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97 This silence is killing me

Looking at Sophia smile I become nervous knowing that I will be in trouble soon. Looking at her smile going bigger I ask her "what is your plan to punish me"

"secret" she answer and she lay on bed while writing some think on her phone. I could see her in reflection of my laptop she for some time.

At some point she probably start texting with someone because I could hear that she have few notifications. After some time it become quiet 'this silence is killing me' I said to myself. Then I start playing one of the games I have on my laptop.

Time has pass fast. Then I hear Sophia "Greg come here" I just turn myself to her and said "why"

She didn't answered but looking at her face she start talking during sleep.

'oh what you dreaming about' I said to myself and I start listening to her.

"I know you have done bad think few days ago and now your punishment come". Listening to her words I become more interested what she is talking about. 'oh so I could hear now what she is planning to do to me. I hope it wouldn't be some think bad' then she start moving at bed. It look like she is dancing and she said

"this is your punishment you can't move a little and don't touch yourself I will make dance for you and you will be suffer" based on her movements she start taking her clothes off.

"wtf is that you want punish me while dancing in front of me it might be pleasure not punishment" I said in low voice to not wake her up.

Then she said "oh so you have hard time now but you can't touch yourself that is your punishment by going against my rules."

Hearing her I start wondering if she saying truth I know myself and I could easily suffer it but looking at her body it must be pleasure not pain. 'hmmmmmm lets see she want to dance in front of me as a punishment in last day here.'

When I start thinking what she will do to me I hear her voice one again but now my eyes almost pop out "now I will help you with your pain"

"oh no you won't do that to me" I said in low voice one again and I start thinking what to do. She probably thinking about some think erotic to do to me but thinking what she done I need to reversal role I want her to be pleasure by me not her to do it to me.

She done so many thinks to me and I haven't pay it back I know that most of them she is doing to show me her love but what I could do 'I don't want to have sex with her. I know it could be the best experience I could have but still I prefer stay virgin that be connected with her and she could throw me away.'

I'm just a poor man who isn't on her social level. I'm just a guy who steal her first kiss and most important I don't want to be in relationship but looking at what she is doing I could give her a chance but I need to think about it.

Having inside fight mind that is against us and hearth that start healing by beeing with her want me to be with her I just don't know what to do. ' alco could help me now but I just don't want to touch it yet maybe in next month or two I will try. One I have agreed with each other and I finish like last looser now I need to be sure about it '.

Then I go to Sophia and I wanted to wake her up but before my I touch her I hear "I love you Greg"

Oh fuck she really love me good that she is sleeping so I answer her "if you don't betray me I love you too but first I need to be 100% sure about us" I said in low voice then I add 'oh fuck why I said that' and I wake her.

When she saw me I said to her "go take shower and go back to sleep its 22".

I haven't hear any response but when she get up she take all off and I could see her for first time wearing anything. 'oh fuck what a sexy body' I said to myself while looking at her naked body.

Then she take her clothes as pajama I could see place that she could show only to person she love. Seeing it I could only react how I react and to calm myself I go to balcony to smoke.

Snow start falling more and I couldn't stay there for long time but feeling cold that start running around my body I could calm myself a little but still a little.

When I comeback I hear that water stop running so I could only wait to Sophia go out and I could use it.

When she go out she look still sleepy but not as much as earlier. Then I enter it after shower to calm myself and clean I go out I just do it as fast as I could I become to sleepy.

Then I saw Sophia showing me her back 'oh so you ashamed what you done but look was too good' I said to myself and then I said loud "goodnight" and I turn off lights and I fall asleep