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367 I'm not hungry

While I was hugging Greg I come closer and start kissing him. While we bene doing it for some time he stops our kissing and said "you are sleepy or you just wanted to be here alone"

"Alone," I said while smiling to him. While seeing me he rolls over me and then he said "so what we will do now"

"I don't know maybe you have some idea," I ask him while looking at Greg's face

"I have a lot," he said and I could see his hands moving to me. While I been observing it and one of them start coming closer to me I slap it and I said "no this"

"So what," he asks

"Oh I don't know maybe something about you," I ask

"How long you been watching my stream," he said

"I don't know" I said to him 'so it will be long or short story let's see' I said to myself and then I start listening to him "oh so what I can say normal guy I was going to school later university which I ended and in middle of it I start streaming and now I'm full-time streamer it's all"

"Oh so nothing important happened in your life that I don't know," I said to him 'really short story that nothing tells me new' I said to myself while looking at him

"Yes nothing and about your" he ask

"oh it's too much to talk about maybe when we will be old and not going anywhere I will tell you," I said while moving closer and starting kissing him. While I been doing it I could see that he started moving his hand so I stop kissing him and I said "not now"

"Ok," he said while hugging me. when he did this I been on his chest with my face 't-shirt isn't taste so good' I said to myself while trying to breathe by my mouth and I accidentally touch him. When I did this I move on the side my head and I said "I can't breathe"

"Oh sorry," he said while lying on his back. When he did this I come closer and start hugging him. While I was doing it I could feel that the bathroom I will need to visit soon. While time pass and I couldn't take it anymore I get up while saying "I need to go to use bathroom"

"Ok but remember to not sit when you will use toilet flush," he said while smiling

"Oh I'm not that stupid I know about it," I said to him

"Okok I will lay here and wait for you," Greg said and after I go out. While being out I go to the bathroom. While I wanted to open doors they have been closed and I could hear Megan voice "occupied"

"Faster I need to use it another way soon I will pee my pants," I said to her. While hearing me I could hear a laugh and while she hasn't started going out I start moving my legs more and more. While I was doing it Megan goes out from there. While seeing her I rush there and after I did what I wanted I go out. When I did this she has been waiting for me and I could hear "so what now"

"What you saying," I ask her

"Greg is sleeping," she said

"Impossible I left him for a short time," I said to her

"ok so now listen" she said and while I could hear only engine of plane I said "no he is not" and then loud snore come "ok so he is sleeping I will go for phone and I will go to both of you" I said while coming inside of room where I left Greg and after taking my phone which I left earlier on shelf there and I take his from his pocket.

While having it I come back and I could see that Mei is playing on her phone. While I come closer she said "oh so you show up"

"Oh what you mean by this," I ask her

"Oh so you left Greg alone," Mei said while still playing on her phone

"He is sleeping," Megan said

"How you know it" Mei ask

"He is snoring so heavily that I could hear it," Meg said while taking some sweets. While having them she starts eating. While she been doing it I ask "don't eat so much"

"Calm down all be good at shootings now I'm relaxing," she said while continue eating. While seeing her I take one and start eating while taking a laptop which was there earlier and I start it. When I did this I could see that dad left me here some work to do so I start doing it.

While I been doing it I have been eating and then Meg said "you should stop eating"

"I'm slim so it's all good," I said to her

"Meg takes it easy she will burn it today," Mei said. While hearing her I take my eyes from the screen and I start looking at her. While I was doing it Mei said "your activity". While hearing it I start again looking at the screen and then laugh of Mei come to me. 

While hearing it now I understand what she means by these words and I hide more to read what dad send me. As I been doing it she comes closer and takes the laptop from me while saying "come one lets talk"

"I have nothing to talk with you," I said to her

"but we want right Meg," Mei said

"not here," Meg said to her. While hearing her words she gives me back my laptop and I start working. While I been doing it I become more and more focused on what I have on the screen around me. While I been working for some time I finally finished all the papers there and when I turn I could see that Greg with girls is playing something. while seeing them I ask "when you wake up"

"oh hour ago maybe two," he said to me while coming closer and then kissing me. when we finished with it he said "I don't want to disturb you"

"you should," I said to him

"Sorry but your face when you are focused is so sexy," Greg said while last words been almost whispered and s been long. while hearing him I smiled and said "so what you been playing"

"countries cities," Greg said to me

"what it that," I ask him

"oh game on paper," he said. when I hear him I come closer where he been sitting. while I been looking at a paper that he was there I said "you can't write normally" 

"if time goes you cant," he said to me

"oh ok so now we are playing," I said and then I could see stewardess coming with food. while seeing her Mei said "oh finally"

"ok let's eat now and we can later," Meg said and while seeing it I said to myself 'oh I'm not that hungry' but I come and when I could see that we have fished with rice and some sauce I start eating it. While I been eating slowly for some time Greg look at me and he asks "are you feeling bad"

"no I'm good why you asking," I said to him

"oh you haven't eaten a lot but mostly you playing with food," he said while pointing on my plate

"I'm not hungry," I said to him. While I been looking at his reaction I could see that he do what I haven't expect