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365 Have a nice sleep

When I wanted to go to start packing our bags I could see that Greg get up and he sad "eat and I will pack most of the things"

"No I need to do this," I said

"Sit and eat I could see from your eyes that you wanted it," he said and I start eating. While I been doing it Megan ask me "so how it is"

"Taste yourself," I said to her while giving her some

"Not bad not good," she said to me and then Mei take some and she eats "it's missing here something," she said

"Oh maybe," I said while eating. While I been doing it I get up and start going to the kitchen "where you going" Meg ask me

"To drink something," I said to her. While I been drinking I could hear Greg words „what you want more dresses or something else"

While hearing him I put empty glass and I start walking to the bedroom. While coming there I could see that Greg pack all so I said   "I will do this go and eat something"

"Ok," Greg said. When I come closer to the wardrobe I opened it and start packing things there. While I was doing it I pack my swimsuit too and for Greg too. While I was doing it I pack some dresses but mostly t-shirts and some pairs of trousers.

When I did with it I could see that he pack his things fully too and after I did with it I go out with my baggage outside while checking if I have packed a passport with me. While coming to the kitchen I could see Greg with both in his hand and he been eating. While seeing it I ask

"What you eating"

"You want some," he said while showing what he has there

"No thanks I will pass on it," I said. When I did this Meg and Mei come to us. While seeing them Greg said „let me finish it wash and we can go"

"You eat I will wash," I said while looking at him. After hearing me he nods his head and continues eating. After Greg finished eating he put in the sink bowl and goes to the bedroom. While seeing it I come while starting cleaning. While seeing me Mei said "I would never suppose that I will see doing it"

"Oh life has changed," I said to her and then I could see that Greg come out and he ask „which car we are going"

"Limousine will come soon," I said

"Oh ok, so I will go down now and smoke," Greg said and go down. When I finish washing bowl I look at Mei and Megan I said "let's go now"

"Ok," they said while taking their bags and we go out. While being there I could see that Greg is sitting and smoking. As I saw him we come closer and then car come. While seeing it we come to it and after Mei and Meg put the baggage inside I let them to the car first. While I been inside I could see that Greg start coming to the car. After he put our baggage inside he comes inside.

When he been inside he sits close to me and then I put my head on his shoulder.  When I did this I could hear Greg words "have you been in Europe"

"Yes," Megan said and then Mei said "I haven't been"

"Oh are you going to Poland with us or no," he asks them

"No we are not," Megan said and then she added "we will fly later from you both"

"Oh ok," Greg said and then I start looking at them. While I been observing Meg and Mei I could see that they are whispering 'about what you whispering there' I ask myself. While I been observing them and sometimes Greg's time pass and we come to the airport.

While being there we go out and after taking our baggage we go inside. While coming first we pass easily passport section and all scans and we go to private doors and then to plane. While being there I greet everyone and go inside. While being there I sit and Greg sits with me while he from the window. After a short time, I could hear a pilot voice „our fly will start soon to Rome please fasten seatbelts"

After some seconds we start our fly first for shooting and later to small vacations where I with Greg will be only but truly I still don't know where we will stay. While being in the air for some time we get up from our chairs and go to the table. While we were there I ask "so now what"

"Oh lets me see," Meg said and then she takes cards. While having them she starts to shuffle and starts giving us. While seeing it I ask "so with what we are playing"

"Poker of course," she said and we start playing. While we were doing it lunch come and then stewardess ask "something to drink"

"Wine please," Mei said. While hearing her I said "not for her only she can today drink water"

"Ok," the stewardess said and then Mei start looking at me and Meg smile and she said "coffee for me"

"Nothing," Greg said and I said "tea" after it we pause our play where we were playing for nothing and now we stop in the middle of the game to eat. While we were eating meat with some souse and on some past I put away salad. While seeing it Greg moves his portion closer to mine and takes it. 'Oh so you eating it' I said to myself and while I been looking at him he eats all. When he finished I said "oh I have energy drink for you"

"Oh really where," he asked me

"Meg where is our bag from shopping," I ask her

"Oh wait," she said while coming closer to her seat and taking out it. While seeing it I take from inside of the bag and give it to Greg. While having it he opened and drinks it. After he finished with it he said "so let's play"

"Let's wait for meg and Mei to finish their salads," I said to him

"Ok," he said and we start looking at girls to finish eating. After they did we start playing one more time. While we were doing it I start looking at girls and I fake yawn. When I did this I said "I'm going to bed"

"Have a nice sleep," Greg said to me

"No you going with me as my pillow and bear to hug," I said while getting up and taking his hand. While I been doing it I could see Meg and Mei look at me 'we will not do anything but still I want to hug him' I said to myself while coming to that room inside of the plane. While being there I take my shoes and lay on the bed and I move my hand on it and I said "lay here"

"Ok," Greg said while lying close to me and when he been there I start hugging him