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137 You should have two people

While start eating I could see that Sophia face change and when she get up I said to myself 'so that's bad I don't feel it but who knows.' then I add loud "oh so it's that bad"

"no I need pepper" she answered me. when she go to kitchen I haven't look at her but I become focus on food. It's first time I made it so I needed to know to buy it later or nope.

While eating slowly I could see that Sophia finish eating and she go to watch some tv. When I finally finish eating and I make decision that this could be but I need to add few things there to make taste more sharp. Now time for nap come after eating start showing up I said to her

"I will take a nap"

"ok I will go with you" sophia answered me. while going to bed thought show up in my mind 'you tired or you just want to spend more time close to me?'.

when I finish it I sit on bed while telling her

"i will use alarm for hour. I have to much to do today" then I lay on it while having sophia in my arms. whispering to me

"ok" and we probably fall asleep in the same time

I have light sleep so i could wake up every louder sound. when I hear that my phone start ringing

At first I don't wanted to get up but when it become louder I just take it and shout down. While lying and hearing Sophia breath to my ear I couldn't fall asleep any more. While lying and doing nothing I start creating plan what to do 'so first i will start making food for tomorrow meat from oven or soup. hmmm coin will decided' I said to myself while creating first part of my plan what to do then i add ' desk will be next' I said and i get up not waking her up. while going to kitchen I find coin and after flipping it soup side show up.

Then I start preparing it. at first I cut potatoes on small parts then I make water boil and I add some chemical thing where concoction were concentrate. 'I need to visit some meat shop and buy meat for it another way it will not have that taste what I want.' I said to myself while testing it. when water boil hard I put potato there while making fire on medium and going smoke.

When I comeback I make it on small and I go to room where I could start streaming.

when I enter it I start unpacking desk that sophia buy for me. when I unpack it from carton I know that I will have easy job to make it. when I place all things where it should be I start looking on instruction.

"you should have two people to make it" I read loud and dont wanting to wake sophia I drop this idea and I start making from legs to top.

While doing it I probably swear a lot of times I couldn't count it inside of my mouth where like on sahara but I didn't move and I make it. when I finish first legs with shelves I go to another with nothing. it still take me some time to make it all how it look like on picture. When I finish with them I start putting them on top of desk. it become pain in ass it move and I couldn't finish building it when I finish with one leg I move to another I dont wanted to party early so when I finish all and sit normally I said loud

"finally I done it"

I wanted to move but with every move of mine probably some foil move on my back and it make me tickling. when I wanted to move my hand there to remove it I hear sophia voice.

"you need any help"

"oh could you take this what i have behind me it start being annoying."

"ok"she answered me and she take it. when I feel that i have nothing there I get up and I move dest while saying "time to move you on your place" and I start moving it how it should look like and to place where it will be standing to the end of it life.

While I'm doing it I hear sophia question "did you need any help with something"

"only with checking how much time left on timer. I'm making soup "

when i hear that sophia go out from room I go to my pc which still have been in carton and I unpack it while putting it on floor I hear "ten". 'oh so only ten left it take me more time that I expected' I said to myself while going to kitchen and check if potatoes are ready. I put them on 90 minutes on small fire.

When I come there I take one and check thanks to that I know that they soon will be ready to put convenience food which specialty is for soup with a lot of vegetables. so I said to her "I will go smoke and later take chair from here for now i will need use it before buying gaming chair for me".

She didn't respond me but only go and sit while checking something on her phone. when I finish doing it I come there while opening convenience food and putting it there. I still have it on small fire so i use timer for 15 minutes and I go back to room to end with everything today there and start downloading programs and games.

When I come I look at trashes and I couldn't left them like that being around room so i place them in one place. then I go to desk while putting where I wanted my PC and I start putting all where i wanted to be. when I connect all and move it to wall I go to TV that sophia buy me today and after opening I put it on desk. one more time I needed to move it a little when I done it and cable go down I put it on earlier place. when I connect all and check if its running i hear timer.

So i go to kitchen check if soup is ready.