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294 I will be inside of your room

After I put pasta like always on bread and I take a bit I look at Sophia which been eating it alone. While seeing her I said „put it on bread"

"Ok babe" she answered me and she goes how I said. While we were eating it for some time without talking Sophia probably ended and she starts looking at me. While she been doing it I look at her and then I said "how was it"

"Good," she said and then makes a short laugh. When I hear it I stop with a sandwich in middle air and said "what is so funny" 'I'm normally eating' I add in mind

"You" she answered

"Oh, how," I said while putting food on the plate and getting up.

While seeing me Sophia did the same and I start coming closer to me. 'I wanted to come to you but we can meet in middle' I said while stopping my walk. When I did this she comes closer while having a phone in her hand and start doing something on it. When she did this she looks at I and she said "look you"

"What I need to see," I ask

"You will find out yourself," she said. While hearing her I take it and while looking at it for some time I haven't see anything that could make her laugh and I said "same ugly face which hasn't change for a long time with some mayonnaise on my mouth its nothing to be laughing"

"Oh, there is," she said and while I been looking more I more focused on my teeth and then I saw chive between my front.  While I was trying to take it off I couldn't and while I decided after some time to go to use toothbrush I could see that Sophia is so focused on her phone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

While seeing her I go to the bathroom and while being there it takes me only a few seconds and I did what I wanted. When I do this I said "finally" and walk out. While coming to kitchen I start making water to bold and I go to smoke. While I been there for some time I start reading and while being good there I some and read, when I ended new uploads I look at the clock and it's been fifteen minutes from when I come here. While I come back inside I come closer to kittle and while feeling that water is still hot I make tea and come to Sophia. While being there I put glass in front of her and start looking at her. While I was doing it, Sophia, been so focused on her phone that I don't want to disturb her.

Timepass and when she done she looks at me. While she been doing it she put her phone down and she moves her hand and touch glass she said "its old one"

"No new but you been so focused on your phone that you haven't notice that almost half an hour pass," I said to her

"Wait what impossible," she said

"Possible," I said while getting up and coming to the sofa. While being there I sit and play series 'we can watch two episodes before going away' I said while playing from which we ended. After some time Sophia come to me and she lay on me and we start watching. While we were doing it and the second episode ended I could see that she want to play next but then I said „not now"

"Why," Sophia ask

"We will be late," I said


"Your parents' house we have around half an hour to come there," I said while getting up. While hearing me she said "ok I will be going to change"

"Ok I will be waiting here," Sophia said to me and her go-to the bedroom. When she disappears inside I said in low voice "it will take you so long so I can go smoke and take a nap" and I go do what I said. While I been at balcony I smoke slowly and while I ended I could see that she is ready "it takes you not a long time" I said while coming inside. While being there I come to her while saying "it hasn't taken you a lot of time"

"No. I will fully change at home," she said. While I was following her to put shoos on I done this and after a short time, she does it too. While seeing it I said "let's go" and Sophia only nods her head and we come out. While we come closer to elevator we wait for some time and when it comes we go directly to parking. While being there I look at Sophia and she starts walking to my car. While seeing her I followed her and while we come inside of it I start the engine and start driving to her parents' house.

While we were doing it Sophia look at me and she asks "have you take shoes"

"I don't have it," I said. While hearing me she said "let's go to the mall and there we can buy you one pair"

"Ok," I said and I add in mind 'I totally forgot about them how I will look without them but good that we are close to our home so the mall is close to'. After saying it I go directly there. While we come Sophia gets out while saying "I will be choosing one"

"Ok," I said while following her. while we come inside she walks to one of the stores while seeing that it's for woman I start waiting in front of it 'they should make benches here for people who are waiting' I said while looking around. Around a minute or two, Sophia gets out and she said "I needed to check one thing"

"Ok" I answered her. When she hears me she starts waking. While I been following her we come inside of shoos shop. While being there Sophia choose for me three pair of them and while I been checking I choose one and said "those"

"Ok" salesman said and takes them from me. While he has them he starts walking to the cash register and Sophia been following him. while I been fighting with my shoes she pays for them and after she turns to me I could see that smile show up on her face. While seeing it I only shake my head. while I been doing it she starts walking out while seeing her I take a box of shoes and I could see that she is coming inside of shop with electronic. While I come after her I could hear her voice "give me the best phone"

While hearing her they start taking them out. while seeing that she one more time will be changing phone I start walking out but them she turn and said "Greg come here"

"Ok," I said and I come where she been. While I been there she said "which you want"

"Oh come one I will buy myself soon," I said

"Your soon take ages," Sophia said. While hearing her I look at them and I said "this"

"Ok" I could hear and after few seconds box shows up. While seeing it I take it and I wanted to take my credit card but then Sophia said "you know what you need to do"

"Yes, ma'am" I could hear and we start walking out. While seeing her I come closer and I ask "why haven't you pay"

"He was an owner of it and mom was buying here phone and thanks to it his shop become popular and we have for free phones which we don't use too much," she said while coming out. While hearing her I said in mind 'good being rich and have connections'

After it, we start walking back to the car. While being there Sophia sits and I after her while putting my bags with shoes close to her bag and the same I did with a box with the phone. When I do this I start the engine and start driving to her parents' house. While we come there I park close to the entrance and while we were coming out Angela come with her bag while saying "I'm taking her"

"Where" Sophia ask and while seeing that she have some plans I said "I will be inside of your room"

"Ok," she said and she starts waiting for her mom. While seeing her I come inside and while seeing Roland I said "hello" and while having no answer from him I start walking inside of her room. While being there I play some series on TV.