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338 Something happened that surprised me

After I wake up I could see that Greg is sleeping on a chair. While seeing him at first I start feeling bad but while remembering how in the middle of the night he has farts and I couldn't take it anymore and I kick him from the bed. 'I could sleep peacefully while today is school reunion and I don't want to sleep there while don't know what Adelle will do' I said to myself while getting up and going to the bathroom.

While coming here I couldn't spend their few seconds and I run out. While taking a fresh breath I go out and to another bathroom. While being there I do what I needed and while coming back mom saw me and she ask "what you doing here"

"Oh you see I can't use mine," I said to her while coming inside

"why," mom asks and when she looked inside she could see Greg sleeping and then she said "oh ok now I understand" and then she close doors. When she did this I start changing to normal clothes to not walk all day with my pajama and after I did this I start looking around and while not wanting to wake up Greg now I take a deep breath and I come inside of the bathroom. While being there I take air refresher and start using it.

It takes me some time but when I kill that ugly smell I go out and start walking down. While being there I start looking around and before I could go to the kitchen dad come and he asks "you going today"

"I haven't decided but in 90% I will go there," I said to him

"Ok you will take Greg with you" dad ask while looking at what I'm wearing

"No," I said

"Ok and last question how you will go there" 

"Oh, I will call Meg soon and then I will ask her," I said while looking at food that starts coming out for mom and dad. While I been observing it I said "please prepare some for me and no beans I don't want them"

While hearing me maid nods her head and after placing food on the table she goes back to the kitchen.

After I said it I go back to my room. While coming inside I could see that Greg is awake and he been talking "oh she is nowhere" and he give me my phone. While seeing it I take it and I said "hello"

"Finally at what hour come for you" Megan ask

"Oh, I don't know," I said while looking at Greg who starts walking to the bathroom. While seeing him I could hear "oh I will be around 17"

"Ok," I said and then she ended the call. While seeing it I sit on the bed. While I was waiting for Greg to come back maid come while having breakfast. While seeing it I take it from her and while I was putting it on the shelf I could feel smack that landed on my ass. While feeling it I turn and while Greg was looking at me he takes me and starts kissing me.

While I been kissing with him he said "how are you feeling"

"Good but never do this," I said while feeling a little pain coming from my buttock which he slaps. While hearing me he said "I can massage it"

"Oh right you can but it wouldn't hurt me if you wouldn't do this," I said to him

"Oh, it looks so nice while you wearing your leggings so I couldn't stop myself," he said while looking at me. When he been doing it I said "I will wait to pain come away and now let's eat," I said while sitting on the bed while starting TV and wanting to start eating. While I wanted to take first bit Greg start looking at I and he asks "are you still angry"

"At what you did a few seconds ago no," I said to him

"Not this," he said

"Never do this anymore," I said while starting eating

"I can't control it it's my body doing it, "he said while looking at me and starting eating.

While we were eating or sometimes I finish my portion and I could see that he is still eating 'good that you eating like before' I said to myself while looking at him. When he finishes and drinks juice he starts looking at me and then he starts moving down on the bed.

While he was doing it I start looking at what he is doing. While he been close to my feet's he starts kissing them. While he been doing it I look at him and I said "what you doing"

"I want to do something to you," he said

"You don't need," I said to him

"But I want and what better could be if not this," he said while coming up while kissing my leg. While he been doing it I start looking at him and I said "no don't do this"

"Why," he asks while being close to my knee

"You haven't recovered," I said to him

"We haven't done this from moment that I fainted so it's been few days and now I'm recovered almost fully," he said while looking at me

"I know," I said to him while seeing yesterday that on his back bruises start going down and he could move well but still I haven't been fully convenient about it. While I was looking at him he comes back to doing it. While he was coming more and more he misses my private part and starts moving up.

While being close to my girls he kisses each of them one and while looking at my face he starts kissing me. While we were doing it for some time we roll and while he been on his back I look at him and I said "you really want it"

"Not only me," he said and I could feel that Allan start moving. While I been feeling it I slap on his shoulder and I said "you want it and you using him"

"He is part of my body so my full body wants you," he said while pushing me to him. While we were kissing I could feel that his hand start going inside of my t-shirt and when he touches my girls he starts playing with them. While feeling it I moaned and I said "ok we can do it"

"Ok," he said and while looking at me he wanted to push me up but then I stop him while saying "you need to be quiet"

"I'm mostly quiet but you always are loud," he said

"I'm not," I said while again slapping his shoulder

"ok I'm," he said while rolling one more time and while putting a blanket on us he starts moving down 'what you planning' I ask myself but then I could feel that my leggings been taken down with thongs.

While they were taken down fully I start preparing for his manhood to come inside of me but then something happened that surprised me.