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when I get up I start following Sophia to a place where I could finally pee that sound make me so wanted to use it and water that I accidentally drink during swimming work on me now. while going after Sophia she enters one of the rooms. when I could see toilet I ask her "why you come here" 'oh you need to please hurry my bladder will explode soon' i said to myself then I said to her

"Oh, I need to pee too" when she said it I wanted to comment it but I stop myself while thinking about stupid things to delay pissing myself. when Sophia finish I go there and I could finally do what I needed. when I finish I go to Sophia who still washes her hands and while standing close to her I wash mine. when we did what we needed we go out and go back to eat.

while going after Sophia I could see that her friends aren't sitting on the table. when I wanted to ask Sophia where they could be I could hear one of the voice "come here"

I could see that they are in jacuzzi so I follow Sophia and go there. when I enter it I could see that Sophia hasn't sat yet and when I place my fat ass she sit on my laps. when she did it she starts feeding me one again with prawn. when he has it in my mouth I said to myself 'let's try kissing and eating' so I come closer to her and when our lips meet I bit half of the prawn and I left it inside of her mouth. when we swallow all Sophia place it inside her and she grabs my hair and move to herself after kissing her and eating we start doing it more often .when she take champagne I wanted to argue with her to who will drive us back but then I remember that she could be still on this days and her mood could change drastically so I haven't commented when she is doing we drink that some glasses of champagne I don't know how much most of it goes to jacuzzi.

don't know when she gets off my laps and while sitting close to me she moves her hand and starts moving it. while feeling this sensation on Allan he stat waking up then I move to her while saying "what you doing now"

she moves to me and answers "I eat too much dog food while being with them not only I could hear moan while being here from meg mouth but one I accident could see that mei is doing blowjob and I want revenge on them" she said and move her hand more and more. while she is doing it thanks for being in water tent haven't shown up from it. while she is doing it I look at Megan and Mei to not show that Sophia is doing to me. after a minute or two, I grab her hand to stop from what she was doing. while having it I said to her "stop drinking it will be bad" I said it while taking her glass of champagne and putting on the table.

after I did it Sophia look at me but she didn't comment. after some time she gets up from jacuzzi and go to the chair and lay there. while she is doing it Megan and Mei come to her to do the same. I could hear some voices but I couldn't recognize words they whispers for all the time. while being alone I start calming down. it takes some time I don't know how much but it must be a lot I could feel it by my skin. when I could feel that I'm calm I get up and go to them. while being close I go to Sophia and sit on the floor close to a chair she is sitting.

after I did it she looks at me and then she said to me "can you make massage"

"some things I can do but I don't know if this what you like," I said to her while giving her a kiss

"ok make massage of my shoulders," she said

"ok" I answered her and get up from the floor. while standing above her I take off her bra and slowly I start moving my hands on her back. I go from down to her shoulders while I touch them I start massaging her from it.