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107 Black and white

When I saw that all people left Greg turn to me and said "it was fast at first I was hoping this will be like 4 hours but you end it in a little more than 2"

"yes I'm suppressed about it too" I answered him and because he is close to me I hug him most because it was first time I deal with something so important in my life so now I had no energy left and I needed to take some from him then I said to him while making smile "now time to go back to hotel and your punishment will start" when I finish I look at window how my face look and I said to myself 'oh no I look like evil I don't wanted that' and I start crying inside

From my crying Greg words wake me up "oh sorry I don't coming back with you now"

"what did you said" I scream at him and then I said to myself 'what you doing girl wake up he isn't your servant but person that you love'

"I don't back directly to hotel now I have meeting with friends if I don't come they will kill me. when all finish I will come to hotel and take your punishment"

While hearing his words I calm myself. Then I remember words at meeting about some beer 'oh so you will drink' I said to myself then I answered him "ok".

'oh so when you will be on that meeting I could go buy clothes for that punishment. Oh why I call it this way' I said to myself but rest of my thoughts go away when I hear Greg question "oh btw who will come here"

"I don't know yet but probably one of our directors my father must decide about it" I answered him then I add in mind 'I will not let papa to send you here'

"ok" he answered while taking his thinks with him.

While going out I don't pay attention what happened here I only focus on going with him. When we go out Greg turn his head to one place where I look there three mens were there. Then he said to me "I will be going now probably I will be back in three hours or more. Oh could you take it to hotel I just don't like walking around the city with company papers" saying it he give me his backpack.

Then I said to him "ok and Greg" when he turn to me I give him a small kiss knowing that people look at us and I wanted to tell his friends that he move from his past and I said "I will be waiting to punish you"

"ok" I hear his words while going to car.

When I come there driver ask "where is your assistant"

Hearing him I said "not your business and drive me to the mall that is closest to my my hotel"

"but miss" he said to me

"no questions I'm in bad mood and now I want to go shopping so drive me there" I said with a little annoyed voice to him know I don't want to hear his questioning my words.

"ok" he answer and we start driving. I just could tell him a name of mall that I wanted to visit but that polish symbols could break my tong I haven't talk with it too much recently and seeing how many they are in name of it I just don't wanted to destroy that language.

After 30 minutes of drive we come there. While I going out I take Greg backpack and I said to driver "you can go now I will walk to hotel its close"

"ok and miss about tomorrow"

"I will call you I need to confirm when our plane will be" I said to him

"ok" he answer and drive away.

When I enter a mall I start looking where is that shop after going around map I finally found it and I start going there.

During my walk I saw shop with jewelry. When I enter it I saw neckless that mom should like so I bought it. it's a little expensive but with diamonds and she love them. After it I go directly to that shop that I plan. When I enter it I go to saleswoman and said to her "did you have that" and I show her my phone with picture what I wanted to buy

"yes" she answered and we go to place where it is

While walking there she start saying what colors is awayable and only in my size black and white were there. Seeing in my eyes that it's what I wanted I said to her "please pack both colors"

"ok" she answered. After short time she pack it and I pay for it.

"thank you for buying our thinks I hope you will buy more soon"

"thanks I will see" I answered her while going out.

Then I go out from there while saying in my mind 'time to go to hotel and check what will be better on me' and I start walking there.