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139 For him tomorrow

When I sit and start searching for his chair after some time I found some that he could like. While looking at them most I needed to drop from buying because they were only to 120kg and looking at Greg he weight more so probably to 150kg or 200kg I should buy.

'its pain in ass' I said to myself while hearing that greg comeback from smoking and he add new things to soup that he is making for tomorrow and another days.

When I finally find one I order while putting my parents place to delivery. When i done with ordering I text to uncle Jack 'tomorrow will be my order there. after you will have it could uncle send it to my place'

after few seconds i have answer from him 'ok young miss. Did i need to buy some stuff there'

'no need I was today on shopping' I answered him.

Then smell of soup that greg is doing come to me. It become to tempting so I go to kitchen and I check what he is making there. While looking I saw that mostly vegetables are there so I taste it. After taking first spoon of it i could feel that it's not spicy enough.

When I grab pepper and salt and add some. After it I mix and taste one more time now I only needed to add some pepper so I add and after one more time mixing of it I taste so its good and vegetables are cooked good so i turn off fire under it and when i done it i could feel that someone hug me. At first i have been surprised but then i remembered that I now living with greg so I said to him

"you have scare me like hell but i like it"

"oh thanks I could make it often if you like" he answer me while taking my face and give me a kiss. 'oh i can't take it anymore you start being more and more attractive to me and I could kiss you all the time' I said to myself while kissing him more and i jump on him while not stopping kissing him. then we start walking and dont knowing where I said to myself 'bed or where' then we sit and i could feel that we are in living room. while we doing it i could feel that he done it just to make a break so I ask him

"how long you need to be there and not with me"

"oh don't worry babe I only need now start downloading things and later only make a post that tomorrow I'm backing with streams" hearing him at first I wanted to comment that he dont need to downloading it all now but hearing his second thing i know that he will be spending less time with me

"for now I only will be making short streams. I'm thinking that I will give my resignation later this week and I will be working here. but don't worry every day you will have lunch deliver by me" hearing him I know that he will keep his word but I wanted to tell him few things before he give his resignation. 'knowing father when he will see this he will become angry knowing that greg probably will live from my money not from his so at first I will need to make dinner with all of us then I will tell him what my love will be doing' I said to myself then i add loud

"ok I agree with it but for now I have questions and later i will give my requiers"

"ok what you want to know baby"

"did you have driver licence" I ask him knowing that travel by public transport from here will be hard and thanks to that he could drive me to work then back and later go there with lunch for me

"yes i have it" greg answer while start kissing me

"ok now lunch every day need to be different and you can give me the same only one in two weeks. second is you can only start streaming when dinner is ready and doing it from when you come back from lunch with mer to supper" I said to him what i want remembering he could stream more than 12 h every day so i needed to slow his time there and he could spend with me a lot of time

"what you want always will be done" he said to me and start kissing me more when we were in middle of it i could feel that i becoming more and more hotter inside that I needed to stop for now another way i couldn't stop myself so i said to him

"stop for now you have 40 minutes to do what you need to do. while doing it I will make supper and later we will go and have bath together to continue what he haven't finish after bath earlier"

"ok i will do this fast" greg answer while going to room. when he gone i take phone and send question fo mei and megan

'what i could do for supper'

'oh girl i know that you suck in cooking so take pictures what you have there and i will help you to choose' mei write then message from megan show up

'yep show us'

'ok' i answer them while going to fridge and start making picture of what we have there. when i send to them i go to TV and start watching for something. time has pass and nothing for them show up and i become more and more annoyed that is no new messages. when i wanted to text to them message from mei show up 'you could make sandwiches'

'i know but what to add and extra'

'you have there ketchup or you could use tomato' she write to me

then message from megan show up 'oh i was trying to produce something sexy from which sophia have in her fridge'

'oh sorry meg 'mei write to her then i answer

'ok send what you made i will make this for him tomorrow now i need something short to make and later i can play with him' i answered them while not waiting for response knowing that they will want to know what i will do with him but i still don't know and i will need to go with flow that show up there.