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155 Greg stops playing


when I come back with the soup I start eating while Greg fights with how to control character. 'it's so funny' I said to myself while eating. I watch him how he played but then I could feel that nature is calling me so I go fast to the toilet and do what I needed. while coming back and feeling 10 kilograms lighter I go to the kitchen to grab some sweets that I have hidden. when I come back to the couch and I lay there I start slowly eating. then I could hear Greg words

"small break for smoke and phone call". after few seconds he goes out of the room and starts going to me. when he comes close I said to myself while he starts moving his hand to me 'what you doing'. when he takes one of the sweets that I had been eating I frown and said to him "its mine"

"I know but it looks tasty so I take one," he said to me with a smile and he starts kissing me.

"you shouldn't go smoke"

"I wanted but then I saw in that room," he said while pointing on one of the unused rooms here "that there is gaming chair" 'oh so uncle put it there I haven't told him where he should do this so he chooses that room. I totally forgot about it' i said to myself while saying to Greg

"Oh I bought it for you," I said while grabbing my t-shirt and moving him to me. when he comes close to me he starts kissing me. after a few seconds, he takes a break and he says "I want to spend more time with you now but you see they are waiting for me" and he points on tv

"ok but end soon," I said to him while wanting to kiss him more

"I wanted to finish it all its short game"

"how many hours left"

"max three"

"ok" I answer him while realizing his t-shirt. 'so I can make supper for him' i said to myself while looking at him while going outside

when Greg finish smoking he said t me "could you make supper today"

"I will try," I said to him then I add in low voice "no try I will make for sure" then I could hear

"I'm back all done what I needed to do so time to play" going from tv. while watching him I lose how much time pass and when he hit 80% of the game I get up and go to the kitchen. while being there I take wiener and cook it. when it becomes ready thanks to that I could watch Greg. I prepare pickled cucumber cut to smaller parts and made from its heart and hot bread with butter. before I go to Greg I eat my portion like a hot dog and I go to Greg.

when I come inside I could see that Greg is probably muted his microphone and after it, he said to me "what you doing here"

"Oh I come to feed you"

"oh ok, but where you will sit," he asks me. I look around and when I saw the best place I answer

"here" and I sit on his lap. while being that I could see that he have problems with playing but I didn't care about it and while using the only folk I cut wiener and place inside his mouth I done the same with cucumber and bread. don't knowing when the time has pass and Greg finish eating. after it, I place a plate on the table and go under the table. while being there I could see that Greg is looking at me. while being there I move my hand and I open his zipper while doing it Allan go outside.

when he comes there I start looking at him. 'what happened to me I haven't been like that before' i said to myself while moving my head to him and I start sucking him. inside of my mouth, he starts becoming bigger and bigger. then I could hear Greg words "what you doing"

"you have your wiener so time for me to have," I said to him. while doing it I could hear that Greg have one more time donate that make his scream sound go one more time. after it he turn on his microphone while trying to become calm after a few seconds he said, "thank you".

when he finished doing it I could feel that he start moving a little inside my mouth so I go from sitting to kneeling and start suck him more and more. after some time I take him outside of my mouth to play with only my tongue when he comes. at this moment Greg stops playing. his sperm go around my face when he saw it he said "oh sorry babe it happened don't knowing when"

"ok" I answered him and I start going out. when I saw that he almost finish I said to him "I will be under the shower"

"ok" he answered me while going back to last mission.