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283 I want desser

While looking around of house I said "time to clean a little" and I go with what I said. At first, I start to vacuum all around the house. Most of the time I spend close to doors was been a lot of dirt from our coming in and out. While I finish with it all I go to the living room. It takes me some time but when I finish with all rooms I could see that its finally clean and nowhere is some dirt.

"Good now time to make it dirty one more time," I said and while coming to the kitchen. When I did this I could see that its only 30 minutes to food be ready. While seeing it I start cleaning what I make dirty. After cleaning by hand most of things I open trash bin to throw away the rest of the paprika. When I did this bad smell comes to me "fuck" I said while throwing what I wanted and I go out. While I start walking down by steers while the elevator doesn't want to work.

While I come down I could see that they are putting some furniture there 'oh that's why' I said to myself while looking refuse dump. While I find it I throw away it and while having nothing I smoke. While coming closer to the entrance of building I stop close to the bench and start smoking there. It takes me some time but most of the time I been looking at the furniture's that been taken inside. While I finish and throw away cigarette I come inside and while seeing that elevator is empty I come inside of it. While being there I could hear "stop it"

While I stop it I could see that they start putting furniture's inside. While there been much less space I said "could you take some later"

"No," probably owner of them said to me then he said "walk up to you probably living in the first floor"

"Oh really at your place I will look at there," I said while pointing to bottoms and while the only mine for the highest floor been flashing. While seeing it he shut up and put for last before penthouses.

While our travel does not take so long we come first to my floor and he later comes down. While he blocks me so much I wanted to wait but when they put away three boxes it makes space and we go up and it later goes down. While being finally inside I take my phone and look at what hour is. "Oh only 20 minutes to 16 so Sophia will be soon" and while I have time to do nothing I come to the sofa and lay on it.

While I been there I start thinking about my life how it changes in last almost every month after Sophia finds out that I have saved her father not only once but twice. While I was thinking about how really fast our deaconship goes. We have been only a few days ago on at a business trip and now I been called her fiancée.

While I been thinking like that with my closed eyes Sophia come inside ad while seeing me she jump at me while saying "when food be ready"

"Oh soon," I said and I give her a kiss. While my lips landed on her she forces me to have a long kiss. While we were kissing for some time with shorts breaks for air oven start ringing. While hearing it I said "food is ready"

"Oh that's good," she said and she gets up from me. While I been free I get up too and come to the oven. While looking at Sophia I couldn't find her. While I was taking out food from oven Sophia come while wearing shorts and my t-shirt. While seeing her I said "you look so sexy"

"Thanks," she said and while I still have in my hand's vessel with food I put it close to the oven and close it. While I did this I take a deep plate and I turn to Sophia. While seeing me she comes closer and points on one while saying "this"

"Ok," I said and I put paprika which she chooses. While seeing me she takes folk and knives and starts walking to the table. While seeing her I take two for me and start walking after her. While coming closer Sophia was looking at me. When I been close to table I put it and start eating it. While I was doing it slowly for most of time I have been observing Sophia how her reaction will be. At first, she probably been trying it but later when she likes it. While Sophia been eating her portion she gets up and goes to the kitchen while seeing her I ask "where you going"
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"For extra one it's good," Sophia said

"I know" I answered and I continue eating. While I been doing it I finish first and a little after me Sophia. While I did this I move my chair a little away from the table. When I did this from nowhere Sophia shows up and she sits on my legs. While she been there I kiss her.

While I been doing it for some time she looks at me and I said to her "I want dessert"

"Oh you know I can't cook," she said

"Dessert I mean I want to eat you," I said and I start looking at her reaction.