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138 Hug her or nope

When I go to kitchen to make fire lower and check if it's ready I saw that Sophia is standing there and trying it. While she doing it she add pepper and salt. she become so focused on it that she haven't hear me walking to her.

'hug her or nope' I ask myself then I add 'hug but when she won't have anything in her hands i just don't want to waste food' I said and I slow walk to her.

When I come close and she have nothing in her hands I hug her. She jump from surprise and said to me "you have scare me like hell but i like it when you doing it"

"oh thanks I could make it often if you like" I said to her while moving her head to me and giving her kiss. At first I wanted to be normal short but she change it to long french kiss. While doing it she jump on me and her legs go around my hips. We stay in that position for some time while kissing then I start moving to couch where I sit and a little to not hurt her legs and we kiss don't knowing when time pass and sophia said to me "how long you need to be there and not with me"

"oh don't worry babe I only need now start downloading things and later only make a post that tomorrow I'm backing with streams" while hearing my words her face become darker so I add to not make her angry that we will not spend a lot of time together. "for now i only will be making short streams. I'm thinking that I will give my resignation later this week and I will be working here. but don't worry every day you will have lunch deliver by me" 'I hope she wouldn't be angry when she hear it' I add in mind while waiting to her response

"ok i agree with it but for now i have questions and later i will give my requires" she said while looking at me

"ok what you want to know baby"

"did you have driver licence" she ask me while playing with my hair

"yes i have it" I answer her while moving my face to her neck and trying to kiss her there

"ok now lunch every day need to be different and you can give me the same only one in two weeks. second is you can only start streaming when dinner is ready and doing it from when you come back from lunch with me to supper" hearing her I said

"what you want always will be done" and i go to kissing her lips. we only make shorts breaks while doing it and then sophia said to me

"stop for now you have 40 minutes to do what you need to do. while doing it I will make supper and later we will go and have bath together to continue what he haven't finish after bath earlier"

"ok i will do this fast" I said to her and i comeback to my streaming room. While being there I move fast to connect all. when I done it I start downloading first programs thanks that she have here fast internet i needed to spend to each only max two minutes which I spend to search for another that I wanted to download. when I have all installed iI only needed to change from games programs to let them install not on SSD and each have they own hard drive. at first I start downloading games that I haven't finished yet and while doing it I saw that i have short game that i haven't play yet and I could play it while making my comeback stream.

When I start making order in which they need to download sophia come saying "food"

"ok" I answered her while going and eat. she make sandwiches with cheese and ham. it simple but like alway good thing to eat.

then we start eating and watching tv. she watch GoT and comment what happened there i just drop watching it. it just have to many changes with books so I'm waiting for them.

when i finish i start looking at sophia. while watching her eating inside of me become hotter and hotter 'why you so sexy while eating' i said to myself while watching her. when she finish and watch to the end of episode that probably have been shown second time she get up while saying "time to bath"

"ok" i answered her while going after her when we pass bathroom i ask her

"where we going"

"another place" she said to me while showing big smile. then we pass two doors and go with corridor little corner and there were another doors 'how the fuck big it it' I ask myself while going to another bathroom.

When we come she start undressing. seeing her i only move to bath close to water don't go and i start making this big bath full of water where we could spend hours. when i done it i start taking my clothes off and i go inside of it. then sophia go and we start waiting to water fill all while we there and we could start cleaning there. while water go fast and Sophia use something i haven't see and sparkles start being i could feel that something unexpected could happen soon. and when minute haven't pass i know that she especially make them to hide her plan which she start making now.