remember I'm first" she added

"of course," I said to her 'and I'm last' I add in mind

"you can go now," Mei said to me

"I haven't been here for a minute" I answered her

"look you," she said and then I turned and I could see that nothing has changed.

"nothing new there," I said to her

"yes that's why go there," she said to me

"oh come on the haven't started giving food," Sophia said to her

"oh ok," Mei said while taking out her phone and moving closer to Megan. While she been there she starts taking selfies with her. while I was observing them I still couldn't understand the hype for it.

While I have been looking at them Sophia takes her phone and then I move closer to her and I said "no photos"

"come on just one," she said

"ok," I said while moving my hair on my left side to hide my face and I kiss her cheek. When I did with it I could hear the sound of photo and when I turn to look at how it looks like Sophia make another one. "what you did"

"oh new photo lets post-it," she said to me and then I could see that she be uploading it. while seeing it I wanted to take her phone away but then she gives me a kiss and she said "you need to be nice and maybe something nice will meet you"

"oh this could be nice," I said to her

"no you can't," Meg said to Sophia

"I wanted to give him a massage," Sophia said to her 'oh today I can't fall asleep' I said to myself and then I could see that queue become smaller. While seeing it I said "I will go for food"

"ok" girls said to me and then I start walking there. When I come to the end of it I start looking around and while it goes fast my time has come. While being close I said "four portions"

"for who" person who been giving it said to me

"me and this three beautiful woman which are sitting there," I said to him while pointing on the table

"he is with them," Jim said to someone while coming closer to me

"oh ok," he said and then he added "I will help you" while hearing his words I nodded and I could see that we been given four portions of meat with some salad and rice. While seeing it I take two and then Jim takes others and we come to the table.

While being there I put mine for me and Sophia and Jim for Megan and Mei. When we did this he said "I hope we will have soon other shoots"

"Without me, it was for this one time," Sophia said to him

"oh that's bad you have your mother talent," Jim said to her

"maybe but still I don't want to do it anymore. I can watch but not be as a model" Sophia answered to him

"oh ok have a nice time while eating it I will go for mine" Jim said while walking away. While hearing him we nodded at the same time and we start eating.