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429 Oh ok now move we don“t have a lot of time

When I wake up I could see that Greg been sleeping in same position 'are you alive' I ask myself and when I look at him I start wondering about it and then I could hear loud snore and fart 'oh this stink' I said to myself while getting up and taking his shirt. When I do this I do out as fast as possible.

After I do this I could see that Mei and Meg been outside and they were walking to my room. While seeing me Meg ask "what you doing"

"running away," I said to her

"why" Mei ask

"oh, some things," I said while walking down. While I have been in the middle of the stairs Meg ask me "so you stop loving him after he falls asleep while waiting for you"

"no not this," I said to her 'how I should explain this' I ask myself and then Mei ask "so what"

While being downstairs I said "ok help me make food"

"no, don't change the topic," Meg said

"tell us now," Mei said after her

"no, I will not," I said to them

"ok I'm going to wake up Greg and then I will know," Meg said

"I'm going with you," Mei said to her

"its nothing like that," I said to them

"so spill it out why you run away from your bedroom," Meg said

"tell us now," Mei said while starting walking there. While seeing her I said "it stinks there"

"so you should throw away his socks," Meg said while trying not to laugh

"no he farts while I been checking is he alive," I said to them. while hearing me Meg and Mei start laughing at the same time and after some time Meg said "only this you should know it"

"he never does this when I been close," I said to her

"Remember when you sleeping you can't control your body," Mei said to me

"I know but still snoring and farting at the same time," I said

"oh so he is snoring poor you," Meg said to me while opening the fridge. while seeing her I take the bread and after cutting it in half I been looking at Meh who takes the butter out and gives me. when I saw it I start putting it on it. While I been doing it Mei look at us and she asks "with what I need to help you"

"plates," Meg said to her. while hearing her Mei nodded and she starts putting them.

While she has been doing it I have been looking at her while waiting for what Meg wants to do later. While waiting for it her phone starts ringing. While hearing it she stops in the middle of taking out the ham and she answered it "yes"

After a few seconds she said "give us an hour we are making food now" she said and then hang out. When she does this she starts looking at me and she said "go wake up Greg I will finish here"

"ok," I said to her while walking upstairs. while I come to my room I go to bed and start waking up Greg. When I have been doing it for some time he said "let me sleep longer"

"no you can't food is ready," I said to him and then he turns and said "give me five minutes"

"you have one," I said to him

"three," he said while having still closed eyes. While seeing it I said "ok but not more"

"ok," he said and then I start changing, while I been doing it he been observing me and when I saw the tent in his pants I said "can you take care of it or I need to help you"

"its morning wood I will go pee and it will go away." he said while getting up and then he said "it's not so strong that I will not handle it"

"oh ok now move we don't have a lot of time," I said to him. while hearing me he come closer to me and start kissing me.

While he has been doing it I could feel that Allan been hitting me a little 'oh so you would like to do it but I don't want to' i said to myself and then stop our kiss and I said "take care of it"

"ok," he said and then Greg disappears in the bathroom. While seeing it I come back to changing and after I finish I said in low voice "where are you it's taking you to much time" and then I walk to the bathroom. while being there I could see that he been washing his face "oh I will come out soon"

"ok," I said to him while coming out. when I do this I come closer to the table and while seeing that my laptop is working I opened it while checking who was using it. when I do this I could see launcher to the game and then I said aloud "babe you use my laptop"

"yes I was playing on it yesterday," he said to me and after a few seconds, I could feel that he hug me. when he did this I turn my head and I said "you haven't turn it off"

"I close it," he said to me

"not fully and it was still working," I said to him

"oh well," he said and then I give him kiss to his cheek and I said "go change"

"ok," he said and while he been doing it I start looking at emails that come to me. When I have been doing it he said "babe"

"yes" I answered

"check what he gives us," Greg said while giving me a pendrive. while seeing it I connected it to the laptop and we start checking what been there. while we were doing it doors been opened and Meg comes inside while saying "how long it will take you here"

"not too long why you so angry," Greg said to her

"we are waiting for you two to start eating," she said

"oh we will be coming down soon," Greg said to her while coming back to changing. while seeing him I copy what I had there and turn laptop off. When I do this I could see that Meg been still standing there and I said "we are coming soon"

"now," she said to me

"okok" Greg said to her while coming to doors. while seeing him I come to him and then we come out.