Love at First Kiss
163 Megan kick me
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Love at First Kiss
Author :poziomowiec
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163 Megan kick me

when I lay on the water I could see that Greg is swimming. 'how long you planning on doing it' i ask myself while observing him. then Megan spatter me with water while saying "war has begun"

"Oh, you" I answered her while moving my hands and wanted to spatter her but all go to mei because Megan goes underwater. while mei takes all water on her face she said "oh do everyone for themselves" and she swims to have me and Megan on her sides. when she been there our war has begun. while doing it I could see that Greg is going out from water 'where you going' i ask myself while stopping doing what I do and then Megan and mei focus only me. then I give it back and I could see what Greg is doing.

I could see him on a chair that was placed there. after a few seconds I could hear snoring 'one again' i said to myself then meg and Mei stop and come close to me while saying"he really snore so loud"

"yes," I said to them

"how you fall asleep with it" mei ask me

"Oh I'm going to sleep at first," I said to her while remembering our activities that we always to before sleep

"oh you being exhausted," she said while pointing on my hickey that Greg made

"not really"

"oh i trust you but I need more details "Megan said to me 'no I will not I know you start testing me' i said to myself while shaking my head. then I go out from the pool and start going to Greg but then maid come while saying "miss your food is ready"

"oh thanks put it here" Megan answered while pointing on the table. then she comes with food most of them are seafood and when she places all on table mei said to me "wake Greg up"

"ok," I said to her and I come close to him. while being there I start shaking his shoulder after few seconds I could see that he opened his eyes so I said to him "wake up food is ready"

"ok, I'm hungry a lot" Greg answered me while his stomach starts playing music. when I hear it I know that he is hungry so I go to the table where is food. when Greg sit I start feeding him. when he eats first I wanted to give him more but then Greg said "where is bathroom I need to use it now"

hearing I said "I will take you there"

"ok" he answers me and we start going to our destination. after passing a few doors I open one and come inside while being there I could hear Greg voice "why you come here"

"Oh I need to pee too," I said to him while taking my lower swimsuit and start peeing. while doing it I could see that Greg have almost no reaction for me 'oh good that you don't need to calm down' i said to myself while I finish doing what I needed then Greg come and for him, it takes more time than me. when he finishes and wash hands together we go back to eat.

while entering the room where meg and mei are meg voice come "come here"

seeing that she is in the jacuzzi I go there. when I enter it and Greg after me I wait before he sits and I sit on his laps. when I have done it I start feeding him with prawn. when he had first in his mouth he hasn't taken all but he comes closer to me and while giving me a kiss he gives me half of it. while doing it I could feel that Megan kick me while moving her mouth "no dog food" seeing if I start eating that especially while looking at her with a smile. I even start drinking champagne that was placed there. 'i hope a lot will not go away and Greg liver will be ok later' i said to myself while giving some of the champagne to Greg's mouth while kissing.

while doing it I didn't think too much about the time that is passing while we relaxing. I do this specially to have a good time with my love and best friends. when I look at the clock I could see that we were sitting there for more than an hour. then I go out from Greg laps and sit close to him 'what to do to not let him left it soon' i said to myself then idea come to my mind and I move my hand to Greg shorts.
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