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364 Here we go again

I was sleeping good but talks wake me up "you can't be quiet," I said in a low voice while trying to go back to sleep. While I been trying to fall asleep I could hear that doors been closed. While I finally opened my eyes I could hear that girls are here so I lay more on the bed. Timepass and Mother Nature start calling me. when I get up I go directly to the bathroom and after doing what I need I start looking around and while seeing that I'm alone I go to my phone.

While having it in my hand I call Sophia. After a few rings, she answered "hello"

"Where are you," I ask her

"Oh shopping for food for you so go back to bed," she said

"Ok I will wait to you start feeding me," I said while hanging out.  When I did this I go smoking. While I been there I could see more links "someone really is selling collection" I said while starting smoking. While I was doing it I start looking around. While I was doing it I have been smoking.

When I finished two I come back inside and go to bed to wait for Sophia to come. While I been there I go to the bedroom. "Ok let's wait for her," I said and I lay on the bed while waiting for her. While I was lying there I take my phone and start reading. While I been doing it for some time and I don't know when time pass I could hear that they come back "oh it takes you so long" I said in a low voice while waiting for to Sophia come to the bedroom. While I been waiting I could hear her words "take it off and I will go check how Greg is doing"

"You can't live without him," Mei said while laughing

"Shut up," Sophia said while probably starting walking to the room. When I saw her I could hear "food will be soon"

"Ok," I said while looking at her. After my response, she disappears one more time and after some time when I could smell that food she screams "Greg come here the food is ready"

"I'm coming," I said while getting up from the bed and walking to the living room. While being there I said "so will you feed me"

"No," Sophia said while putting on table food. When it been there I start eating 'its cold inside' I said to myself while continuing eating. While I been doing it Sophia said "fuck I need to pack"

While hearing her I stop eating and I said "eat and I will pack most of the things"

"No I need to do this," she said to me

"Sit and eat I could see from your eyes that you wanted it," I said while getting up and going to our bedroom. While being there I start looking for some bag and after finding mine and Sophia bag at first I start packing myself. While I was doing it at first I start packing boxers and socks.

While I was doing it I take for two weeks. When I finish with it and now almost nothing left here I go for t-shirts. While being there I pack the same amount of them and then I pack two pairs of jeans. When I did with them I start packing Sophia clothes.

While I come to her shelf I start choosing between colors which she looks better. It takes me some time but after packing almost every color that she has here I only pass with pink I said aloud "what you want more dresses or something else"

While my words go out after a few seconds I could see that she come to me and she said "I will do this go and eat something"

"Ok," I said while going out. While I been doing it I could see that Mei and Megan going to their room. While seeing them I said "go eat"

"No need I'm full," Megan said

"I'm full of time to change for something nicer to fly and we will soon going out," Mei said and then they disappear. While seeing them I go to the kitchen and finished what Sophia hasn't eaten. When I did with it I opened the fridge and while seeing there some vegetables I decided to make some salad from them. When I was doing it I found some spaces and I add there.

While I been eating it I could see that Sophia come out and she said "what you eating"

I show her bowl where I have it and said "you want some"

"No thanks I will pass on it," she said while turning and I could see that Megan and Mei come with their baggage. While seeing them I said "let me finish it wash and we can go"

"You eat I will wash," Sophia said while looking at me. After I hear her I nod my head and continue eating. It hasn't taken me a long time and when I finished eating I put it inside of the sink and go for mine baggage. While having it in my hand I come out of the room. While being there I come to the kitchen and while seeing that Sophia start checking all things here I take her bag and ask "which car we are going"

"Limousine will come soon," Sophia said

"Oh ok, so I will go down now and smoke," I said to her while taking mine and her baggage and going out. While being there I go to the elevator and then go down. While being outside I couldn't see the car so I sit on a bench and start smoking.

As I was doing it girls come. While seeing me I could see that car come. While I saw it I finished smoking fast and take bags and put them inside of the trunk. When I did with it I sit inside. When I did this I could see that Sophia start looking at me and she put her head on my shoulder. While seeing it I smile and then I ask Megan "have you been in Europe"

"Yes," she said and then Mei said "I haven't been"

"Oh are you going to Poland with us or no," I ask them

"No we are not," Megan said and then she added "we will fly later from you both"

"Oh ok," I said and while now don't have anything to talk with them I become quiet and start watching the road. As I was doing it time pass and we come to the airport. One again I make the same mistake of going to the normal entrance, not VIP 'again' I said to myself while turning and going after girls. When I come to check it now pass good and then we come to Sophia parent's private plane.

While seeing it I said to myself 'here we go again' and then we go inside while seeing our bags after scanning being pack inside of it. When we sit inside Megan and Mei close to each other and then I and Sophia in the next row.

When being there we wait for some time and I could hear "our fly will start soon to Rome please fasten seatbelts "

While hearing it I did this with some problems and while looking at Sophia she did the same and we start circle to starting line. While we were doing it I said to myself 'ok and we will start soon' and after saying it I could feel that we start doing it.