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427 Oh sorry but I“m not truly sorry

While I was waiting for what Sophia will do I said to me 'you want to do it now while in front of we are Meg and Mei you are really naughty'. After I said it I could feel that her hand move and then she take out my phone.

When she does this I haven't commented but start looking at her. When she has it in her hand she put it on the table while she was unlocking it. when she does this Mei and meg start looking at her and then she opened  YouTube app and  play playlist which I have there 'which you choose with my stupid names there' I ask myself and then I could hear opening go 'oh this' I said to myself and then she asked me "what is this"

"Opening to anime," I said to her

"But why you have it here," she asks

"Oh you see I just wanted to have it like most of the songs here," I said to her.

While hearing me she looks at the screen and then she asks "why it say four hours"

"oh around one hundred of songs I have there so that's why," I said to her 'good that you take it not only opening and endings' I said to myself while another playlist is three hours longer

"oh ok," she said and then she comes back to eating when she does this I come back to eating while listening to opening from anime I like. While we were eating time pass and then Sophia said "I will clean after it"

"Ok," Meg and Mei said and then I ask "you want some help"

"No I'm fine doing it alone," she said to me. While hearing her words I nodded and then I come back to eating. While I was doing it I start eating fries and chickens which haven't been finished.

While I was doing it I could see that Sophia start getting up. While she been doing it Meg said "let's go watch something"

"Ok," Mei said to her. While hearing their words I come back to eating and then Sophia goes to wash plates. While she was doing it I have been eating and after some time I ended and then I get up from the chair and I go to her.

While being close to her I hug her from behind and I ask "you want some help"

"No I'm fine," she said. While hearing her I move my hand away from her and then I go out to smoke. While I been there I read some novels and when I ended smoking I come back and I could see that she almost finished. While seeing her I ask her "so what now we doing"

"You both coming here and we watching," Meg said to us. While hearing her Sophia nodded her head and we come closer to her. After we sit there we start watching what she gives us. While we were doing it Sophia lay her head on my shoulder. 

When she does this I have been trying to watch a movie but it happened to be drama and I been trying to not take my phone out and start playing on it. While I was doing it for thirty minutes I couldn't take it anymore and I start playing on my phone. While I been doing it time pass and when the movie ended Sophia said to me "Greg come with me"

"Hell no you aren't allowed," Meg said to her

"I don't want it," Sophia said to her while taking my hand and walking to our room.  While we were walking there I ask her "what you planning to do"

"I don't know maybe you have an idea," she asks me

"Oh I have," I said to her

"So what we will be doing," she asks me

"Oh some exercise," I said to her while giving her a kiss

"Oh this but only one round today I'm exhausted after what we did yesterday," she said to me

"I haven't thought about it," I said to her while adding in mind 'when we will be alone yes but not now'

While hearing me she stops close to doors and she asks "so what you have in plans"

"You will see soon," I said to her while coming inside of a room. While being there I look at her and I said "maybe massage you will make me"

"Oh you wanted it," she said while coming to me and hugging me from behind. When she does this she said "I can do this for you but what I will have in exchange"

"You will choose," I said to her

"Ok," she said and then I come closer to bed and while being there she said "lay there"

"Ok," I said to her while doing what she wanted. When I do this I turn my head and I could see that she disappears 'where you go' I ask myself and then I could see that she come back while being almost necked she only wears her thongs.

While I been observing her she comes closer to me and then she said "why haven't you take your clothes off"

"You haven't said it to me" I answered her while getting up and starting undressing.

While I been doing it doors been opened and someone comes inside while saying "Sophia I need your help"'oh Megan what you want' I said to myself. And then I could feel that she move after me while saying "what you want"

"I need you," she said and while coming more inside she said "oh sorry but I'm not truly sorry"

"Get out and I will come to you soon," Sophia said while coming from behind and she takes my t-shirt. When she did this she put it on herself and she said "wait for me here"

"Ok," I said to her while taking the rest of my clothes and lying on the bed. When I been there I could hear that she walkout.

While being left alone I take my phone from my pocket and start reading. While I was doing it exhausting hit me and I fall asleep while having a phone in my hand.