Love at First Kiss
108 Punishment 1
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Love at First Kiss
Author :poziomowiec
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108 Punishment 1


When I enter the room, I put all of my things on the bed, and I order food only for myself knowing that Greg will probably eat outside. After 10 minutes the delivery came, so I quickly eat and wait for more than an hour for Greg come. I decided to eat only soup and rest while waiting. I left everything for later. I know I would be exhausted after I dance for Greg.

After eating I take my phone, and I start some playlist that is now popular on Spotify.

Then I look around, and I take off all my clothes and put them on the chair. After doing it, I take my new clothes from the bag, and I start putting in on me. First to see how I look at it is black when I put it and I start looking at myself in the mirror I saw that my body has become slimmer.

"why I don't wear it all the time" I comment on how I look when I take it off, and I put white. Looking at myself I said "why my nipples could be seen. But wait it could be nice for Greg to make him feel pain" then I took it off, and I start looking at both on the bed.

After a minute or two I take it in my hands I and I start moving them like I will wear them. I needed to choose before Greg comes.

"what color should I choose white or black. Should I let him see me slimmer or to let him see what he wanted based on photos on his phone."

Then I hear Greg words "I prefer how you look now kochanie."

Hearing him, I turn myself to him, and I wanted to start screaming but then his last word comes to me 'wait he call me kochanie if I remember well mom call papa that way and one time I ask what it means she tells me it, my love. So he really loves me'. Then I don't know what happened to me but I start running to him, and when I come close to him I take his head and start kissing. At first, I wanted to jump at him, but I stop myself from doing it.

But he hasn't opened his lips so then I bit him there I could hear that he wanted to say something, but I stop him giving him long French kiss, and I start mixing my tongue with his.

I don't know, but we start moving to the bed. After a few seconds we come there, and he turns 180 degrees, and he sits on it thanks to that I could sit on his laps. While we doing it, I take my lips from his to take a breath.

Then he said to me "I love you I needed someone to tell me this to realize it" when he finishes I again kiss him, but with more passion I know that he could feel that I love him too without saying it. while we doing it I could feel that not only his dick is waking up, but his hands are moving, but he hadn't touched me yet.

Then I take one of it and put on my breast to let him know that he could play with it.

When he grabs it for the first time, he has done it so strong that I feel pain and I make sound "grrrrrrr" during our kiss.

Hearing me, he takes it laughter, and he could play with it. At first, his big hand is going around of my girl but later he still is doing it, but his thumb starts playing with my nipple. Its another dimension of feeling that I have now.

After some time of his play, I take his hoody from him 'I want to play with yours too, but first, this must go off. Good that you have with the zipper not like before where u needed to take it up to your head' I said to myself while taking it off.

Then his hoodie left only his arm left that he play with my breast. At first, he only plays with one, but when he takes it, he starts playing with another.

I don't know what happened but when he stopped kissing me he takes me to bed, and he starts kissing my whole body. At first, he starts with my face and later goes lower. He stops on one of my tits, and he starts sucking it like a little baby.

While he is doing it, my hand went to release a monster that has waken up inside his pants. While doing it, I saw that he is there in full awaken then I ask him "how long it is? You are so big..." I told him while grabbing his big hot dick.

"I don't know I never check," he said while still sucking on my breast.

'Gosh! his so big' I thought to myself while I start playing with it.
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