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When I enter our room, I saw that Sophia is standing in front of the mirror naked. Then I start looking at what she is doing. 'women like always cant choose what to wear' I said to myself, but then I hear her words

"what color should I choose white or black. Should I let him see me slimmer or to let him see what he wanted based on photos on his phone."

After hearing her words, I told her "I prefer how you look now kochanie" after second or two passes I realizes something 'oh fuck I said it out loud' I wanted to continue but then I saw that Sophia is running towards me. Not knowing what she will do I gritted my teeth getting ready for a face slap that could come, move my left leg a little behind to stop myself from falling on my back after she jumps at me.

But my preparations went nowhere. She only hugs me and starts to kiss me. At first I thought it could be alone to touch my lips, but then I feel pain at them after she bit me. 'oh fuck you bit me' I said to myself while I wanted to say to hear something loud, but then she gives me a French kiss.

I don't know but I slowly started moving to bed at first I wanted to take her there as a bridge, but I stop myself. When we come close there, I just move at 180 degrees that she could sit at my laps knowing that soon she won't stop kissing me. When a break from it come, I said to her "I love you I needed someone to tell me this to realize it"

At first she hasn't done nothing, but then she kissed me more when I look down I realize how her breasts moving when she is kissing me I couldn't see it all, but still I could see parts of it. Then she takes my hand and place on one of it 'oh fuck how nice feeling I could do anything on them.' Then I hear Sophia "grrrrrrr." So I touch with less power. 'oh I make you in pain' I said to myself

Then Sophia starts taking off my hoodie 'what you wanted to do,' but I let her do what she wanted. I don't know when I but I start playing with her nipple that become stiff. When my only arm where I play with her left wearing a hoodie, I take it off, and I play more with it.

I become so obsessed with it that I haven't notice that I have a hard time. Then I said to myself 'time to suck it and have more space in pants because of her sitting on my laps I feel so much pain' I said to myself, and I turn her that she lay on the bed and I'm on her. Then I make what I always wanted to do. I start kissing her whole body. At first face but then I move lower, and when I meet her tits I start sucking one and another I play with my hand. My hand that I doing nothing I use as support for me to not fall to her with all my weight.

Then unexpected think happened Sophia start taking off my pants, and when she has done it, my dick is out. I could feel creeps coming from it, but still, I haven't stopped doing what I wanted to do. When she grabbed it, she asks me "how long it is? You are so big..."

Hearing her question, I said to her "I don't know I never check."

After some time I start feeling pain going from it when she grabs it her nails start getting in 'oh so you want that way to punish me,' but after some time she releases her grip and starts moving up and down.

'oh so nice feeling and her hand is so cold that she could do it to me all the time' after minute or two pass when I still sucking her tits and a little moan were heard but now I move to another this with mole she moan louder then move of her hand become fast that I stop doing what I'm doing and I said to her "stop baby I will come soon so I need to go to toilet to do it"

then I hear her words "no you stay here" and she starts moving faster her hand.

Then I come on her stomach 'fuck what have I done ' I said to myself and I said loudly "I will go for paper to clean it wait for me" I start moving, but then she grabs stronger my dick with her hand and with second she take my semen from her stomach and put it inside her mouth. 'what you doing' I start screaming inside, but I still wait what she will do later.