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162 I will take you there

while going down I could hear Megan words "did you watch yesterday" 'who you watch that you become so excited' i ask myself

"of course I donate him too," Mei said to her. I wanted to ask the question who they watch but then Sophia said "ok let's test this swimming pool"

"ok," Megan said and we start following her. 'so big home but probably not as big as Sophia parents' i said to myself while walking after them. after two or three minutes we come to a place where the pool is and after I saw it I wanted to ask Megan about how big it is but then I could see that Mei take Sophia bra while saying "I have you"

"oh you," Sophia said to her and she starts running after her . while watching them I become more and more upset that they could be hurt and I decided to catch Sophia when she will be passing me but before it, I wanted to ask Megan about this pool "how deep is it"

"almost everywhere is 1,8 meters," she answers me. after hearing her I become a little relaxed but still

"ok," I answer while still following Mei and Sophia. when mei come close to me and then Sophia I grab her while saying "don't run after her you could be injured but now you could walk here topless"

after I finish saying it Sophia said to me "if you want that" and she sits on edge of the pool and go there like a jump from sitting. then she said to me "come"

"ok," I answer her and I jump knowing how deep it is and to not go slowly there don't know the temperature of the water and how Allan will react after going slowly. when I emerge from the water I could feel that Sophia hug me from behind before I could see her hands while saying to my ear "could you take my bra"

"ok," I answer and I disappeared underwater 'let's see if my holding breath is still soo good' i said to myself while being underwater. while swimming I take them from the right and probably they didn't see me they are to focus on talking. when I emerge behind them I take Sophia bra from Mei's hand and go back to the water. while swimming back to Sophia I take another route and when I come close to Sophia I especially swim under her. while getting up she is on my shoulders. while I know I didn't fall with her I said "here" and I give her bra that Mei take. while looking at Mei and Megan faces I could see that they were surprised by what I have done a few seconds before and they shock still show on their face. when she put in on I could feel that she stop drill on my shoulders I said "I will go swimming now"

"ok" Sophia answer me and she jumps from my shoulders. when she does this I start swimming in classic style. first, twenty touches of the wall will be classic style next twenty breaststroke and last who knows how much all depend on my stamina will be backstroke. when I touch for the first time I go slower remembering that I couldn't do like before this so fast. when I finish with a classic I go to another for me easier and my arms haven't tired so much.

while doing it I could hear that Sophia Mei and Megan have water battle. don't know how it starts I just don't want to stop them. time pass and I could start feeling that my arms have almost no power and when I finally touch for last time in breaststroke I go to backstroke. in this I more work with my legs. while doing it I needed to calculate to not hit a wall but of course, I do this. then I go back to doing it but I could do only ten. when I finish I stop swimming and lay on the water. I go slowly to the wall of the pool and when I come there I go out and lay on chair that is there. when I have done it I fall asleep from exhausted.

from my dreams Sophia wake me up "wake up food is ready" she said to me

"ok, I'm hungry a lot" I answered her while my stomach agrees with my words.then I follow Sophia to table in this room when I sit I could see a lot of seafood. when I sit close to Sophia she takes one of prawn with some souse and feeds me. when I eat it I could hear that someone is filling the glass and then I could feel that I need to use the bathroom. so I said "where is bathroom I need to use it now"

hearing me Sophia said "I will take you there"

"ok" I answered her and after getting up I start following her