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156 I never check i


when Sophia sit on my laps I could see what she made for me. 'what the fuck is this cooked wiener and cucumber its first time I will eat it.' after few bites of it I said to myself one again 'never again I will let her made food' i said to myself and I eat heavy but I eat. this combination doesn't work for me. when I finish I could see that she probably is planning something.

after she places a plate on the table she goes under the table. while being there I look at her and only listen to dialogue that goes in the game I especially there make it longer for only to I can eat and they know I'm for most of the time I'm quiet. while she being there she moves her hand and open zipper. when she does this my little friend now from cold go out.

don't know what will Sophia made later I go back to playing to not let them think I'm making some other stuff. while going to another location I could feel that she start making me a blowjob. feeling it I move my head a little to her while saying "what you doing"

"you have your wiener so time for me have" Sophia answer me.

when I hear her response I wanted to say to her that we could make it after I end stream but then one again today donation for over a one thousand show up. while Sophia doing it I needed to calm myself for few seconds and after I did it I turn on my microphone and answer quickly "thank you" before moan I could make from that pleasure I have.

while she doing it I could feel that she change position 'good that there is a lot of space' i said to myself while trying to play. I have been so focused on trying to play that I totally forgot to tell Sophia that I will come soon and after I did it I only could say to her "oh sorry babe it happened don't knowing when"

"ok" she answered me while going out. when she comes close to doors she said to me "I will be under the shower"

"ok" I answer her while going back to play. the last mission takes me like ten minutes and when I finish it I said "thanks for being with me now tomorrow might be without stream I know you been waiting for so long for me but I need to finish things in real life. when I do all I will be streaming daily"

while looking at a chat I could see that most of my subscribers agree with me but before ending stream, I said one more time "I will make poll today or tomorrow for next game to play. ok, guys, one more time thanks for hanging out with me. by all" when I finish saying it I look at the money that they donate me. while looking there I could see that I have more than 10k. 'oh I could soon buy that necklace for Sophia' i said to myself while turning off my pc and laptop.

when I did it I go to the bathroom where Sophia should be. when I enter I saw her sitting on the toilet with her face washed "ok I'm here" I said to her while adding in mind 'i hope she isn't angry for me for waiting so long' while she hasn't the response I come to her and give her a kiss. while going it I could see that she is sitting naked on a closed toilet. after I give her a short kiss she gives stronger and longer. while doing it she starts taking off my clothes and when I left with an only t-shirt on me she stops.

when she stopped kissing me she takes off it and starts going under the shower. while being there she has been back to all I start running water. when it comes to our bodies I start cleaning her. while doing it we only stop kissing for taking a breath. our shower take a short time after her I clean myself for a short time and we go out from it. I wanted to lead her but after she jumps on me I only grab a towel and start going to our bedroom. when we come there I stop our kissing while saying "ok stop, for now, we need to clean"

"ok" she answered me and I start doing it. when we only left with wet hair she said to me "now time to make sure one thing that has been running around my head for a long time"

"what thing," I ask her while looking at her

"how long is Allan" she answered me 'oh this I never check it so good thing for me to know' i said to myself while waiting how she wanted to do it.