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366 Oh I'm not that stupid

When we were in the air for some time Sophia unlocks herself and she goes to the table. While I come after her she asks "so now what"

"Oh lets me see," Meg said and then she takes cards. While having them she starts to shuffle and starts giving us. While seeing it Sophia ask "so with what we are playing"

"Poker of course," she said and we start playing. 'Good lord helps me with playing it' I said to myself while looking at my cards. While we were playing for some time and everyone win and lose it's been hard to see who better stewardess come is and give us food. While I been observing it I said to myself 'oh some good food' and then she asks us "something to drink"

"Wine please," Mei said. 'You drinking again' I said to myself while looking at her and then I could hear Sophia words "not for her only she can today drink water"

"Ok," the stewardess said and then Mei starts looking at us. 'What I did to you' I said to myself and then Megan start laughing and she said "coffee for me"

"Nothing," I said and then Sophia said "tea" after it we start eating and sometime after drinks come to us.  

While we were eating for some time I could feel that professional chef made it. 'Good proportion of spices I will never do this' I said to myself while eating meat. While I been doing it I could see that Sophia doesn't eating salad so I move my almost empty plate to her and move it. After I take it and I finished I start looking around while starting to feel thirsty. Before I could get up and go ask for something Sophia said "oh I have energy drink for you"

"Oh really where," I ask her

"Meg where is our bag from shopping," Sophia said

"Oh wait," Megan said while coming closer to her seat and taking out it. While seeing it Sophia takes from the bag my drink and her after having it in her hand she give it to me. While having it I opened and drink it. After I finished with it I said "so let's play"

"Let's wait for meg and Mei to finish their salads," Sophia said 'oh right I forgot about them' I said to myself while looking at them eating

"Ok," I said and we start looking at girls to finish their eating. After they did we start playing one more time. While we were doing it Sophia yawns after some time of playing. When she does this she said "I'm going to bed"

"Have a nice sleep" I said to her

"No you going with me as my pillow and bear to hug," Sophia said while getting up and taking my hand. While seeing her I take my drink and go after her. When we come to the room there where bed been she takes her shoes off and starts moving her hand around the bed while saying "lay here"

"Ok," I said to her while taking my shoes off and lying close to her. While I been there I put my drink on the floor and I could feel that she hug me.  

While we were like that for some time she moves closer to me and starts kissing me. While we were doing it I stop and I said "you are sleepy or you just wanted to be here alone" I ask her

"Alone," she said while smile shows up on her face. While seeing it I smile too while rolling and when I been from the wall of plane I said to her "so what we will do now"

"I don't know maybe you have some idea," she asks me while looking at me

"I have a lot," I said to her while trying to move my right hand to not lay on her fully and then my left start coming to her. While I been doing it she said "no this"

"So what," I ask her

"Oh I don't know maybe something about you," she asks me

"How long you been watching my stream," I ask her

"I don't know" she said to me while moving her hand and when we connected them I said "oh so what I can say normal guy I was going to school later university which I ended and in middle of it I start streaming and now I'm full-time streamer it's all" I said to her

"Oh so nothing important happened in your life that I don't know," she said to me

"Yes nothing and about your," I ask her

"oh it's too much to talk about maybe when we will be old and not going anywhere I will tell you," she said while coming closer to me and kissing me. While feeling it I start kissing it and start moving my hand to her chest. While I been doing it she stops our kissing and she said "not now"

"Ok," I said to her while hugging her. When I did this I could feel on my chest her boobs and on my neck her breathing. While I been hugging her she moves a little from me and she said "I can't breathe"

"Oh sorry," I said to her and then I lay on back. When I did this she hugs me and we were like that for some time. While we were like that for some time Sophia get up while looking at me and she said "I need to go to use bathroom"

"Ok but remember to not sit there when you will use toilet flush," I said to her while smiling

"Oh I'm not that stupid I know about it," she said while almost frowning

"Okok I will lay here and wait for you," I said to her and then Sophia goes out. When she did this I close my eyes to let time pass fast and I fall asleep really fast.